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Portable gas stove
Portable gas stove
Portable gas stove
Portable gas stove

Portable gas stove

Easy-to-use gas stove approved for indoor use
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  • Approved for indoor use
  • Perfect for when the power goes out
  • Easy to transport, easy to use,

The portable gas stove from Bright Spark is an easy-to-use stove that is approved for indoor use. The gas stove makes it possible to cook indoors during power outages and comes in a practical bag that makes it easy to take with you for camping trips, hiking and excursions.

The gas stove is easy to use and the reversible pan holder fits pots, frying pans and kettles up to 18 cm in diameter. The piezo lighter makes lighting the stove easy, the heating knob provides good control and you can adjust the flame as needed. The protection around the flame creates even heat even in windy conditions and you can boil a litre of water in about 7 minutes.

The gas stove is powered by an A4 Butane gas cartridge (not included) which is easy to install and can be removed between uses. An A4 Butane gas cartridge is sufficient for about 90 minutes of use on maximum heat and about 4 hours on medium heat. NB! Butane gas cartridge purchased separately.

The gas stove weighs about 2 kg and is practical to pack in your bag. The protective bag has a real handle that protects the gas stove from bumps and makes it easy to transport the stove. The gas stove is safe, efficient and as long as you are in a well-ventilated room, you can use the stove indoors.

Remove the gas stove from the storage bag and put it on a flat surface.
Turn the pot holder over.
Insert the butane gas cartridge and light according to the instruction book.
Remove the gas cartridge before you clean and store the gas stove.

Important information
Bright Spark portable gas stove should only be used in well-ventilated rooms.
Minimum space around the stove: 1 metre above the gas stove and 20 cm on all sides.
Do not use pots larger than 18 cm in diameter!
Should only be used with the butane gas cartridge A4 Butane Battery®
NB! Butane cartridge purchased separately

Safety functions
The sensor switches off the gas supply if the flame goes out.
The gas cartridge must be positioned correctly for the gas to be distributed.
Meets all international standards for fail-safe gas cartridge handling.
Red reset button for high gas pressure.

Gas stove measurements
Weight: 1.2 kg excluding cartridge
Width 34 cm, Height 8 cm/12 cm, Depth 28 cm 
5 year guarantee

Measurements bag 
Weight: 2.2 kg excluding gas cartridge
Width 35 cm, Height 31 cm, Depth 9.5 cm

CE marked, ISO 9001


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