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Smart accessories for your computer, mobile and tablet

Explore our wide range of innovative computer and mobile phone accessories. Smart electronics products that simplify everyday life that can be controlled wirelessly via Bluetooth and WiFi. Browse our collection of charging cables in various lengths and a range of stands for mobile phones and tablets. We have Power banks, GPS devices and other security products for computers and mobile phones!

Check out our smart products that you can connect to your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Find your keys with the clever finder , lock and unlock our smart padlock with your phone, or control all your apps with the Flic button. We also have a thermometer and breathalysers that you can connect to your phone. Don't miss the various GPS tracking transmitters that have years of battery life!
You can connect our products to your existing WiFi network and control them even when you're away from home. For example, you can control your air conditioning or your heating wirelessly with Sensibo., Monitor your home with the Yoyo Motion Surveillance Camera. Get notifications to your phone if smoke is detected with WiFi Alarms . If you do not have access to WiFi, you can control the electrical outlets via the GSM network with the Remote Switch .

We also have a wide range of mobile phone stands and iPad holders for you to choose from. Find your favourite tripod among our range of tripods with a range of features to meet your needs. Our selection of charging accessories include visible power USB cables,, short USB cables,, long USB cable,, a triple charger for the car and a practical charging station for the whole family for mobile phones and tablets. Don't miss our solar-charging Power bank with up to 10 full charges!

Our wide range of computer accessories includes the Swedish-developed
Wrist Support Duopad that helps stop arm discomfort when using your computer mouse, a great cable holder for organising cables on your desk, Web Cam Protection, an anti-theft briefcase for your laptop and a clever Cable Tidy that organises cables on the floor.

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Remote Controlled Power Strip with USB and Wi-Fi
Control your power strip remotely via your phone
€ 38.30
Remote Controlled Power Switch with Wi-Fi
Control the power switch remotely via your phone
€ 17.20
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 83
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 43.10
Withings Temporal Thermometer
Fast and hygienic thermometer
€ 96
Snake Phone Holder
Flexible stand for phones and cameras
€ 27.40
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 17.80
Powerbank with Qi Charging
Charge your phone wirelessly
From € 22
GPS strap MiniFinder Nano
A practical personal alarm with fall-detection and live tracking
€ 249
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 125
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33.20
BellPal Safety Watch
David Ziemsky
A safety alarm with a built-in fall detector
€ 286
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 38.30
Touchscreen Patches for Gloves
Keep your gloves on when using your phone
€ 14.40
Apple Watch Charging Stand
Keep an eye on the time when you are in bed
From € 57
Table lamp with speaker & Qi charging
Shines, plays music and charges your phone
€ 34.10
Vibrating alarm clock
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up with powerful vibrations
€ 77
Wallet finder
Find your wallet with the help of your mobile phone
€ 38
Mobile phone bag for uninterrupted socialising
Screen calls & for quality time around the dinner table
€ 19
Alarm clock with radio & portable Qi-charger
Charging station, Bluetooth speaker & Power bank
€ 58
€ 72
GPS tracker, MaxiTracker
Waterproof GPS tracker with long battery life
€ 96
Control unit for all smart homes, Animus Heart
Collects your smart home systems in one place
€ 159
€ 182
Power bank with power outlet
Powerful and portable power source
€ 199
Mobile Photo Printer
An easy and portable printer for the mobile phone
€ 144
€ 163
Collapsible stand for iPads
Stands steadily, easy to bring in your bag
€ 19.10
Hearing protection with bluetooth
Smart Headset that protects the hearing
€ 124
Smart Pepper Spray
Carl Ljung & Henrik Frisk
Sends location to emergency contacts, sounds alarm & flashes lights
€ 37.40
Security Camera with WiFi and 4G
Sound and motion sensor, live streams on your mobile phone
€ 192
Webcam Protection
Thin webcam protection for laptops, cellphones, and tablets
From € 11.40
Fire Detector with WiFi
Get notifications on your phone if the alarm goes off
€ 106
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 76
Wall lamp with shelf and USB port
Practical reading lamp for your bedroom or reading corner
€ 108
2 in 1 - Battery Charger and Power Bank
Charges both your batteries and Powerbank
€ 28.80
€ 33.50
USB Cooling Fan
Cooling fan with LED lighting
€ 9.50
Swetrack Lite GPS-tracker
Stefan Lundvall
Advanced live tracking in user-friendly app
€ 47.90
Breathalyser FCA45 with Bluetooth
Quick and reliable results
€ 96
€ 124
Solar Powerbank
Powerful portable battery with two charging sockets
From € 77
Glasses finder
Find your misplaced glasses with the help of your phone
€ 38
Cable management box
Keep your cables organised in this non-flammable box
From € 28.30
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 28.30
Flic - a shortcut button for your apps
Amir Sharifat, Pranav Kosuri och Joacim Westlund
A shortcut to your favourite apps
€ 25.90
€ 33.50
Theft-safe backpack and briefcase
Safe-keeping for your valuables
€ 105
Charging station for the whole family
Charge seven devices at the same time
€ 66
Long USB cable
Practical and stylish 2.5 metre nylon cable
€ 31.60
Short USB cable
Stylish and practical charger
From € 11.50
From € 14.30
Hat with headphones
Comfortable hat with fantastic sound and light
From € 30.70
USB charger
Charge your USB devices in a wall port
From € 9.50
iPad holder with clever compartments
Improved neck angle and extra storage room
€ 16.80
Handlebar Phone Mount
Sturdy mount for all kinds of smartphones
€ 15.30
Cord wrap for headphones
Christina Valentin, Joanna Schmidt och Maria Bohe
Keeps your cords in place
€ 10.60
€ 13.50
SweTrack GPS Track Transmitter
Stefan Lundvall
Powerful track transmitter for your car, boat or caravan
From € 384
Remote Control for Air Heat Pump and AC
Control remotely from your mobile phone, tablet and computer
€ 154
Thermal Camera for Smartphones
Visually see the temperature all around you
€ 240
€ 288
USB Cable With Visible Flowing Current
Erik Tutzauer
Watch the current flow through the cable
From € 19.10
Tablet Stand
Flexible holder for tablets and mobile phones
€ 12
€ 15.20
Multi Cable Holder
Organizes power cords and keeps your desk clean
€ 14.40
Triple USB Supercharger
A family charger for the car and boat
€ 12.40
Remote-controlled switch (433 MHz)
Extra unit for the GSM-controlled power socket
€ 67
GSM Remote Controlled Outlet
Control your home via SMS
€ 134
Wind Guard for Mobile Headsets
Jessica Brown & Stina Grälls
Minimizes background noise and disruptive winds
€ 4.70
Collapsible mobile holder
Tomas Mollander
Steady grip on your mobile
€ 19.10
Collapsible stand
Small and practical stand for your smart phone or tablet
€ 3.10
US to EU adapter
Use American electronics in Europe
€ 3.40
Cable holder
Multi-purpose cable clips for cords and more
€ 14.40