Innovator: Kaj Mickos, Mikael Abbhagen
Kaj Mickos

Water-saving shower head

Saves up to 75% water while maintaining pressure
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    • Uses 75% less water
    • Maintains pressure, heat & coverage
    • Two low flush modes

    Altered: Shower is a Swedish-developed showerhead that uses 75% less water than conventional showerheads. The low-flow showerhead provides a great shower experience with good pressure, coverage and heat without using more energy and water than needed.

    Maintained pressure

    The Altered shower nozzle works in contrast to other water-saving shower nozzles. Instead of throttling the water pressure, the showerhead increases the speed of the water and can thus maintain the same pressure and rinsing performance, even if the amount of water used is significantly less.

    Good distribution of water

    The dome in the showerhead causes the water to rotate and break up into thousands of large water droplets. The large droplets get you really wet and also spread the water in an irregular pattern for good distribution over your body.

    Use the same heat setting

    The high speed of the water droplets means that the water does not have time to cool down before it hits the skin. So you don't have to turn up the heat on the thermostat just because you use a different nozzle.

    Dual flow technology

    The shower nozzle has a unique dual flow technology where you can choose between two low flush modes; Dome and Monsoon.

    Dome (cupola), 3.5 litres per minute

    Dome mode is the most water-efficient mode on the tap, using only 3.5 litres of water per minute. This mode is perfect for showering the whole body and rinsing off shower soap.

    Monsoon, 6.5 litres per minute

    Monsoon mode uses more water, 6.5 litres per minute, and is effective for rinsing shampoo and conditioner out of your hair.

    Easy to install

    Unscrew your existing showerhead and screw on the Altered:Shower showerhead.

    swedish innovation

    The Altered: Shower nozzle is developed by the award-winning Swedish company Altered, founded by Professor Kaj Mickos, Johan Nihlén and Mikael Abbhagen in 2016. Altered is also behind the water-saving nozzle for the tap, Altered: Nozzle.

    Good to know

    The shower nozzle has a flow regulator that ensures you have the right water flow regardless of water pressure. This means that no matter how much you open the tap, the nozzle regulates the amount of water for you.

    Technical requirements

    For the showerhead to work optimally, make sure that the tap is open properly and that you do not already have a mixer installed that reduces the water flow. If the water pressure is too low, the nozzle will automatically return to the Dome mode.

    There are also some other parameters you should take into account.-Recommended water pressure is 2 bar. The shower must have a water pressure of at least 1.5 bar.-The water flow rate should normally be at least 9-10 litres of water per minute (without a nozzle connected).-The shower hose must have a 1/2" connection (female), which is the standard size in the EU and USA

    Material: stainless steel, aluminium

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    Colour: Stainless Steel, Aluminium
  • Kaj Mickos| SmartaSaker

    Innovator: Kaj Mickos 

    It is not an understatement to claim that Kaj Mickos has dedicated his life to innovations. He has started 14 different companies and has over 30 patented products, including the water-saving nozzle for the tap. In addition to being a dedicated innovator, Kaj Mickos is also a professor of innovation technology.

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