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Interior lights for indoor lighting

Indoor lighting has a big impact on the coziness factor in a home. We have a large range of smart and stylish lamps that you can switch on when you’re indoors, lights that can both increase the coziness factor and are stylish and decorative to have on display. We have many different types of LED lights for indoor use that also give you good spot lighting when you need it the most. With stylish indoor lighting, you get a cozier home! Order interior lighting today, fast delivery!
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Premium LED Block Candles
Lights up your home and creates a cosy lighting
From € 20.10
Battery Powered Decorative Lamp
A waterproof lamp for the patio
€ 23.30
Premium LED antique candle 2-pack
Realistic flickering flame
€ 27.10
Bedlight Night Time Lighting
Illuminates your way in the dark
From € 71
LumiPets Night Light
Glow in the dark cuddly toy for relaxed bedtimes
€ 40.90
Wall lamp with shelf and USB port
Practical reading lamp for your bedroom or reading corner
€ 107
Oil Burning Candles
Angel Velitchkov
Beautiful, smart and environmentally friendly
€ 9.05
Antique candles in four lengths
Lovely LED candles for Swedish advent candle display
€ 23.70
Battery powered candle, 2-pack
Achieves the cosy lighting
€ 11
Tea light with timer, 2-pack
A warm white decoration light
€ 4.70
USB driven fairy lights with green leaves
Lovely fairy lights with USB and remote control
€ 15.80
Battery-powered string lights with eucalyptus leaves
€ 21.40
Floating oil candles
Angel Velitchkov
Fuelled by cooking oil
€ 9
Premium LED candle
Authentic light from only a few meters away
€ 12.97
Moon lamp
Floating moon lamp that lights up and rotates
€ 162
Pillar candle with timer
Pillar candle in wax with smart timer
€ 7.90
Premium LED tall antique candle 2-pack
35 cm Tall candles with realistic flame
€ 34.30
Short Tapered Premium LED Candles
15 cm tall, realistic candles
€ 25.60
Battery powered fairy lights, Puck
Perfect mood lighting for a vase or glass jar
From € 5.60
Candle with flickering flame
Mellow wax candle with cream glow
From € 9
Detachable lamp with motion sensor
Handheld night light with wall mount
€ 47.80
Short battery-driven candles, Red 2-pack
Red wax candles with a realistic look
€ 11.40
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 109.61
Decorative lighting with timer
Lovely lights made of white sandstone
€ 28.50
Firework Fairy Lights
Decorate bottles and vases
€ 9.40
String lights with USB port
100 USB-powered lights
€ 12
Decorative pine cone with LED flame
Beautiful decorative light with timer function
€ 8.10
Desk lamp with alarm clock
Bright reading lamp with alarm function
€ 104
Flickering Pillar Candles for the Patio
White waterproof pillar candles with a timer
From € 8.65
Night Lamp with Light and Motion Sensors
Shows you the way in the dark
€ 19.10
Oil Burning Candles 4-pack
Angel Velitchkov
The light bearers
€ 9
Smart LED with twilight sensor
Light bulb turns on when it darkens
From € 14.40
Battery-powered night light
Motion activated night light with LED
€ 11
LED light bulbs for plants and flowers
Comfortable lighting for your flowers
€ 7.50
Shelf with lamp socket, dimmer and USB
Illuminated surface with USB-outlet
€ 109
Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
Pretty outdoor fairy lights with timer
From € 6.20
Battery-powered lantern with timer
Beautiful lantern with built-in candle
€ 16
Cupboard and wardrobe light
Comes on automatically when you open the door
€ 15.10
Portable light
Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
€ 23.83
Small battery-powered string lights with tiny leaves
String lights to decorate your table with
€ 4.70
Smart LED with motion sensor
Motion-activated light
From € 19.60
Battery powered light for Christmas star
New lights for your advent star
€ 8.50
Candles with remote control 4-pack
Remote controlled battery lights with timer
From € 27.10
Christmas tree lights
Christmas tree lights you don't need to wrap around the tree
€ 26.20
Battery powered fairy lights, Tube
Lights up and gives life to an old bottle
From € 4.70
Book-shaped lamp
Stylish decorative lamp in smart book form
From € 37.60
Christmas tree star light
Lights up your Christmas tree - indoors or outdoors
€ 21
Premium LED Christmas tree candles 2-pack
Lovely Christmas tree candles with realistic flames
€ 23.90
USB driven fairy lights with a remote control
9 metres of fairy lights with a timer and dimmer
€ 15.80
Christmas garland for indoor use
Garland with lights, glitter and cones
€ 24.40
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