Thawing plate

Defrost frozen food quickly
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    • Three times faster than conventional air defrosting
    • No electricity required
    • Thaw all types of frozen food

    With the ThawThat defrosting tray, you can quickly defrost frozen food in a healthy and environmentally friendly way. The ThawThat defrosts food up to three times faster than conventional air defrosts. Plus, it requires no electricity and can be used anywhere.

    Using a defrosting tray has many advantages over air defrosting frozen foods or defrosting food in the microwave. Simply placing frozen food at room temperature takes a long time. Defrosting food in the microwave is quick, but at the same time it risks cooking the food instead, which means it will not be as tasty. With the defrosting tray, you don't risk the food going bad and it's also much quicker than putting the frozen food out to thaw.

    Place the frozen food on the plate and you will soon see the food thawing. It's hard to see, but the defrosting plate is slightly tilted, which allows the excess liquid to drain into the collecting tray.

    Determination plate - How does it work?
    The liquid-filled defrosting plate has unique heating fins on the underside that constantly introduce new room-temperature air under the plate. The room-temperature air then heats the liquid inside the defrosting tray and the liquid in turn heats the frozen food on the defrosting tray.

    The liquid, now cooled by the food, sinks directly to the bottom of the plate and is then reheated. The clever and fast cycle ensures that the defrosting plate is always at room temperature, which is the secret behind the fast defrosting.

    Determination plate - Test
    We have tested thawing a normal sized ice cube in the office on a really hot summer day (27 degrees).
    With ThawThat: about 2 minutes
    Without ThawThat (on a glass dish): about 10 minutes

    The other times below are taken from ThawThats own comparison times, the tests are done indoors. Actual thawing time may vary depending on food, size and ambient temperature.

    Fish 100 grams
    With ThawThat: 9 minutes
    Without ThawThat: 14 minutes

    Pork (roast) 110 grams
    With ThawThat: 10 minutes
    Without ThawThat: 24 minutes

    Chicken 125 grams
    With ThawThat: 18 minutes
    Without ThawThat: 54 minutes

    Beef (steak) 260 grams
    With ThawThat: 22 minutes
    Without ThawThat: 68 minutes

    You can hand wash the defrosting plate with a mild detergent and non-scratching brushes. The cutting board should not be used as a cutting board.

    Weight: 1,6 kg
    Dimensions: 32.5 cm x 20 cm x 2 cm
    Material: food grade anodised aluminium, silicone and stainless steel.

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    Height: 2 cm
    Length: 32,5 cm
    Manual: food grade anodised aluminium, silicone, stainless steel.
    Width: 20 cm
    Weight: 1,6 kg

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