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Fun 18th birthday presents

Here you will find lots of smart and fun 18th birthday presents! We have picked out our best gift ideas for anyone turning 18 and just entering adulthood. There are lots of great presents here for your daughter, son, sister or brother. You will also find plenty of nice and personal gifts for a relative or friend who is turning 18.


18th birthday presents – presents for 18-year-olds

  • Massage hook - A clever device that allows the 18-year-old to reach around and give themselves a massage on the back, shoulders and around the shoulder blades! A perfect birthday present!
  • Mini frisbee - A small mini frisbee that fits in your pocket and is fun to throw around with a friend or can be used to hit targets with. The frisbee flies in a straight line, and with the right technique, you can do different tricks or make it fly really far.
  • Special edition musical egg timer - The egg timer boils along with the eggs in the pot and plays melodies when the eggs are done, providing perfect eggs every time! Choose from soft, medium or hard boiled.
  • In 5 Seconds: Pocket - Our game “In 5 Seconds: Pocket” is a fun, high-pressure family and party game that guarantees a high pulse and lots of laughter! You have five seconds to give three quick answers, and the game’s handy size makes it a perfect 18th birthday gift.


18th birthday presents for girls

  • Mobile ring light - Improves the lighting for when the 18-year-old takes pictures and selfies with their mobile phone. The ring light helps smooth out shadows on the face and also provides a better, more even light than a camera flash.
  • Desk pad with QI-charging - Minimises the number of accessories and cords on your desk. The entire desk pad works as a great mouse pad, and the wireless charging pad charges your phone throughout the day.
  • Sleep mask with wireless headphones - Give the gift of a good night’s sleep! This soft mask blocks out light and is perfect for getting a good night’s rest. Connect the wireless headphones to your mobile phone and play a nice playlist.


18th birthday presents for sons

  • Anti-theft backpack with encoded lock - The perfect birthday present for those who commute, cycle or travel a lot. The steel-reinforced lock keeps thieves out, and the water-repellent fabric keeps your things inside dry.
  • Toast Bag 2-pack - Makes it easy for your son to make hot sandwiches with filling in a regular toaster. The bread will be crispy and the filling nice and hot – works just like a toaster iron.
  • Heated slippers - A pair of warm and comfy slippers! After a minute and a half in the microwave, you can step into the slippers, which keep warm for an hour and a half and have a lavender scent.



18th birthday presents for boys

You’ll find great 18th birthday present ideas for boys here. A gift for an 18-year-old boy could be:

  • Waterproof speaker - It floats on its own and makes for a perfect gift. The sides of the speaker always face up when in the water. It comes with an inflatable raft where you can place the speaker so that it floats around on top of the waves. If it capsizes, the speaker simply floats up and settles on the surface of the water.
  • Satake vegetable spiralizer - This vegetable slicer is a clever tool for vegetarian dishes and perfect as a gift for an 18-year-old. You can have delicious salads with lots of root vegetables for dinner.


18th birthday presents for boyfriends

  • Solar powerbank – The perfect present for the 18-year-old who loves nature! The powerbank’s battery can charge a smartphone between 6-9 times, depending on the model and strength. Because the powerbank has multiple USB sockets, you can charge two devices at once.
  • Softybag sofa - The perfect sofa to take to a festival or beach. It floats well in the pool and can be placed on uneven and hard surfaces such as rocks, stones or gravel.


18th birthday presents for sisters

  • Scratch map - The perfect gift for globetrotters! Let your sister scratch off the countries she’s visited or wants to visit. The map is covered in gold paint that you can scratch off just like a lottery ticket.
  • Pink boxing ball - The boxing ball is a fun and challenging training tool, great to challenge family and friends. The boxing ball is soft and is attached to a headband with an elastic cord. Fasten the headband around your head with the Velcro strap and start boxing!


18th birthday presents for brothers

  • Cleaning kit for trainers - The cleaning kit can be used on all types of trainers and is the perfect gift for any shoe enthusiast. Keep your shoes clean!
  • Travel towel Matador - Give him a quick-drying towel that’s easy to take with him to the beach or simply on the go. The travel towel takes up little space and is folded. Your brother will be able to hook it oton his backpack or keychain.


Memorable 18th birthday presents for daughters

  • Inflatable kayak and SUP-board - An inflatable hybrid board that’s very stable; you don’t need to have good balance to paddle around. The inflatable board has the shape of a kayak but is basically a SUP-board. This means that it can be used as both a kayak and a SUP-board. A very memorable gift!


Discover our smart 18th birthday presents and place your order today! Deliveries are fast and climate compensated!

