Waterproof mini bag, 2 litres

Waterproof bag for valuables
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    • Protects against rain, dirt and moisture
    • Lightweight, flexible and durable
    • Capacity 2 litres

    With a Sea to Summit waterproof mini-bag, you can keep your valuables dry when you're at the beach, on the lake or out in nature. Weighing only about 35 grams, the sleek pack takes up little space and protects your valuables from the elements whether you're kayaking, hiking or camping.


    The mini bag is great to use as a daypack on outings, hiking trips, canoe trips, cycling trips, travel and more. When it rains or there is a risk of moisture and dirt, you can put your valuables in the bag and they will stay dry in any weather. If you don't want to leave your valuables in the bathroom, you can even take them into the shower! The bag will keep them dry.

    Ideal for valuables and first aid equipment

    The mini bag holds 2 litres, making it perfect for storing valuables such as your wallet and mobile phone. You can also use the mini bag for first-aid products, snacks, a spare pair of socks or other items that should be protected from damp.

    Waterproof Roll Top Closure

    You close the mini-bag by folding the opening and rolling it down three times. Then fasten the buckle to prevent rain and water splashes from entering the bag.

    The roll closure protects against moisture, rain and water splashes. However, the mini-bag should not be immersed in water as the pressure of the water can cause it to seep into the bag.

    Durable nylon material

    Made of durable, waterproof nylon, the cylindrical-shaped small bag has a PU-coated white interior that reflects light and makes it easier to find items inside.

    The durable material withstands harsh environments, perfect for the camper, backpacker and festival goer. The D-ring makes it easier to carry your mini-bag or hang it from a carabiner.

    Available in several colours

    The waterproof mini bag is available in several great colours. If you have several bags in different colours, it's easy to colour code your kit or see whose bag is whose.

    Useful information about the bag
    The volume is measured when the roll top opening is closed and rolled 3 times.
    The length is measured when the roll top opening is open.
    The mini bag is waterproof as long as you do not submerge the roll top opening (or the whole bag) under water.
    Avoid sharp objects and abrasive surfaces.

    Volume: 2 litres
    Height: 29 cm
    Width: 13 cm
    Weight: 34 grams
    Material outside: lightweight nylon 70D with taped seams, 10,000 mm waterproof.
    Material inside: PU-coated white inside, 2000 mm waterproof.
    Model: Sea to Summit Lightweight Dry Sack, 2 litres

  • Article nr: 13932
    Stock availability: 0
    Height: 29 cm
    Material: PU-Coated Lightweight Nylon
    Volume: 2 Litre
    Width: 13 cm
    Colour: Black , Yellow
    Weight: 0,034 kg

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