Innovator: Sulaymon Valizoda & Marcus Gazal

Powder doser

Smart dosing of protein powders & supplements
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    • Doses powder in 5 gram or 10 gram doses
    • Hygienic dosing for dietary supplements in powder form
    • Easy to carry in your gym bag

    Chark Scoop is a Swedish developed powder dispenser that is perfect for storing protein powder and meal replacements and dietary supplements in powder form. The powder dispenser makes it easy and hygienic to dispense a dietary supplement. You don't get powder on your hands, avoid spills and don't have to put your hand in the food supplement jar.

    The powder doser has an integrated dosing scoop in the lid that automatically dispenses the powder in 5 or 10 gram doses when you turn the shaker upside down. Perfect for supplement powders such as BCAA, EAA, PWO and Creatine.

    With the Chark Scoop, you can leave your regular dosing scoop and the large powder container at home. You can quickly get the perfect dose without getting powder on your hands.

    The powder doser holds 600 ml and is a convenient container for all types of protein powders and powder dietary supplements. When you turn the shaker, it dispenses just over 5 grams of powder (small size) or about 10 grams of powder (medium size). Flip the shaker over to "reload" the powder dispenser, which can then dispense a new scoop.

    The powder doser is no bigger than a regular shaker and is perfect to take to the gym, to work and when travelling. The dosing cup inside the lid can be removed if needed, which is great for when you want to clean the dosing element or use it as a regular shaker to mix drinks.

    The shaker is graduated up to 600 ml on one side and up to 20 oz on the other. All parts are dishwasher safe, and the shaker can be heated in the microwave and stored in the freezer.

    The powder doser is available with two different dosing heads
    Small: about 5 grams per dose
    Medium: about 10 grams per dose

    The Chark Scoop powder doser was developed by Sulaymon Valizoda and Marcus Gazal. The scoop is manufactured in Sweden.

    Volume: 600 ml/20 oz
    Height: 19.5 cm
    Diameter: 10 cm
    Material: BPA and DEHP free PP plastic
    Withstands temperatures up to 120°C

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    Diameter: 10 cm
    Height: 19.5 cm
    Material: BPA and DEHP free PP plastic
    Volume: 600 ml

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Sulaymon Valizoda & Marcus Gazal Sulaymon Valizoda & Marcus Gazal
Powder doser Powder doser
Smart dosing of protein powders & supplements
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