Radiator Reflector

Energy efficient heat reflector for radiators
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    • Utilises the heat behind the radiator
    • Heats the room more efficiently
    • Reduce the temperature and save electricity

    Don’t heat the street is British company Radflek's slogan for their innovative radiator reflector. The heat-reflecting radiator reflector is suspended behind the radiator and ensures that the waste heat from the back of the radiator is reflected into the room. With a radiator reflector, you can utilise 95% of the heat from the radiators instead of the heat disappearing into the outer wall towards the street.

    Energy efficient, helps you save electricity

    The energy-efficient radiator reflector is a cost-effective method that saves both energy and money. With better heat output from the elements, less energy is required to heat the room to the desired temperature.

    Lower the temperature and save money

    By making better use of heat, you can often reduce the temperature by 1 degree and still have the same room temperature. Reducing by 1 degree not only saves you money but can also reduce your energy costs by 5%. Lower energy use also reduces your carbon footprint by up to 8.9 kg of CO2 per element each year.

    Discreet & easy to assemble on your own without tools

    The discreet radiator reflector hangs behind the radiator on the radiator's wall bracket. There is no need to remove the radiator and the package contains (apart from a pair of scissors) everything you need to install Radflek.

    Each sheet measures 120 cm x 60 cm. Measure the radiator, cut the reflector sheet to size with scissors and attach the sheet to the clips provided. Then hang the reflector on the radiator's wall bracket behind the radiator. The matte side of the aluminium sheet should be towards the radiator. The shiny printed side should be facing the wall.

    Good to know

    To work optimally, there should ideally be an air gap of 10-25 mm between the radiator and the outer wall. The aluminium foil is slightly flexible and can also be used on curved radiators and radiators close to window frames.

    High Quality

    Radflek has 7 layers of laminated aluminium foil with a special coating that prevents oxidation and allows the sheet to retain its reflectivity for up to 60 years. Dust the reflector from time to time to maintain maximum reflectivity.

    Certified by independent testing

    The radiator reflector is independently tested and certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA). The test data is verified by the Building Research Establishment (BRE) Energy Saving Trust.

    Available in a 3-pack and a 5-pack

    The pack you need depends on how wide the radiators are. Sometimes one sheet is enough for several radiators and sometimes you need to use several sheets for one.


    Each Radflek sheet is 120 cm x 60 cm
    Material: Aluminium, polyethylene, polyester
    Aluminium sheets are recycled as metal waste.

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    Length: 120 cm
    Material: Specially treated aluminium, Polythene, Polyester
    Quantity per pack: 3 pack or 5 pack
    Width: 60 cm

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