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Extra Bokashi bucket with tap
Add an extra bin to the Get Started kit
€ 48.20
Extra hooks & and screw eyes
Mikael Ohlsson
Extra hooks and screw eyes that fit the Condrive tool
From € 15.70
From € 19.60
Bondic refill
Bondic refill cartridge
€ 17.60
C or LR14 Batteries, 2-pack
Powerful alkaline single-use batteries
€ 3.50
1 litre spray bottle
Container for waterless vehicle wash
€ 2.90
Drip hose
Smart irrigation system for your property
€ 38.30
Sun Visor Clip & Strap for Resqme
A practical kit with several attachments
€ 3.80
Extra grid for the Alligator
Accessory for the Alligator Onion Cutter
€ 20.60
9-Volt Battery Block LR22
A powerful 9V battery
€ 3.80
Autoparktime 4 extra frame, Magnetic 2
Fits all Autoparktime 4 bought after November 2015
€ 9.70
AutoParkTime 3 extra holder
Easy to move the automatic parking disc between the cars
€ 9.70
Premium LED remote control
More features for your Premium LED candle lights
€ 5.80
Bokashi Compost bran
Bokashi compost bran for your compost bin
€ 13.30
LR54 or AG10 Batteries, 5-pack
5-pack of LR54 / AG10 batteries
€ 2.90
Small containers, 3 pack
Extra containers for your Frozzypack
€ 6.90
Chargeable AAA batteries, 4-pack
Replaces typical alkaline batteries
€ 15.60
CR2016 Battery
Powerful button cell battery for all sorts of electronics
€ 1.80
Magnetic Strip for Silwy Glasses
Clever storage that saves space in the cupboard
From € 23.10
Storage Bag for Fabric Sanitary Pads
Handy bag for used sanitary pads
€ 8.70
CR2450 Batteries, 6-pack
Extra batteries for battery-operated tea lights with a timer
€ 5.90
Pipinette for trips, absorbent bags as a 3-pack
Carola Nilstein
€ 6.80
Sport lid for Clima thermos
Convert the thermos to a sports bottle
€ 9.60
Wicks and tweezers for oil heat lamps
Angel Velitchkov
Extra wicks for oil heat lamps
€ 4.40
CR123A Battery
Powerful 3V single-use lithium batteries
€ 6.10
LED light bulb GU10
Dimmable light bulb for Wall Lamp with shelf and USB outlet
€ 7.40
Pump for a vacuum box
Pumps out air and creates a vacuum
€ 4.80
Collector for the Alligator
Smart accessories for the Alligator
€ 11.30
D or LR20 Batteries, 2-pack
Powerful flashlight batteries
€ 3.50
Seeds for gardening jar
Grow nutritious, organic seeds in a sprouting jar
€ 3.40
Velcro band for Bolley
Attach Bolley around a bar or beam
€ 6.80
Velcro tape for insect net
Makes it easy to move the net
€ 9.70
AA Battery, 4-pack
High-quality batteries
€ 2.50
AG13 battery, 6-pack
Alkaline button batteries AG13 / LR44
€ 2.40
CR2025 Battery
Powerful button cell battery
€ 1.90
Cycle tire tool
A lever that facilitates mounting
€ 2.90
Drip irrigation set, includes 12 nozzles
Expansion for  ssolar powered irrigation systems
€ 38.80
Extension hose, 30 metres
Extension hose to solar powered irrigation system
€ 36.40
Extra velcro bands for Bolley
Extra velcro patches for Bolley
€ 4.80
Holder for Nespresso coffee capsules
Easy refilling of coffee capsules for Nespresso machines
€ 1
€ 18.50
Shoppis extra pad 3-pack
Even more utility with these 3 extra pads!
€ 3.10
Striker carpenter's pencil, 3 extra leads
Extra leads for your carpenter's pencil
€ 5.90
Turfquick Decomposable Landscape Stakes, pack of 10
Håkan Isak Yilmaz
Secure your landscape fabric with decomposable stakes
€ 2.50
€ 4.40
Baking paper
Baking paper for the hamburger press
€ 14.30
Bokashi spray
Decomposes the waste in your Bokashi
€ 32.30
Bokashi Spray Refill
Refill pack with two litres of EM concentrate
€ 25.60
Chargeable AA batteries, 4-pack
Powerful batteries  that can be charged up to 100 times
€ 19.60
Charging Pad for Wireless Speaker
Wireless charging for the speaker lamp
€ 3.90
€ 29.40
Colouring markers 16-pack
Two easy-wash felt tip pens
€ 13.70
CR1220 Batteries, pack of two
Powerful extra batteries for the mini-light for your jacket
€ 1.90
Extra bag for clothes
Fits 5 litres of clothes and keeps them wrinkle-free!
€ 39.20
Extra foot file paper
Makes the foot file plate like new again
€ 4.40
Refill for moisture measurer 2-pack
Refill cores for pot plant soil moisture meters
From € 9.30
AAA batteries, 4-pack
Powerful AAA-batteries
€ 2.50
Extra microfibre cloth for the windscreen
Extra cleaning cloth for your windscreen microfibre cloth
€ 2
Refill brushes for the washing-up brush
Extra brushes for the washing-up brush
€ 11.60
Replacement Fluorescent Light for Your Indoor Grow Box
A replacement light for your indoor grow box
€ 15.20
Extra cloth for Collapsible bathtub
An extra towel for the collapsible bathtub
€ 65
Extra sponge for the back lubricant 2-pack
A 2-pack of extra sponges for the Solo back lubricant
€ 3.40
Rain cover for the Bobby Original Anti-Theft Backpack
Make your anti-theft backpack waterproof
€ 13.70
Battery 23AE
Extra strong disposable alkaline battery 12V
€ 2.40
Catnip Leaves 25 g
Extra catnip leaves for your cat
€ 4.40
Extra battery for the VEIO Electric scooter
Get further on your electric scooter
€ 196
Mounting plate for dishwasher magnet
Rosemarie Ceder
Plate for non-magnetic dishwasher
€ 1
Case for Windfree noise-cancelling headphones
Dag Nordström
€ 6.80
Looftlighter X Case
Protects against impacts, moisture and dirt
€ 39.20
AA Battery 24-pack
AA battery multi-pack
€ 9.70
CR2032 Battery
Compatible with many battery-powered devices
€ 1.40
CR2032 Battery, 5-pack
Suitable for many types of battery-powered devices
€ 5.80
24-pack AAA batteries
Family pack AAA batteries
€ 9.70