Anti-slip protection in a can - Sole

Spray directly onto the shoe's sole
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    • Spray under the shoe
    • Increases friction
    • Dries in 2-5 mins

    Sole - canned anti-slip protection makes it less risky to walk on wintery ground. The spray contains resins that increase the friction between the sole and the surface. Sole anti-slip 50/150 ml is a small spray bottle that is perfect to carry with you in your bag.

    Sole does not affect the shoe's appearance or ergonomics, but gives you invisible anti-slip protection with an effect that, to some extent, can be compared to spikes. The anti-slip spray can be used on all types of shoes and is suitable for jogging and walking on different terrains. The formula is proven and provides increased friction between rubber and ice. Note that the product can have varying effects depending on the grip pattern on the shoe sole, as well as road and weather conditions.

    With use, the product wears away over time. How fast the effect decreases depends on the surface, the sole of the shoe and how much you move around. Under normal conditions, for a walk or jog the spray will last a few kilometres.

    1. Shake well to mix the contents of the jar.
    2. Spray a thin layer on the underside of the shoe (outsole). We recommended spraying outdoors to avoid stains on floors and clothing.
    3. Let the spray harden and dry for about 2-5 minutes. You are ready to go when you know that the spray will no longer stick to your fingertips if you lightly touch the surface.

    Sole's formula consists of resin that is sprayed under the sole of the shoe, where it solidifies and forms a coating that increases friction against the ground. The product does not damage the sole of the shoe - but can form stains on leather and textiles, so use with care. Sole is designed and recommended for outdoor use, but the risk of leaving marks on the floor decreases as soon as the formula has solidified.

    Sole provides better grip and contact between the shoe and ground, but keep in mind that there is a difference between Sole slip protection and traditional spikes.
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    Material: Contains resins.
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Volume: 50ml or 150ml

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Anti-slip protection in a can - Sole Anti-slip protection in a can - Sole
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