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Our popular best-sellers

Browse our range of best-selling products that are most popular with our customers. Our Nano cloth cleans with just water, the yoghurt holder squeezes out all the yoghurt to the last drop and our cool rucksack makes packing for picnics a breeze. SmartaSaker started in 2006 and we have stocked most of our best-selling products from the very beginning. One of our first products was our award-winning Vacuum Bag that is still one of our most popular products. Some other popular products include the Elastic Shoelace  and our Toastie Pocket that uses the toaster to make a warm toasted sandwich ? it's been with us since the very beginning!

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Solar-powered bilge pump
Helps you to empty out water from the boat
€ 85
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 47.50
Roof Scraper
Remove moss from your roof
€ 7.50
Wall-mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder
Ulle Svenson
Keep the electric toothbrush off the sink
€ 9
Squirrel feeder
See squirrels up close
€ 26.20
Glass holder for the dishwasher
WOT design AB
Sturdy holder for tall glasses
From € 18.96
From € 23.70
Autoparktime - Automatic Parking Pass
Gösta Söderberg & Sven Linnman
Parking pass that records parking times
From € 43.70
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.50
Windfree Noise-dampening ear protectors
Dag Nordström
Filters out disruptive wind noise
€ 28.50
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A practical portable urinal for the big and small
From € 17.10
Dish Cloth Holder Happy Sinks
Installed with magnets
From € 33.20
Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder
Works where other adhesives fail
€ 22.80
Elastic shoestrings
Perfect for gym shoes
€ 4.80
Bottle candle holder
Emelie Nilsson
Turn your glass bottle into a candleholder
€ 9.50
Easy grip ski holder
Krister Ruth
A practical holder forcross country skis & and poles
€ 16.10
Electric motor for bicycle, Zipforce
Måns Bengtsson
Transforms your normal bicycle into an electric bicycle
€ 618
Cat Doorbell
Jorgen Synning, Stefan Hägg och Leif Adolfsson
Lets you know when your cat wants to be let in
€ 23.70
Inflatable Bathtub Tubble
For everyone that does not have a bathtub, but still wants to relax ...
From € 137.17
From € 161
Easy-tear cabinet paper towel holder
Barbro Holmström
Hide kitchen paper rolls inside a cupboard
€ 15.10
Musical egg timer
A perfect egg with lovely notes
From € 19
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 7.50
Bathroom corner shelf
Smart solution when you do not want to drill in the roof
€ 180
Fruit and vegetable bags
Mia Ekblad
Replaces plastic bags when you're food shopping
From € 2.80
Spoke reflectors
Cycle safely in rain and bad weather
€ 9.40
Grease funnel for waste disposal
Recycle leftover cooking oil
€ 4.30
Lid for fizzy drinks
Matthias Karthäuser, Marcus Åsberg & Simon Andersson
Protects against insects and keeps your drink fizzy
€ 3.70
Watering Wick, pack of five
Waters your flowers while you are on holiday
€ 4.70
Large Bird Feeder for Windows
Transparent bird feeder for small birds
€ 22.80
Spice rack
Sven-Olof Nordin
Easily check which spices you have at home
€ 12.30
Mushroom bag
Kerstin Gunnarsson
Foldable basket that fits in the pocket of your coat
€ 24.30
Premium LED antique candle 2-pack
Realistic flickering flame
€ 27.10
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From € 95
Butter box
Ann Iberius-Orrvik
Easy to measure and slice up your butter
€ 9
Cheese cover
Store the breakfast spread in the best way
€ 8.10
Garlic Mincer
Minces garlic quickly and effectively
€ 16.10
Pluring Towel Holder
Camilla Ljunggren
Easily mounted - no need for drilling
€ 6.20
ZlideOn - slider for zips
Sven & Jens Leveau
Fix your broken zip
From € 7.60
Automatic soap dispenser Otto
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 28.50
Candle shaper
Get the perfect candle shape
€ 4.70
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Keep track of your belongings
From € 8.50
Electric Toothbrush Holder
Ronnie Olsen
Gather the familys toothbrushes
€ 4.30
Water beads for plants
Water and support for your plants
€ 2.60
Brelock - A lid with a butter knife
Raimo Kautto & Jouni Kautto.
Always have a butter knife handy
€ 7.50
Apple peeler
Helps you with the apple harvest
€ 18
Mixing Bowl Splash Guard
Splash guard for mixing bowls
€ 6.60
Sugru - fixer's putty
Fixes worn out cords, handles and much more!
