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Smart and practical bathroom accessories

Explore our clever and practical solutions for bathrooms of all sizes. Be inspired with decorative ideas & and be amazed by our clever storage for bathroom essentials and cleaning supplies.

Use all the space in the bathroom with our specially designed storage solutions. We stock a range of towel rails, baskets and bathroom shelves to store things on or in. Don't miss our collapsible bathtub that you can set up in your shower!

Browse our range of super absorbent towels, make up removal gloves and lighting designs to create a cosy home space or illuminate the sink in gorgeous colours. Clever soap dishes, shampoo holders, automatic hand-wash pumps, toilet brushes, cleaning products and limescale products keep your bathroom clean and fresh.

Lots of our products are Swedish innovations. Look out for the Swedish innovation flag on products such as clever bathroom mirrors, toothbrush holders, hair catchers and toothpaste tube squeezers. Order today! Green delivery.

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Automatic soap pump
A fantastic way to get soap on your hands
€ 27.10
Bath shelf Tubble
Adjustable bamboo tray for the bath
€ 42.60
Collapsible drying rack
Smart drying for socks and underwear
€ 14.50
Inflatable Bathtub Tubble
For everyone that does not have a bathtub, but still wants to relax in one
€ 164
Magnet hooks, 4-pack
Four strong hooks with inbuilt super magnet
€ 9.60
Shower timer
Keep track of how long you are in the shower
€ 5.30
Silicone travel bottles
Durable silicone bottles for soaps and creams
From € 21.80
Skosh cleaning kit
Time to start cleaning your home in an eco-friendly way!
€ 18
Skosh cleaning tablets 3-pack
Invented by students!
€ 7.70
Squatty Potty collapsible toilet stool
Gives you an optimal sitting position on the toilet
€ 33.50
Squatty Potty travel toilet stool
Sit correctly on the toilet with a portable collapsible footstool
€ 33.50
Starfish Hair Trap
Effective hair catcher for the bathtub
€ 5.30
Tap extender
Makes it easier for the child to reach
€ 15.50
The StrongBoy Lid Opener
Easy-to-use opener for jar lids and screw caps
€ 38.60
Toothbrush Cup with Timer
Twist and brush, rings after 2 minutes
€ 15
Water alarm
Water leak alarm
€ 19.20
Detachable Magnifying Mirror
Jonathan Malz
Adjustable angle, easy to mount
€ 25.70
Suction cup towel hanger
Design av Harald Hynell
Easy to put up in the bathroom
€ 9.20
Lapiglove Makeup Removal
Cleans thoroughly with just water
€ 18
Bathroom shelf with Quick Attachment
Easy to mount - no drilling necessary
€ 10.70
€ 14.50
Automatic soap dispenser Otto
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 43.60
Wall-mounted Electric Toothbrush Holder
Ulle Svenson
Keep the electric toothbrush off the sink
€ 9.20
Rust-free basket with suction cup
Keep your shampoo bottles off the floor
€ 31.90
Bathroom corner shelf
Smart solution when you do not want to drill in the roof
€ 183
Water-Saving Tap Nozzle
Mikael Abbhagen
Easy to mount, uses up to 98% less water
€ 43.60
Razor Holder
Clever wall-mounted razor holder
€ 5.30
Bathroom Cup with a Suction Cup
Wall-mounted container for toiletries
€ 19.90
Toilet paper holder with suction cup
Holds the roll without having to drill
€ 21.80
Nano towel for your hair
Super absorbent and fast drying
€ 18.30
Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
€ 97
Super-absorbent nano towel
Super-absorbent nano fibres that deep cleanse
€ 19.90
Extendable Nail Polish Brush
Ulla E Ramstedt
Use the entire contents of your nail polish
€ 5.70
Washable Cotton Pads, 10-pack
Marie Walleberg
Ecological and reusable cotton pads
€ 12.50
LastSwab Beauty Reusable Swab
An environmentally friendly swab for removing and application of make-up
€ 11.50
LastSwab Basic Reusable Swab
An environmentally friendly alternative to regular disposable swabs
