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Smart and appreciated gifts under € 10

Innovative and useful presents that are sure to be appreciated don’t always have to be expensive! Here you can find a huge range of clever gifts under €10 that are perfect for Christmas presents or gifts for other occasions. You’ll find great birthday presents for the person who already has everything that won't break the bank. Take a look at our large selection of gifts for under €10.

Some of our most popular products are the eco-friendly Oil Candle that burns on cooking oil and our best-selling Pull-out Shoehorn that fits right in your pocket! We also have lots of lovely battery-powered lights and fairy lights, and amongst our wide range of environmentally-friendly products you’ll find our yoghurt holder, oil collector and fruit and vegetable bags.

Don't miss our great value presents for pet-owners, budding chefs and DIY fans. Mobile phone lovers will appreciate a wind protector for mobile phone head-sets or a collapsible mobile phone holder. Gifts that children will love include our ice-cream holder and ice-cream moulds for pop-up ice cream. Why not create a nice little bundle of presents with our champagne stopper and a bottle of bubbly? Or combine a flower cutter with a nice bouquet? Guaranteed to be a success!

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Fly Swatter
Kersti Edenheim & Krister Karlsson
Eliminates flies and leaves no trace
€ 6.64
Egg Perfect egg timer
Changes colour as the eggs cook
€ 9.10
Roof Scraper
Remove moss from your roof
€ 7.54
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.50
Water Tap LED Lighting
Shows the water temperature with colour
€ 9.45
Teapot Drip Catcher
Prevents your teapot from dripping
€ 6.60
Bottle candle holder
Emelie Nilsson
Turn your glass bottle into a candleholder
€ 9.50
Extendable Nail Polish Brush
Ulla E Ramstedt
Use the entire contentsof your nail polish
€ 5.63
Finger Protection for Nailing
Protects & gives a better control - easy to nail straight
€ 9.40
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 7.50
Sewing needle with smart needle eye, 24-pack
€ 8.50
Fixclip Mini Clothes Pegs, pack of 16
Pontus Göth and Göran Ewerlöf
Clothes pegs that can withstand storms
€ 5.63
Flower fakir
Create unique flower arrangements with only a handful of flowers
From € 9.40
Fruit and vegetable bags
Mia Ekblad
Replaces plastic bags when you're food shopping
From € 2.80
Grip pad
Grip tricky lids with ease
€ 6.60
Jar opener
Open jars easily
€ 6.30
Spoke reflectors
Cycle safely in rain and bad weather
€ 9.45
Grease funnel for waste disposal
Recycle leftover cooking oil
€ 4.32
Watering Wick, pack of five
Waters your flowers while you are on holiday
€ 4.73
Pocket hand-wash
50 paper-thin soap leaves for freshening up on the go
€ 6.20
Banana case
Protects both straight and curved bananas
€ 6.60
Butter box
Ann Iberius-Orrvik
Easy to measure and slice up your butter
€ 9.05
Cheese cover
Store the breakfast spread in the best way
€ 8.10
Egg boiler for the microwave
Hard-boil your egg in the microwave
From € 9.50
Lotion applicator for your back
Philip Areland
Rub sunscreen on your back by yourself
€ 8.55
Pluring Towel Holder
Camilla Ljunggren
Easily mounted - no need for drilling
€ 6.23
Silicone lid for tea cup
Multi-function accessory for tea lovers
€ 5.23
Candle shaper
Get the perfect candle shape
€ 4.73
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Keep track of your belongings
From € 8.55
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 6.20
Back scratcher
Scratch those itches you can't reach
€ 6.23
Berry clean-up tray
Separate berries from leaves & twigs
€ 4.60
Toast Bag 2-pack
Toast hot sandwiches brimming with fillings right in the toaster
€ 4.70
Water beads for plants
Water and support for your plants
€ 2.62
Are we there yet?
Karin Brandin Samuelsson
Educational route pointer for children
€ 7.70
Brelock - A lid with a butter knife
Raimo Kautto & Jouni Kautto.
Always have a butter knife handy
€ 7.54
Magnetic magnifying glass
Keep it handy on the fridge, 2x magnification
€ 7.60
Mixing Bowl Splash Guard
Splash guard for mixing bowls
€ 6.60
Non-slip paint for socks and slippers
Create nice, non-slip patterns on your socks and slippers
€ 9.45
Wind Guard for Mobile Headsets
Jessica Brown & Stina Grälls
Minimizes background noise and disruptive winds
€ 4.70
Foldable tote bag
Hangs sturdily on your bicycle
From € 12.90
Hasselback slicer
Sandra Larsson
Slice the perfect Hasselback potatoes
€ 4.30
Measuring card
Keep track of your measurements
€ 6.70
Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From € 6.60
Shopping Bag
Durable and spacious shopping bag in two sizes
From € 9.50
Swedhook Universal Hook 3-pack
Dennis Eriksson
Easy to bring everywhere
€ 4.73
Killnoise Ear plugs
Dampens the volume without damaging sound quality
€ 10.46
Bottle opener for twist-on caps
Helps to open caps that won't budge
€ 5.70
More Than One Story card game
Seth Selleck, Johanna Holden Rosell
The card game that inspires personal stories
€ 9.45
Self-Irrigation Device for PET Bottles
Water the plants while you are away
€ 7.14
Shopping Bag Set
Mia Ekblad
