Solar powered water irrigation

Automatic drip irrigation from the rainwater container
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Extension hose, 30 metres Extension hose, 30 metres
30 €
35.20 €
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    • Uses rainwater
    • Runs on solar power
    • Adjusts to weather conditions

    Water your garden with rain water using this effective and environmentally-friendly solar powered irrigation system. The irrigation system adjusts to weather conditions and makes sure that all your plants get enough water.

    The irrigation system connects to your rainwater container and portions out appropriate amounts of water for your entire property. The solar driven pump ensures that the soil is always moist. The pump releases more water if the weather is dry and less when it is wet.

    Place the solar panel in a position where it will reach a lot of sun and the pump in the rainwater container. Then, pull the hose from the pump to your plants and put on the nozzle. The hose is 15 metres long and can be adjusted to whatever length you want by cutting and modifying it.

    Solar powered water irrigation Comes in two standard models with 12 or 24 nozzles.

    Contents Solar powered water irrigation:
    Solar powered pump
    12/24 nozzles
    12/24 hose holder
    12/24 T-connector
    15 metre long hose
    Attention! Rainwater tank not included br />
    System can be complimented with a 12 meter drip hose, which spreads the water evenly across veggie gardens and your garden/property. Drip hose is bought separately

    If you have to extend your hose you can purchase a 30 m long extension; this is practical if you are increasing the size of your irrigation system or want to leave more room between the solar panels and rainwater container.

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