Beach pool with toys

Give the youngest family member a great day at the beach

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    • Foldable pop-up pool
    • Nine fun toys
    • Practical carrying bag

    The beach pool with toys gives you a smart kit that is easy to bring along for a day at the beach. The foldable pop-up pool is quickly assembled, and together with the accompanying toys it keeps children from 10 months old and upwards occupied with fun games in the sand or the water the whole day long.

    The beach pool allows the child to play on their own while still being under supervision. The pool is easy to unfold and can be placed right next to where you sit on the beach.

    Dig a hole in the sand approximately 10 cm deep with a diameter of 50 cm. Unfurl the pool over the hole and use a small rod in each of the corners to anchor the pool in the sand, then fill up the pool with water. The edges will keep he pool stretched out.

    Included in the kit is also nine different beach toys; a spade, a rake, a small hoop-net, four small and perforated cups in different sizes, and two bathing toys in the shape of shells that can spout water.

    When it is time to go home from the beach, just pour out the water and brush off the sand from the pool. Fold two opposite corners towards the middle, then twist in a folding motion and the pool will adjust itself in a circle.

    The pool should be kept dry, so if it is still damp after the day, make sure to air it out until it is completely dry before storing it. The easiest way to clean the pool is to use a damp cloth.

    Complete measurements : 72 cm x 72 cm x 10 cm
    Measurements pool: 53 cm in diameter
    Measurements bag: ca 30 cm x 30 cm x 8 cm
    Ages: 10 months and up
    Material: 100% polyester
    Weight folded including toys: 430 grams
    The beach pool and the toys are CE-certified

    Children should always be kept under supervision while playing at the pool.

  • Article nr: 13564
    Stock availability: 3
    Diameter: 53 cm
    Height: 10 cm
    Length: 72 cm
    Material: 100% polyester
    Width: 72 cm
    Weight: 0,43 kg

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Beach pool with toys Beach pool with toys

Give the youngest family member a great day at the beach

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