€ 11.50
Hooks for Cabinets & Drawers, 2-pack
Practical towel hanger for cabinets and drawers
€ 9.20
Mirror tiles
Per Bäckström
Perfect as a shaving mirror or an extra mirror at a child's height
€ 28.70
€ 41.10
Bath Strainer
Linda Nydenmo
Debris and hair-free drain
€ 7.80
Bath plug with hair trap
Catches the hair that falls down the drain
€ 7.70
Soap pump with foam
Luxurious foam, saves on soap
€ 29
Water Tap LED Lighting
Shows the water temperature with colour
€ 9.60
Octopus Shampoo and Bottle Holder
Jens Widerberg
The octopus that keeps the shower tidy
€ 24.80
BathBuddy Shampoo Holder
Karolina Adolfsson
Ensures your bottles don't leak
€ 3.80
Soft Soap Dish with Drainage Spout
Harald Hynell, Jonathan Maltz
Extends the life of your soap
From € 9.20
Hair catcher for drains
Krister Bengtsson
Catches the hair in the shower
€ 5.30
Sink Hair Catcher
Krister Bengtsson
Catches hair in the sink or shower
€ 4.40
Stainless Steel Sink Strainer, pack of two
Prevents debris from going down the drain
€ 8.60
Removable Handle for Showers & Baths
Removable safety handle for the bathroom
€ 29.10
Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml Dispenser
Proven to be effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria
€ 7.30
Shower screen for children
Soft shampoo eye shield
€ 8.20
Silicone Toilet Brush
Cleans efficiently
€ 43.60
Foldable bathtub
The foldable bathtub
€ 162
Aqueduck Tap Extender
Let your tap water go even further
€ 15
Toilet anti-limescale magnet
Prevents ugly coatings and lime clogged drains
€ 17.50
Electric Toothbrush Holder
Ronnie Olsen
Gather the familys toothbrushes
€ 4.40
Toothbrush holder: Paste up
Peter Maack
Keep track of your toothbrushes and toothpaste
€ 12.10
Night Lamp with Light and Motion Sensors
Shows you the way in the dark
€ 19.30
Inflatable foot bath
Harald Hynell
Soft for your feet and easy to store
€ 17
Nail clipper with magnifying glass & collector
€ 9.20
Shampoo holder, 2-pack
Gunnar Anderung & Rolf Björklund
Organise your shower
€ 7.30
Foot brush for the shower
Wash your feet without slipping
€ 14.50
Cracked Heel Socks
Helps to soften dry, cracked heels
€ 20.90
Scratch-Free Scrubbing Cloth
Can remove even the toughest stains
€ 3.40
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33.50
LED light tweezers
Great LED light tweezers
€ 4.40
Portable light
Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
€ 24.20
Foot file board
industrial designer Björn-Åke Sköld in collaboration with medical expertise
Ergonomic foot file that stands stable on the floor
€ 18.90
Foldable stool
Sturdy stool for those hard to reach places
From € 21.30
Wooden Bath Tray
Rotating tray made of water-resistant bamboo
€ 42.70
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A practical portable urinal for the big and small
From € 17.40
Fabric Panty Liners, Pack of Three
Reusable panty liners made of ecological cotton
€ 14.50
Fabric Sanitary Pads, pack of three
Reusable sanitary pads made of ecological cotton
From € 16.40
Bath rinse cup
Easy hair washing for the youngest in your family
€ 16
Wireless Pool Thermometer
Check the pool temperature without leaving the house
€ 34
Door hanger with shelf & hooks
Clever over the door clothes hanger
€ 18.90
Bathtub shelf
Perfect for a comforting bath
€ 21.80
Collapsible foot bath
Easy to store and take with you on the go
€ 17
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.40
Fragrance spray for the toilet
Spray before you leave and avoid unpleasant odours
From € 8.60
Hand sanitizer dispenser with mist
Contact-free disinfectant for hands and objects
€ 24.30
Otto automatic foam pump
Smart foam pump for hand soap or hand sanitiser
€ 43.60
Rotatable nozzle for the tap
Angle and rotate your fixed tap
From € 12.50
Shampoo ring for kids
Easy-to-use shampoo guard for children
€ 7.70
Small pill containers 3-pack
Take your small items along with you in your bag or jacket pocket
€ 8.20