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Swim Fin

Swim Fin

Helps the children learn how to swim
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  • Replaces water wings, float boards, vests and other floating devices
  • Adapts its shape to fit the swimmer
  • Gives full freedom of movement

SwimFin is a fun and practical swimming belt that helps children swimming while leaving them with their full freedom of movement. SwimFin is perfect for children who are learning to swim and its shape as a shark fin makes swimming in the bath and in the pool fun!

This Fin's smart design adapts to give the support the swimmer needs, depending on how far they have come in their learning. This Fin gives a lot of support to a new swimmer who has a lower centre of gravity in the water and less support to those who are able to swim and float nearer to the water's surface.

The Swimfin is easy to put on, held in place on the back with two velcro bands, leaving the arms of the swimmer completely free to play and swim in most of the different swimming styles

SwimFin is suitable for use from the age of 3 (15 kg) but can even be used by adults.
The SwimFin follows the international safety regulations EN 13138 and EN 71 and is CE certified.

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