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Orderliness with smart storage solutions

Check out our clever storage solutions that help you save space and make the most of all your surfaces. We have a range of practical storage solutions for your home, car, boat and caravan. Make the most of your storage space in your wardrobe, in the attic, in the car and any in other storage spaces you might have.  

Our best-selling vacuum bags save space in the wardrobe. We have vacuum bags for clothes, pillows & and covers, vacuum bags for hanging things up and travel vacuum bags that make the most of your suitcase space.

We have a range of clever hooks, hangers, shelves and holders for bathroom, kitchen and other storage areas. You can easily organise and hang up your things with hooks that attach with magnets or suction cups. Organise your wardrobe without needing to drill any holes!

We also stock knife magnets that keep knives in place, reusable food wraps, a sustainable Bee?s Wrap food wrap and a clever fizzy drink can lid. Our range includes recycling bags, practical storage compartments and storage boxes that all help organise your car!

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Wall-mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder
Ulle Svenson
Keep the electric toothbrush off the sink
€ 9
Frank Rubbish Bin
Compresses your waste up to 70%
€ 47.50
Crutch Holder XCLIP
Simplifies everyday life with crutches
€ 20.50
Dish Cloth Holder Happy Sinks
Installed with magnets
From € 33.20
Easy grip ski holder
Krister Ruth
A practical holder forcross country skis & and poles
€ 16.10
Electric Shoe Dryer
Dries and heats 4 pair of shoes
€ 80
Bathroom corner shelf
Smart solution when you do not want to drill in the roof
€ 180
Fruit and vegetable bags
Mia Ekblad
Replaces plastic bags when you're food shopping
From € 2.80
Lid for fizzy drinks
Matthias Karthäuser, Marcus Åsberg & Simon Andersson
Protects against insects and keeps your drink fizzy
€ 3.70
Backseat storage box
Spacious storage with multiple compartments and pockets
€ 23.60
Cedar Scent Block
Smells delightful and keeps pests away
€ 11.30
Cheese cover
Store the breakfast spread in the best way
€ 8.10
Pluring Towel Holder
Camilla Ljunggren
Easily mounted - no need for drilling
€ 6.20
Chopping Board Set with Cupboard Door Storage Rack
Two chopping boards with smart storage
€ 42.80
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Keep track of your belongings
From € 8.50
Bags for potatoes and onions
Keeps produce fresh longer and stops sprouting
€ 9.80
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 123
Bag hooks for the car, 2-pack
Smart hangers for bags, shopping bags and handbags
€ 14.20
Biodegradable Freezer Bags
Replaces your regular freezer bags
€ 4.30
Foldable tote bag
Hangs sturdily on your bicycle
From € 12.90
Adjustable Storage Shelf for Kitchen Cupboards
Extendable shelf on three levels, perfect for 60 cm cupboards
€ 31.30
Flexible Dishcloth Holder with Magnet
Suitable for both straight and round sinks
€ 23.30
Octopus Shampoo and Bottle Holder
Jens Widerberg
The octopus that keeps the shower tidy
€ 24.40
Orbit Key finder
Find your keys with your phone
€ 28.40
Swedhook Universal Hook 3-pack
Dennis Eriksson
Easy to bring everywhere
€ 4.70
Vacuum bag for hanging garments
Get more space in your closet
€ 8.50
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Packbulky textilesdown flat and airtight
From € 5.60
Bedside Table with Shelf
Clever bedside table with a storage shelf
€ 41.90
Shopping Bag Set
Mia Ekblad
A complete set of carrier bags and bags for fruit and vegetables
€ 14.80
Strap with quick release buckle
Hardwearing and easy to use
From € 7.10
Fastgrip ski carrier with wall mount
Krister Ruth
A complete kit tocarry and store cross-country skis
€ 24.60
Small Shelves in a pack of 3
Three practical wall shelves to display nice items on
€ 30.40
HEXA wooden knife magnets
Ola Särén
Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
From € 114
Red Cedar Oil
Smells good and keeps vermin away
From € 19
Wall lamp with shelf and USB port
Practical reading lamp for your bedroom or reading corner
€ 107
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.30
Clever Recycling Bags, 4-pack
Flexible bags that make recycling easy
€ 23.30
DSHELF - a smart and versatile shelf
Johan Hedengran
Versatile shelf for making the most of your space
From € 76
Pan protectors, pack of 3
Prevents scratches and simplifies storage
€ 6.20
Handbag Holder
Always have a hook to hang your bag on
€ 8.10
Puzzle Mat
Makes it easy to move large puzzles
€ 18
Rotating spice shelf
Rotatable shelf for spices, jars and bottles
€ 47.40
Silicone Storage Bag
An environmentally friendly alternative to single-use plastic bags
From € 14.80
Toothbrush Cup with Timer
Twist and brush, rings after 2 minutes
€ 14.80
Box for Swedish crispbread
Keeps the bread dry and the cupboard free from crumbs
€ 7.10
Adjustable cookware organizer
Smart storage organizer for frying pans, pots and lids
€ 43.70
Bag Clip with Pour Spout
Lindén International i samarbete med Split Vision
A handy, resealable lid
€ 3
Bauble Storage Box
Clever storage for Christmas decorations
€ 27.10
Bed pocket
Clever storage compartment for your bed and sofa
From € 21
Cutting board set
Four colour-coded cutting boards in a practical stand
From € 41.80
From € 57
Label and organise your belongings
€ 17.10
