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Smart gadgets for your vacation at home

Make this year’s vacation a staycation and discover all the good sights near you. A vacation at home does not have to be boring as there are lots of things that you can do on your holiday. Whether you are going on a cycling holiday, a road trip, out sailing, or staying at the country house, we have smart gadgets for your summer break. Our mobile holder is perfect to mount on the handlebars for your cycling trip, and after a long day of pedalling you can come home and fire up your hybrid grill.If you are going out on a hike, we would like to suggest the exercise poles with suspension and our blister-preventing sport socks. In case it starts raining, we have several fun tabletop games that will keep the mood up and the vacation spirit going.

 Discover all our smart gadgets for a vacation at home and place your order today. Always fast deliveries!

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Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people
Paddle by yourself or with a friend
€ 560
Backseat storage box
Spacious storage with multiple compartments and pockets
€ 23.60
Inflatable Travel Cushion
Turns the airplane or train seat into a bed
€ 47.20
Pocket hand-wash
50 paper-thin soap leaves for freshening up on the go
€ 6.20
Blister-Prevention Sports Socks
Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
€ 38
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 6.20
Berry clean-up tray
Separate berries from leaves & twigs
€ 4.60
Northrack roof rack
Andreas Magnusson
Soft roof rack that fits most car models
€ 161
Are we there yet?
Karin Brandin Samuelsson
Educational route pointer for children
€ 7.60
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 57
Bag hooks for the car, 2-pack
Smart hangers for bags, shopping bags and handbags
€ 14.20
Portable Table Tennis Set with a Net
Play table tennis on the kitchen table
€ 42.80
Swim Fin
Helps the children learn how to swim
€ 31.30
Muggi Cup & Mug Holder
A mug holder for four cups that avoids spilling
€ 21.80
Sand free picnic blanket
Sand free beach blanket that are easy to bring along
From € 62
Seatbelt Harness for Dogs
Bergsten Tomas
Keeps your doggy safe in the car
From € 62
Breathalyser FCA35
Reliable and easy to use
€ 123
Waboba Ball Extreme Water Bouncing Ball
Jan von Heland
Floats & bounces fast and far on water
€ 8.10
Pipinette travel potty egonomic handle
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
Ergonomically designed travel potty
€ 19
Collapsible Wagon
A spacious wagon that carries up to 75 kg
€ 124
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.30
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.40
Beach pool with toys
Give the youngest family member a great day at the beach
€ 33.20
Car Rubbish Bin
Keep the back-seat tidy
From € 14.20
Hybrid grill
Grill with electricity or charcoal
€ 71
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 17.60
Puzzle Mat
Makes it easy to move large puzzles
€ 18
Rechargeable handheld fan
Cool yourself at home or bring to the next outing
€ 15.10
Powerbank with Qi Charging
Charge your phone wirelessly
From € 21.80
Colouring poster
Large poster with hundreds of details to colour in
€ 31
Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
€ 45.20
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.50
Pool- and beach blanket
For the picnic and water games
€ 47.50
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 33.30
Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
€ 37.60
Beverage holder
Hang your beverage around the neck
€ 5.20
Foldable stool with cold storage
Easy to fold, up to 100 kg
€ 34.20
Nordic walking poles with suspension
BungyPump of Sweden
Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina
€ 90
Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From € 35.20
Bike protection Velosock
Protect your home when you carry in your bike
€ 62
Inflatable kayak and SUP-board
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers
€ 761
Activity game for the trampoline, Playfinity
Compete against your friends on the trampoline
€ 76
Boxing ball Original
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
€ 23.70
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 38
Changing Poncho
Protects and warms
From € 44.30
Water bottle with bowl
Always have water for your dog
€ 6.60
Activity game with a ball, Playfinity
Smart activity ball that registers your throws and tricks
€ 86
Inflatable kayak
Alone time on the lake or quality time with someone
From € 262
Key stash with code lock
Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in
€ 62
Bottle warmer for your car
Portable warmer for baby bottles with 12-volt plug
€ 30.40
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 95
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