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Ideas for the New Year celebrations

Celebrate New Year and plan your New Year's Eve. Are you the one who will cook an entire New Year's meal or are you instead responsible for the New Year's dessert? Our springform with ceramic plate makes it easy to make festive pastries. With the springform, you can easily make nice layers, and when it's time to set the table, just open the side and serve directly on the ceramic plate. It’s perfect for bringing with you if you’re invited to a party. Eating seafood is a classic for New Year’s Eve. Thus, we would like to recommend our seafood cracker, an excellent tool for the seafood buffet that makes it easy to open the claws of crabs, lobsters and crayfish. Crush the claws and you can pull out the delicious meat whole.

If you are the host, we have tips for a nice New Year's table setting. If you expect many guests, our glass markers are the perfect choice. Make sure everyone keeps their glasses in order and you’ll have less to wash up.

Our decorative firework fairy lights have a crackling design! The decorative lighting can be nicely presented in an old glass bottle or together with flowers in a vase. For flower arrangements, we also recommend our bouquet holder. This way, your flower arrangements will look professional and adorn the dining table beautifully. Don’t forget to welcome your guests with a bit of love right at the entrance. Decorate and light up with our outdoor candles to welcome your guests to the New Year's party. For midnight, we would like to recommend our champagne opener, which makes it easier to open the evening's bubbly drinks. With the champagne sabre, you can expect a grand opening of the champagne bottle. The champagne sabre lets you sabrage the bottle and will definitely impress your guests!

If your New Year's outfit is a dress, we greatly recommend our handheld clothes steamer. Make sure your dress is wrinkle-free and that both you and your New Year's outfit are ready for a fun evening.

After New Year's Eve, it's New Year's Day, and many want to take it easy that day. Maybe our pizza scissors are a great little choice for the day in question. 2021 will be over and you can treat yourself to a day of rest. A foot bath may be a suitable welcome and a perfect start to 2022.

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Paper towel wind stopper
Tommy Johansen & Märit Zollner
Keeps paper towels in place when it's windy
€ 13.17
Wine glass plate clips 10-pack
Use them over and over again. Sturdy and sustainable
€ 11.90
Ear protection for dogs
Letyour doggy avoid loud noises
€ 88.49
Stirr Automatic Pan Stirrer
Keeps your hands free while it stirs
€ 30.20
Glass marker, 50-pack
Karolina Storckenfeldt
Place-cards and glass markers
€ 6.60
Pizza scissors
Easily cuts pizza slices without scraping your plate
€ 31.47
Looftlighter X - Cordless Barbecue and Firelighter
Richard Looft
Use a hot-air lighter to light the barbecue without lighter fluid
€ 286.60
Adjustable Cake Ring
Makes it easy to create gorgeous cakes
€ 25.80
Alligator Onion Chopper original
Benny Engdahl
The original chopper with a bite
€ 34.39
Hasselback slicer
Sandra Larsson
Slice the perfect Hasselback potatoes
€ 4.30
Silicone Biscuit Mould
Anna Hägerstedt
Bake shell-shaped biscuits
€ 26.30
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 28.26
Heel saver
Every heel's best friend
From € 7.44
Satake Multi Purpose Scissors
Very sharp universal scissors with five functions
€ 26.35
Antique candles in four lengths
Lovely LED candles for Swedish advent candle display
€ 23.70
Champagne Opener with a Handle
Open champagne bottles and crack nuts
€ 23.43
Glass Carafe with Cooling Rod
Pascal Charmolu
Keeps the drink cool throughout the entire meal
€ 47.67
USB driven fairy lights with green leaves
Lovely fairy lights with USB and remote control
€ 15.80
Battery-powered string lights with eucalyptus leaves
€ 21.40
Cake Mix Scoop and Plunger
Makes it easy to fill the cupcake mould
€ 13.88
Cream whisk with piping bag
Whipped cream in minutes
€ 24.90
Ice balls, 4-pack
Large balls of ice for your drinks
€ 12.97
Markers for Glass
Write your guest's name on the glass
€ 8.10
Shellfish Cracker Drosselmeyer
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Effective shell cracker
€ 44.10
Champagne Cork with Pump
Keep the bubbles in the bottle
€ 9.50
Champagne Sabre
A quality sabre with a proper grip
€ 71.40
Portioning Funnel
Portions out perfectly without spillage
€ 11.40
Crab claw cutter
Remove claw meat in one piece
€ 43.04
Raspberry-shaped jelly mould in silicon
Anna Hägertstedt
Make your own confectionery
€ 26.30
Battery powered fairy lights, Puck
Perfect mood lighting for a vase or glass jar
From € 5.60
Handheld Clothes Steamer
Fresh and wrinkle-free clothes with steam
€ 31.17
Icetray for large ice cubes, 3-pack
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Large ice cubes melt slower
€ 14.38
Reusable Metal Straws
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
€ 12.50
Seafood Scissors
Easily cuts through hard shells and claws
€ 14.90
Short battery-driven candles, Red 2-pack
Red wax candles with a realistic look
€ 11.40
Wine cork with vacuum pump
Extends the shelf life of an opened wine bottle
€ 14.40
Barbecue Skewer With Slide Pusher, 2-pack
Grill your vegetables to perfection and then serve them with ease
€ 12
Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
€ 26.75
Champagne Opener
Open Prosecco, champagne and other sparkling drinks
€ 7.60
Mingle plate with glass holder
Sturdy mingling plate with a hole for a glass
€ 9.55
Firework Fairy Lights
Decorate bottles and vases
€ 9.40
String lights with USB port
100 USB-powered lights
€ 12
Bottle cooler with handles
The perfect gift that cools the bottle down
€ 7.54
Clamp for soda cans
Smart cover for the opening
€ 1.41
Decorative pine cone with LED flame
Beautiful decorative light with timer function
€ 8.10
Grill hook North Hook
Tobias Gustafsson
Smart tool for lifting, turning, and moving the steak
€ 19.11
Magnetic champagne glasses in crystal Silwy, 2-pack
Nice crystal glasses that stand steady when your boat is leaning
€ 47.90
Magnetic Champagne glasses in plastic Silwy, 2-pack
Enjoy a cooling drink in the boat or the camper
€ 46.80
Springform with a Ceramic Plate, 23 cm
Easy to use, comes with a ceramic serving plate
€ 31.10
Battery-Powered Garden Candle
A lovely garden candle to welcome your guests
€ 14.28
Champagne cork
Smart for leftover champagne and similar beverages
€ 8.15
Small battery-powered string lights with tiny leaves
String lights to decorate your table with
€ 4.70
Soapstone Ice Cubes
Henrik Andersson
Ice cubes that never melt
€ 9.10
Collapsible foot bath
Easy to store and take with you on the go
€ 16.80
Cut-resistant hand towel
Protects the hands when shucking oysters
€ 28.26
Mould for Long Ice Sticks
Long ice sticks for water bottles or cocktails
€ 16.19
Oyster knife
Special knife for oyster opening
€ 6.20
Battery powered fairy lights, Tube
Lights up and gives life to an old bottle
From € 4.70
Christmas garland for indoor use
Garland with lights, glitter and cones
€ 24.40
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