Shelf with hooks
Smart wall shelf with folding hooks
From € 28.50
Strumpsnodden Sock Sorter
Keep pairs organized in the laundry
€ 4.70
Toilet paper holder with suction cup
Holds the roll without having to drill
€ 22.40
Foldable stool
Sturdy stool for those hard to reach places
From € 21
Glasses finder
Find your misplaced glasses with the help of your phone
€ 37.60
Key magnet
Magnetic quick attachment for keyrings
From € 7.50
KeySmart Keyholder Original
Contains 8 keys, easy access to the key you need
€ 19
Shampoo holder, 2-pack
Gunnar Anderung & Rolf Björklund
Organise your shower
€ 7.10
Silicone lids 10-pack
Reusable lids for bowls and lunchboxes
€ 16.10
Storage box
Storage box with hidden, rotating shelves
€ 52
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 26.60
Carabiner hook with combination lock
Ulrika Nordenstam
Hang up your things and keep them safe
€ 14.20
Keyhub Keychain System
Ulrika Nordenstam
Take control of your keys
€ 9.40
KeySmart Keyholder Rugged
Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need
€ 31.30
Medicine organiser Curebit
Marika Ördell
Flexible and innovativedosage organiser
€ 22.80
Paper-towel holder wall mount
Hang up and hide away your paper-towel
€ 28.10
Reusable cable ties, 20-pack
Can be reused again and again
From € 2.80
Shoe Bag for Travel
Protect the clothes from dirty shoes
€ 15.70
Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From € 35.20
Adjustable cutlery tray
Easily adjusted to your kitchen drawer
€ 47.40
Electronics recycling sorting bag
Practical sorting bag for batteries, light bulbs and broken cables
€ 10.50
Magnetic Towel Hanger
Easy to attach to all smooth or magnetic surfaces
€ 31.30
Multi Cable Holder
Organizes power cords and keeps your desk clean
€ 14.30
Razor Holder
Clever wall-mounted razor holder
€ 7.60
Recycling bins
Two spacious bins for your recycling
€ 19
Rotating spice rack
Smart spice rack for the kitchen cabinet
€ 33.20
Small pill containers 3-pack
Take your small items along with you in your bag or jacket pocket
€ 8.10
Travel mug with pill compartment
Collapsible mug with pill compartment
From € 12.30
Bathroom shelf with Quick Attachment
Easy to mount - no drilling necessary
€ 10.50
€ 14.20
Cable box with charging stand
Hides cables while you charge your devices
€ 34.30
Cable management box
Keep your cables organised in this non-flammable box
From € 35.70
CableTube Cable holder
Claes Hansson
Hide your cables and gather them in one place
€ 5
Extendable shelf for cabinets and drawers
Make use of the space in your cabinets and drawers
€ 28.50
Foldable Trunk and Cargo Organiser
Spacious box with 11 practical compartments
€ 35.70
Hooks for Cabinets & Drawers, 2-pack
Practical towel hanger for cabinets and drawers
€ 9
Knife magnet
Jennie Josefsson
It is now easy to hang up your kitchen knife
€ 9
Mini Extra-pocket
Anna-Karin Westling
An extra pocket with a zip that fastens onto a waistband
€ 4.70
€ 9
Bendable suspension hook
Strong rubber hook with steel wire
€ 8.10
Free Key Keyring
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Keeps your keys separate and organised
€ 5.60
Invisible shelf 3-pack
Staple your books in a creative way
From € 40.50
Large carabiner
S-shaped carabiner with double openings
€ 15.70
Recycling, Set with three Bags
Three bags for recycling
€ 21.80
Shoe mat
Super absorbent mat for wet shoes and boots
€ 20.50
Socket strip holder
Martin Reinholdsson & Jörgen Andersson
Smart multi-attachment for extension sockets
€ 14.10
Storage bag for vegetables
Extends the shelf life of your vegetables
From € 26.60
Vacuum bags 4-pack
Protects your garments and saves space in your closet
€ 8.50
Bathroom Cup with a Suction Cup
Wall-mounted container for toiletries
€ 22.40
Christmas tree bag
Practical storage bag for a plastic Christmas tree
€ 20.50
Fruit and Vegetable Balls, 3-pack
Extends the life of fruits and vegetables
€ 9
Makeup stand
Storage stand for makeup and toiletries
€ 50
Shelf with lamp socket, dimmer and USB
Illuminated surface with USB-outlet
€ 109
Sorting bags for paper, metal & plastic
Durable bags, volume 31 litres
€ 15.10
Storage Shelf with Drawer for Kitchen Cupboards
Space-saving storage for the kitchen cupboard
€ 28.40
Zip-bags for tablets, 8-pack
Put your medicine doses in small bags
€ 6.60
Food Cover
Store your leftovers in an environmentally friendly way
€ 4.30
Handbag insert
Anna-Karin Westling
Organisation in all your handbags
€ 9
€ 15.70
Jewellery tree
Jewellery holder for necklaces and earrings
€ 40.90
Suction cup hooks for the bathroom
Toothbrush holder, razor holder and bathroom hook
€ 19.50
Iron-on name tags for clothes
Name your clothes with iron-on tags
€ 5.60
Magnetic key box
Small key box for outdoor use
From € 17
Rotating makeup organizer
Rotating organizer for your beauty products
€ 35.20
Suction cup hook, 4-pack
Can be attached to most surfaces
€ 11.30
Adjustable door hook
Door hook that fits many different doors
From € 7.10
Magnet hooks, 4-pack
Four strong hooks with inbuilt super magnet
€ 9.40
Red Cedar Blocks with Hooks, pack of six
Fragrant blocks with handy hooks
€ 17.60
Saucepan Lid Holder
Four smart holders for your saucepan lids
€ 23.60
Small round shelves 2-pack
Round wall shelves for nice, small things
€ 34.20
Transportation Bag for Bottles
Christina Nordin Cumtell
A durable travel bag with compartments for 6 bottles
€ 9
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