Innovator: Louisa & Robin Nordgren

Childrens Shoehorn

The foot slides easily into the shoe
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    • Unique funnel shape
    • For children aged two and up
    • Helps children and parents alike

    This clever shoehorn helps children put their shoes on all on their own. The shoehorn is suitable for children from about two years of age and up.

    The unique funnel shape helps the foot slip right into the shoe and gives children a great sense of independence. And once your child can put their own shoes on, life becomes that much easier for everyone, especially in the mornings when the whole family is rushing off to kindergarten, school and work.

    The shoehorn comes in three different colours. Choose between blue, pink with a golden crown, and black with a skull.

    The shoehorn for children is made in Sweden and was developed by Louisa and Robin Nordgren.
  • Article nr: 11351
    Stock availability: 0
    Depth: 6 cm
    Height: 10 cm
    Material: Plastic
    Quantity per pack: 1 pc
    Width: 10 cm at its widest , 10cm at the widest point

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