Rotating spoon with holes

Quick change from scoop to bucket
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    • Can be used both as a ladle and a scoop
    • Supportive handles keep the kitchen counter clean
    • Heat resistant, can be used as a deep fryer

    The Holey Spadle from Australian Dreamfarm is a smart kitchen tool that can be used for both frying pans and deeper pans. Depending on the dish you're cooking, you can quickly switch between ladle and spoon by turning the soap-lined handle.

    One tool, two functions

    The unique design of the hollow shaft allows it to perform two functions in the same tool. Either you can have a straighter handle and use it as a pasta spoon. Or you can turn the handle and get a more curved scoop that holds 125 ml.

    Drains off liquid

    The holes in the hole siphon allow water and other liquids to drain away when you take food out of the pots. It's handy for checking whether pasta is ready, as well as for taking peas out of the pan or fishing fried food out of the deep fryer.

    Smart handle keeps the kitchen counter clean

    When used as a straight handle pasta spoon, the back of the handle acts as a clever support. The bulge on the handle holds the spoon up and ensures that the spoon head does not rest directly on the kitchen counter.

    Withstands heat up to 205 °C

    The swivel hole sleeve is made of durable, food-grade nylon with non-stick properties. The handle is heat resistant up to 205 °C and can therefore also be used as a deep-frying handle to remove fried ingredients from hot oil. After use, the slotted spoon can be washed in the dishwasher.

    The Holey Spadle swivel is manufactured by the Australian company Dreamfarm. Holey Spadle is an abbreviation of Holey spoon turns into ladle.

    Length: 33,5 cm
    Width: 8 cm
    Weight: 120 grams
    The spoon holds 125 ml.
    Material: food grade nylon.
    Heat resistant up to 205 °C.

  • Article nr: 13879
    Stock availability: 7
    Length: 33,5 cm
    Material: Nylon
    Volume: 125 ml
    Width: 8 cm
    Colour: Blue
    Weight: 0,12 kg

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