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Activity game with a ball, Playfinity
Smart activity ball that registers your throws and tricks
€ 86
Alarm clock with radio & portable Qi-charger
Charging station, Bluetooth speaker & Power bank
€ 47.90
€ 72
Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From € 85.48
Apple Watch Charging Stand
Keep an eye on the time when you are in bed
From € 57
AvoSeedo - grow your very own avocado tree!
Follow the avocado from seed to plant
€ 11.06
Boxing ball Original
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
€ 23.83
Cleaning Kit for Trainers
Keep your white trainers white
€ 19.10
Collapsible Bicycle Helmet Loop
Takes up 45% less space in the bag
€ 86
Collapsible mobile holder
Tomas Mollander
Steady grip on your mobile
€ 19.10
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 109.61
Desk pad with QI-charging
Protects the table and charges your phone
€ 105
Desktop Fan and Air Cooler
A USB powered fan that cools and humidifies the air
€ 49.30
Double USB Supercharger
A family charger for the car and boat
€ 16.19
Egg boiler for the microwave
Hard-boil your egg in the microwave
From € 9.50
Elastic Shoelaces with reflectors
Slide into your shoes without needing to tie them
€ 13.90
Electric Pyjama Warmer
Practical clothes warmer for cold days
€ 35.40
Electric scooter VEIO Nordic Edition
Swedish-designed electric scooter
€ 571
Electric screwdriver
Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts
€ 67
Extendable Nail Polish Brush
Ulla E Ramstedt
Use the entire contentsof your nail polish
€ 5.63
Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
From € 19.10
Floating knife from Mora
Morakniv AB
Perfect for an excursion or a fishing trip
€ 28.60
Foldable bicycle lock
Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
€ 153
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 43
Food container with cooling lid
Carolina Sundberg
Keep your food cold for up to 7 hours
€ 16.19
Fuga Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
Safe, award-winning and collapsible
€ 119.67
Glass holder for the dishwasher
WOT design AB
Sturdy holder for tall glasses
From € 19.06
From € 23.90
Gym bag in reflective fabric
Stay visible on your way home from the gym
€ 23.93
Handlebar Phone Mount
Sturdy mount for all kinds of smartphones
€ 15.20
Hat with headphones
Comfortable hat with fantastic sound and light
From € 30.67
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 28.66
Helmet with lights, Lumos Matrix MIPS
With MIPS protection for increasing safety
€ 211.70
€ 249.39
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.40
Hövding 3
Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 334.87
Icetray for large ice cubes, 3-pack
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Large ice cubes melt slower
€ 14.40
Inflatable kayak and SUP-board
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers
€ 765
KeySmart Keyholder Original
Contains 8 keys, easy access to the key you need
€ 19.11
Lapiglove Makeup Removal
Cleans thoroughly with just water
€ 17.70
Laptop stand
Adjustable laptop stand that's easy to transport
€ 15.20
Massage hook
Massage your own back
€ 21.90
Microwave Bacon Tray
Quickly whip up some delicious crispy bacon
€ 23.90
Microwave grill
A grilled finish in just a couple of minutes
€ 47.50
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.60
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 28.60
Mobile ring light
Improves the lighting for selfies and portrait photos
€ 28.60
Musical egg timer
A perfect egg with lovely notes
From € 19.11
My travel journal
Inspiring fill-in book for your travels
€ 29.30
Nano towel for your hair
Super absorbent and fast drying
€ 18.10
Oil Burning Candles 4-pack
Angel Velitchkov
The light bearers
€ 9
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 31.50
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 17.70
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 18.90
Pink Boxing ball
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
In support of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association
€ 24.80
Pizza scissors
Easily cuts pizza slices without scraping your plate
€ 31.50
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33.08
Popcorn bowl for the microwave, 2-pack
Homemade popcorn in 2-3 minutes
€ 21.90
Popcorn maker for the microwave
Perfect popcorn with normal popcorn kernels
€ 23.90
Portable blender
Rechargeable blender that crushes ice
€ 47.77
Portable light
Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
€ 23.83
Portable Table Tennis Set with a Net
Play table tennis on the kitchen table
€ 43
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 47.80
Rechargeable handheld fan
Cool yourself at home or bring to the next outing
€ 15.20
Rechargeable handsfree fan
Dual fans keeps your head cool and gives you both hands free
€ 17.10
Reflective Tassel
Katarina Sjöblom och Carin Ahlberg Giddings
Elegant tassel in soft reflective material
€ 13.27
Reusable Metal Straws
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
€ 12.50
Satake frying pan in lightweight cast iron
Lightweight cast iron frying pan with amazing cooking properties
From € 28.66
From € 38.21
Satake Vegetable Spiralizer
Sharp spiralizer in Japanese design
€ 14.30
Scratch Map
Mark your travels on your own personalized map
€ 24.80
Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
€ 25.80
Small Tool Set
23 useful tools in a tin box
€ 21.90
Snake Phone Holder
Flexible stand for phones and cameras
€ 27.30
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 57
Softybag sofa
Inflatable sofa with headrest
€ 47.50
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 38.20
Solar Powerbank
Powerful portable battery with two charging sockets
From € 71
Spoke reflectors
Cycle safely in rain and bad weather
€ 9.50
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 95.53
Thin, foldable bamboo cutting board
Stable bamboo cutting board silicone feet
From € 31.50
Toast Bag 2-pack
Toast hot sandwiches brimming with fillings right in the toaster
€ 4.70
Travalo perfume bottle
Favourite perfume in your pocket
€ 15.18
Travel towel Matador
Super light towel for taking on trips
From € 21.60
USB Cooling Fan
Cooling fan with LED lighting
€ 12
USB Desktop Fan
A small and handy fan for your desk
€ 14.30
Study things at a detailed level and save images and videos
€ 67.38
Visible current USB cable
Erik Tutzauer
See the current through the cable
From € 21.90
Waboba Ball Extreme Water Bouncing Ball
Jan von Heland
Floats & bounces fast and far on water
€ 8.15
Waterproof shoe covers
Reusable and portable
€ 13.90
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 95.53
Wind Guard for Mobile Headsets
Jessica Brown & Stina Grälls
Minimizes background noise and disruptive winds
€ 4.70
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