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Smart and safe bicycle accessories for your bike

It's fun and safe to cycle with our practical bike accessories. We have a wide range of bike lights, bicycle helmets, reflective details along with protection, bags and other great biking gadgets ? all things that guard you from the elements, help with visibility and make it easy to transport things on your bicycle.

We stock the Swedish-designed inflatable bicycle helmet Hövding that works like an airbag; it is self-inflating if you fall off your bicycle. We also stock various models of collapsible helmets that can be folded up and carried in your bag.

Browse our range of bicycle lights and reflectives that show up in the dark. Battery-powered lights, chargeable bike lamps and magnet-powered bicycle lights. All our lights are bicycle safety-approved and shine powerfully. Reflective stickers and transparent reflective spray that you can spray on your bike also help ensure that you are always visible.

We stock coffee cup holders and a mobile phone holder for your bicycle as well as a range of clever rucksacks that are comfortable to use when you're cycling. We have a range shopping bags for your bike that your can hang on your bike rack ? absolutely ideal for cycling home from the shops. Our anti-puncture bike tyres prevent nasty punctures and our Wind Free noise reducing earphones keep the sound of the wind from interfering with your music.

Don't miss our range of rain protection that is perfect for rainy days. Protect your clothes from the rain with a cycle poncho and protect your stuff from the rain with rain protector for your bicycle basket. We also stock rain protection to keeps your child's bicycle seat dry.

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Windfree Noise-dampening ear protectors
Dag Nordström
Raise your awareness of the surroundings
€ 29.90
Spoke reflectors
Cycle safely in rain and bad weather
€ 9.90
Bike protection Velosock
Protect your home when you carry in your bike
€ 65
Foldable tote bag
Hangs sturdily on your bicycle
From € 8.50
Rain cover for shoes and trousers
Olle Mattsson
Stay dry on the way to and from work
€ 29.50
Foldable bicycle lock
Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
€ 159
Collapsible Bicycle Helmet Loop
Takes up 45% less space in the bag
€ 89
Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From € 6.90
Reflective stickers
Attach reflectors to your things
€ 4.90
Puncture Proof Bike Tyre
Say goodbye to pumping and patching
€ 38.90
Fuga Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
Safe, award-winning and collapsible
€ 125
Handlebar mittens
Warm handlebar mittens
€ 39.80
Rechargeable air pump
Inflate balls and fill the tires of cars and bicycles with air
€ 60
Waterproof Backpack with Light
Kourosh Mohajeri & Tezha Mohajeri
Waterproof backpack with bright LED lights
€ 150
Strap with quick release buckle
Hardwearing and easy to use
From € 6.50
Electric scooter VEIO Nordic Edition
Swedish-designed electric scooter
€ 598
Reflective Rain Cover for Bicycle Basket
Protects against rain and makes you visible in traffic
€ 34.80
Rain Cover for Children's Bicycle Seats
Keep your child's seat dry on the bike
€ 9
A clever backpack that you can attach to your bike's cargo rack
€ 160
Combination padlock with wire
Practical padlock with long wire
€ 17.50
Wrist Warmer
Warms the hands at the office or on a walk
€ 14.90
Backpack for Runners
Practical backpack that sits sturdily on your back
€ 160
Lockable Helmet Cover
Lock your helmet to your bike
€ 38.40
Rain cover for bicycle saddle
Waterproof saddle cover for your bike
€ 2.40
Clug Bike Stand
The worlds smallest bike stand
From € 29.80
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 18.50
Luminous Tire Valves 2-pack
Safety and fun while cycling in the dark
€ 7.90
Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
€ 32.50
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 99
Handlebar Phone Mount
Sturdy mount for all kinds of smartphones
€ 15.90
Reflective spray permanent transparent
Carina Lind
Reflective spray for bicycles, prams, helmets etc.
From € 17.90
Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp
Mattis Bernstone
Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
€ 34.80
Rechargeable LED Armband Slapwrap
Durable reflective armband with LED lights
€ 25.90