From € 9.40
Flexible Dishcloth Holder with Magnet
Suitable for both straight and round sinks
€ 23.30
Swedhook Universal Hook 3-pack
Dennis Eriksson
Easy to bring everywhere
€ 4.70
Vacuum bag for hanging garments
Get more space in your closet
€ 8.50
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Packbulky textilesdown flat and airtight
From € 5.60
Hackit minced meat chopper
Effective cooking tool that chops and mashes
€ 9.40
Tarpaulin Clips
Holdon Systems
Self-locking clips that can be repositioned
From € 4.60
Metal Toothpaste Squeezer
Ulle Svenson
Get every last bit outof plastic and metal tubes
€ 3.30
Universal Polish
Get a clean and shiny home
From € 19.10
Red Cedar Oil
Smells good and keeps vermin away
From € 19
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.30
Clever Recycling Bags, 4-pack
Flexible bags that make recycling easy
€ 23.30
Radiator brush
Clean hard to reach places
€ 21.40
Stem trimmer
Prolongs the life span of picked flowers
€ 6.20
Yoghurt holder
Jan Åkerlind
Makes the most of it and reduces food waste
€ 3.30
Battery powered candle, 2-pack
Achieves the cosy lighting
€ 11
Digital water thermometer
See the temperature from the edge of the dock
€ 10.50
Kebab cages 2-pack
Narrow kebab cages with lid
€ 20.90
Netted bag
Rinses, scrubs and chills
€ 14.80
Tea light with timer, 2-pack
A warm white decoration light
€ 4.70
Vacuum nozzle with small pipes
Removes dust from hard-to-reach areas
€ 7.50
Bath plug with hair trap
Catches the hair that falls down the drain
€ 9
Drying pad, DryDock
A quick-drying pad for your washing up
€ 17.60
Garlic peeler
Peel garlic cloves in a few seconds
€ 3.70
Mini light for your jacket
Light up your jacket, your bag or your dog leash
€ 1
Premium LED candle
Authentic light from only a few meters away
€ 12.90
Bag Clip with Pour Spout
Lindén International i samarbete med Split Vision
A handy, resealable lid
€ 3
Bauble Storage Box
Clever storage for Christmas decorations
€ 27.10
Bokashi Compost bin starter kit
Recycles food waste to soil conditioner extremely high in nutrients
€ 91
Champagne Cork with Pump
Keep the bubbles in the bottle
€ 9.40
Solar-powered Glass Lantern
Romantic lights for gardens and balconies
€ 14.20
Strumpsnodden Sock Sorter
Keep pairs organized in the laundry
€ 4.70
Tube squeezer, 2-pack
Rune Andersson
Squeeze out what's left in your tube
€ 3.80
Hair catcher for drains
Krister Bengtsson
Catches the hair in the shower
€ 5.20
Resqme, seat belt cutter, window breaker
Get out of the car quickly after an accident
€ 14.20
Scratch-Free Scrubbing Cloth
Can remove even the toughest stains
€ 3.30
Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
€ 37.60
Barry - Christmas tree disposal bag
Tomas och Mikael Ahlsén
Take out your Christmas tree without the mess!
€ 5.60
Battery powered candle with darkness sensor
Pretty candles for outdoor use
From € 11.90
Battery powered fairy lights, Puck
Perfect mood lighting for a vase or glass jar
From € 5.60
Lasagne pan
Ulf Bork
High sided pan that perfectly fits pasta strips
€ 19.10
Lapiglove Makeup Removal
Cleans thoroughly with just water
€ 17.60
Water Purifying Tablets
Jan Olof Eriksson
Easy water purification at home or when travelling
From € 15.10
Anti-odour Smellsfine 4-pack
Jan-Erik Otterstedt
Neutralises foul odours
€ 14.20
Knife magnet
Jennie Josefsson
It is now easy to hang up your kitchen knife
€ 9
Popcorn maker for the microwave
Perfect popcorn with normal popcorn kernels
€ 23.70
Rinse tray for the sink
Get a cleaner sink and more workspace
€ 5.60
Satake Vegetable Spiralizer
Sharp spiralizer in Japanese design
€ 14.20
Solar powered string lights
String lights with 50 LEDs - perfect for the backyard or balcony
€ 11.30
Drying rack for the sink Happy Sinks
Drying rack for the sink Magisso
From € 38
Moth trap
Prevents and stops moths from attacking your clothes
€ 18
Night Lamp with Light and Motion Sensors
Shows you the way in the dark
€ 19
Recycling, Set with three Bags
Three bags for recycling
€ 21.80
Sink Hair Catcher
Krister Bengtsson
Catches hair in the sink or shower
€ 4.30
Oven mat
Reusable and easy to clean
€ 7.50
Cracked Heel Socks
Helps to soften dry, cracked heels
€ 20.50
Food Cover
Store your leftovers in an environmentally friendly way
€ 4.30
Battery powered fairy lights, Tube
Lights up and gives life to an old bottle
From € 4.70
Magnifying glass with LED lights
Illuminates and magnifies
€ 8.10
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