A complete set of carrier bags and bags for fruit and vegetables
€ 14.88
Flash light with USB port
Strong LED light with chargeable battery
€ 9.40
Waboba Ball Extreme Water Bouncing Ball
Jan von Heland
Floats & bounces fast and far on water
€ 8.15
Fabric and linen spray
An environmentally friendly fabric and linen spray that freshens your clothes
€ 8.55
Safety blanket
Fast aid to prevent hypothermia
€ 4.80
USB Cooling Fan
Cooling fan with LED lighting
€ 12
Foot Warmer
Warm feet all day
€ 5
Heel saver
Every heel's best friend
From € 7.44
Malleable vase
Adjust the vase to fit your bouquet.
€ 8.30
Reflective stickers
Attach reflectors to your things
€ 4.70
AvoSeedo - grow your very own avocado tree!
Follow the avocado from seed to plant
€ 11.06
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.30
Bouquet holder
Maria Johansson
Attractive and decorative bouquet holder
€ 9.05
Cut-Resistant Work Gloves
Comfortable protective gloves with a secure grip
€ 10.40
Egg Pricker
Boil your eggs without having them crack
€ 8.50
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.40
Magnetic Reflector
Easily attached with a strong magnet
€ 6.60
Oil Burning Candles
Angel Velitchkov
Beautiful, smart and environmentally friendly
€ 9.05
Pan protectors, pack of 3
Prevents scratches and simplifies storage
€ 6.20
Soil moisture meter
Shows you whether or not your plant needs water
€ 10.10
Stem trimmer
Prolongs the life span of picked flowers
€ 6.20
Book Bow
Stefan Lundvall
Keeps your book open
€ 6.60
Childrens Shoehorn
Louisa & Robin Nordgren
The foot slides easily into the shoe
€ 6.60
Form for popup-ice cream
Make your own ice cream from syrup, juice & smoothies
€ 8.40
Handbag Holder
Always have a hook to hang your bag on
€ 8.15
Strainer for Bowls
Wanja Bellander
Keeps fruits and vegetables fresh in the bowl
€ 9.50
Striker Carpenter Pencil
A durable pen that never needs to be sharpened
€ 8.50
Taco holder, 4-pack
Smart holder for hard taco shells
€ 4.73
Wrap holder, 4-pack
Practical stand for soft tortillas
€ 4.73
Yoghurt holder
Jan Åkerlind
Makes the most of it and reduces food waste
€ 3.40
Dish soap dispenser
Marianne Palm
Conserve dishwashing detergent with smart portions
€ 5.33
Egg poaching bags, 20 pack
Egg poaching bags make egg poaching easy
€ 9.10
Hand warmer
Warm your handsquickly
€ 2.92
Hug Doug Ladle Holder
A cute and cuddly ladle holder
€ 9.50
Nail clipper with magnifying glass & collector
€ 9.10
Tea light with timer, 2-pack
A warm white decoration light
€ 4.73
Toe warmer
Stays warm for 8 hours
€ 2.90
Vacuum nozzle with small pipes
Removes dust from hard-to-reach areas
€ 7.54
Water Bouncing Ball for Dogs
Activate the dog & train fetch on the beach
€ 9.10
Box for Swedish crispbread
Keeps the bread dry and the cupboard free from crumbs
€ 7.20
Floating oil candles
Angel Velitchkov
Fuelled by cooking oil
€ 9
Fragrance spray for the toilet
Spray before you leave and avoid unpleasant odours
From € 8.50
Garlic peeler
Peel garlic cloves in a few seconds
€ 3.70
Markers for Glass
Write your guest's name on the glass
€ 8.10
Portable ashtray
Jan Åkerlind & Joachim Nordwall
Portableashtray with lighter
€ 8.50
Reflective lamp
Ensure you're visible from far away
€ 9.45
Silk Foot Spray
Protects your feet with a layer of silk
€ 8.60
Bag Clip with Pour Spout
Lindén International i samarbete med Split Vision
A handy, resealable lid
€ 3.02
Brelock, Lid & Butter Knife for Philadelphia Cheese
Raimo Kautto & Jouni Kautto
Smart lid With smart concealed butter knife
€ 7.54
Champagne Cork with Pump
Keep the bubbles in the bottle
€ 9.50
Dressing bottle
Perfect for oil, dressing and & sauces
From € 7.70
Multi-Opener for Screw Caps
Provides a firm grip around corks and lids
€ 8.50
Shower timer
Keep track of how long you are in the shower
€ 5.30
Strumpsnodden Sock Sorter
Keep pairs organized in the laundry
€ 4.70
Tube squeezer, 2-pack
Rune Andersson
Squeeze out what's left in your tube
€ 3.80
Vegetable slicer cutting aid
Cut-safe gadget for fruit and veg
€ 7.54
Bookmark with magnifying glass
Super thin bookmark with large magnifying glass
€ 4.70
Grip holders for plastic bottles
Magnus Almqvist
Ergonomic grip holder for large plastic bottles
€ 4.70
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.54
Pillar candle with timer
Pillar candle in wax with smart timer
€ 7.90
Scratch-Free Scrubbing Cloth
Can remove even the toughest stains
€ 3.40
Battery powered fairy lights, Puck
Perfect mood lighting for a vase or glass jar
From € 5.60
Beverage holder
Hang your beverage around the neck
€ 5.30
Candle with flickering flame
Mellow wax candle with cream glow
From € 9
Children's Spoon
Håkan Berndtsson
The perfect spoon for beginners
€ 6.60
Keyhub Keychain System
Ulrika Nordenstam
Take control of your keys
€ 9.50
Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms
Anders Hansson
Easily reach the test button on your smoke alarm
€ 8.50
Bread tongs with magnet
Retrieve the bread from the toaster
€ 5.63
Champagne Opener
Open Prosecco, champagne and other sparkling drinks
€ 7.54
Electronics recycling sorting bag
Practical sorting bag for batteries, light bulbs and broken cables
€ 10.50
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