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Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Stephanie is an entrepreneur from Älmhult, Småland and starts her company MyPauze in the year of 2019. But it all starts before that when she publishes an article in the Facebook group Hejalivet. In her article she shares her experiences about her mobile usage and how a normal day in her life looks like. Her story gets noticed, and many people can relate to it as they are experiencing the same problem. Stephanie realises that she is not alone, and that this is a societal problem that most of us are struggling with.
Maria Liljekvist
The Swedish summer is lovely, and Maria Liljekvist has ensured that it will become even better with her insect net for parasol. During her time in Florida, Maria became inspired by all the porches made of nets which led her to develop her innovation. Airhouse is a portable outdoor room made of thin mosquito nets, which ensures that you can enjoy the summer nights without being bothered by insects.
Joanna Holmgren
One day when Joanna Holmgren is gathering currants at her allotment garden, her back starts to hurt from all the bending. The back pain spurs Johanna on to find a solution to the problem. That was the start of the innovation known as the Berry Belt. These days, it is not only used by berry pickers but has several other areas of use.
Jennifer Welde
In January 2018, Jennifer is working as a physiotherapist and has just been engaged to her partner. As most newly engaged people, she wants to proudly show off her engagement ring. Because she works in welfare, there are a fair amount of hygiene rules to follow, and Jennifer can not wear her ring during work hours. "It was disappointing of course, to not have the opportunity to show my ring. It was then that I came up with Ringholder."
Christian Carlsson
During the nineties, Christian laid the foundation for a shoulder strap that was received with open arms by the ski market. During the year of 2020 he further develops the product and starts to use his prototype in the slopes. –It was common for people to approach me and ask where I had bought it.
Olle Mattsson
Sailing enthusiast Olle Mattsson is the innovator behind the smart innovation that is the Grappling anchor. It facilitates the mooring process when entering natural harbours and removes the need for jumping ashore with the rope. The story of the grappling anchor begins one day when Olle Mattson and his wife Lena is out sailing. The day goes by as it should until the moment comes for Lena to jump ashore and moor the boat. She slips on the wet rocks, bites herself in the cheek and starts bleeding. Even though the injury is minor, Olle starts to think about a solution to prevent this from happening again.