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Gift ideas and presents for Saint Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Make sure to surprise someone you love with a Valentine’s Day gift or treat yourself to something nice. Here you’ll be able to find memorable and personalized Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife or someone close to you. We have plenty of nice and unique inventions that are fun to give as gifts for Valentine’s Day 2022!


When is Valentine’s Day 2022?

Valentine’s Day falls on Monday, the 14th of February 2022. It’s also known as St. Valentine’s Day and the Feast of Saint Valentine. Historically, Valentine’s Day has roots in the Catholic Church during the 4th century, when St. Valentine’s Day was celebrated. It was during the Middle Ages that the day began to be associated with love and romance, where the custom of writing a love poem or rhyme to a loved one was the custom. In the 9th century, Valentine’s Day cards began to be printed and given away along with a small present. Valentine’s day is always on the 14 February of every year. 



Valentine’s Day gift tips for boyfriends

Are you looking for a Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend? Here you’ll find some great gift ideas for your boyfriend or dad.

  • Heating pad - Does your boyfriend like to be outdoors? Then this clever heating pad is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for him. It’s easily powered with a powerbank and is perfect for fishing, hunting and outdoor excursions.
  • Solar powerbank - High-quality powerbank with solar panels, which is perfect to have with you when you are out for long periods without access to electricity.
  • Phone and tablet stand - Made from sturdy aluminium, this handy stand is great for when you want to set up a phone or tablet to watch a movie or make a video call.
  • Decorative light with timer - Beautiful decorative limestone lamp, available in many different shapes.
  • ScoopThat ice cream scoop - For all ice cream lovers, this clever scoop is a must-have! The ice cream is easily released from the scoop thanks to the built-in heat conductor that transports heat from your hand to the scoop.


Valentine’s Day gift tips for girlfriends

  • Are you looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your girlfriend? Here are a few examples of some items you can give to a girl or your mum.
  • Electric Blanket - This soft heating blanket is really nice to wrap up in when sitting on the couch on chilly days. It’s powered by electricity and has 6 different heat settings that allow you to adjust to the perfect temperature.
  • Drosselmeyer orb candlestick - A beautiful cast-iron candlestick that allows you to take advantage of all the light. It can be used for both candle sticks and tea lights.
  • Apple Watch charging stand – Nicely designed holder and charging stand for an Apple Watch. Choose between walnut and cast iron.
  • Thermos mug - A thermos mug is perfect for long walks, coffee on-the-go, and for early mornings when you simply don’t have the time to drink your coffee at home. Available in a great assortment of colours!
  • Light-activated glowing golf balls - For the golf enthusiast, these glowing golf balls are a great addition to your golf equipment. They illuminate in a variety of colours, making it possible to find them at dawn or dusk.


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Automatic soap dispenser Otto
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 43.60
Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
€ 97
Electric blanket
Large soft blanket with six temperature settings
€ 58
Heart-shaped Truffle Mould
Anna Hägertstedt
Silicone mould that creates sweet heart-shaped truffles
€ 20.40
Vase with bouquet support
Pascal Charmolu
Suitable for bouquets and single flowers
From € 37.80
From € 48.40
Stem trimmer
Prolongs the life span of picked flowers
€ 5.70
Reflective Gloves
Warm gloves with CE certified reflectors
€ 60
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 29
Malleable vase
Adjust the vase to fit your bouquet.
€ 8.40
Lap tray
Harald Hynell
For your laptop, breakfast or dinner
From € 43.70
Tree kit
Grow your own indoor tree
€ 30.60
Inflatable foot bath
Harald Hynell
Soft for your feet and easy to store
€ 17
Heatable scarf
Eva Lundkvist
Heatable scarf to tie around your neck, back and stomach
€ 34.80
Travalo perfume bottle
Favourite perfume in your pocket
€ 14.50
Walnut knee tray with anti-slip function
Harald Hynell
Luxurious knee tray with an anti-slip surface
From € 61
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 6.80
Drosselmeyer Tea Strainer
Erik von Schoultz
Tea strainer for fine-leaf teas
€ 15.50
Reflective badge
Fashionable reflexes that are visible from a distance
€ 11.20
€ 14.50
Reflective Hat
Warm reflective hat made of 100% merino wool
From € 58
ScoopThat Ice Cream Scoop
Perfect scoops of ice cream every time
€ 35.80
Back scratcher
Scratch those itches you can't reach
€ 6.30
Hug Doug Ladle Holder
A cute and cuddly ladle holder
€ 9.60
Electric lighter
Chargeable lighter  doesn't require gas
€ 18.30
Popcorn maker for the microwave
Perfect popcorn with normal popcorn kernels
€ 24.20
Champagne Opener with a Handle
Open champagne bottles and crack nuts
€ 23.80
Champagne cork
Smart for leftover champagne and similar beverages
€ 8.20
Oil Burning Candles 4-pack
Angel Velitchkov
The light bearers
€ 9.20
Candle with flickering flame
Mellow wax candle with cream glow
From € 9.20
Silicone nut chocolate mould
Anna Hägerstedt
It's easy to make your own chocolates
€ 20.40
Oil Burning Candles
Angel Velitchkov
Beautiful, smart and environmentally friendly
€ 9.20
Solar-powered Glass Lantern
Romantic lights for gardens and balconies
€ 14.50
Neck warmer GoS Extreme
Anna-Lena Engman & Anette Jonsson
Keep your neck and throat warm. 100% merino wool
€ 29.10
Double waffle iron
Make two waffle bowls at the same time
€ 48
Tea light with timer, 2-pack
A warm white decoration light
€ 4.80
Fire starting pine cone, 9-pack
Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström
Fast and efficient fire starter
€ 16
Shellfish Cracker Drosselmeyer
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Effective shell cracker
€ 44.60
Premium LED Block Candles
Lights up your home and creates a cosy lighting
From € 20.40
Collapsible mobile holder
Tomas Mollander
Steady grip on your mobile
€ 19.30
Visible current USB cable
Erik Tutzauer
See the current through the cable
From € 22.20
Wind Guard for Mobile Headsets
Jessica Brown & Stina Grälls
Minimizes background noise and disruptive winds
€ 4.80
Glass sprouting jar
Easy to grow nutritious sprouts
€ 19.40
Reflective Bands 2 pack
A strong 3M easy-to-wear reflective strap
€ 6.60
Hat with headphones
Comfortable hat with fantastic sound and light
From € 31.10
Pillar candle with timer
Pillar candle in wax with smart timer
€ 8.10
LED slap band
Glow in the dark LED light and reflective
€ 17
Vacuum jug
Makes smoothies and juices last longer
€ 18.90
Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
€ 27.10
Cake Mix Scoop and Plunger
Makes it easy to fill the cupcake mould
€ 14.10
Drosselmeyer Orb Candlestick
Erik von Schoultz
Cast iron candlestick that lets your candles burn down completely
€ 28.60
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 107
Inflatable Bathtub Tubble
For everyone that does not have a bathtub, but still wants to relax in one
€ 164
Nano towel for your hair
Super absorbent and fast drying
€ 18.30
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 126
Portioning Funnel
Portions out perfectly without spillage
€ 11.50
Premium LED antique candle 2-pack
Realistic flickering flame
€ 27.70
Premium LED tall antique candle 2-pack
35 cm Tall candles with realistic flame
€ 34.90
Raspberry-shaped jelly mould in silicon
Anna Hägertstedt
Make your own confectionery
€ 18
Wooden Bath Tray
Rotating tray made of water-resistant bamboo
€ 42.70