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Smart tools for the home repairman

Check out our wide selection of practical gadgets and smart tools that make DIY a piece of cake! We have a range of tape, glue, repair patches, carpentry pencils and innovative tools to help you fix and repair things. You can repair almost anything with the right tools. Fix things instead of replacing them. Great for your wallet and the environment.

Our range of best-selling products includes a magnetic armband so you have nails and screws close to hand, Bondic Liquid Plastic that fixes glasses and damaged cables, Gorilla tape, a super strong silver tape, and repair patches for ripped jeans. <

We have a wide selection of practical tools such as the Gator grip spanner,, the Plaster Tool with a built-in tape measure, the Smartphone Heat Camera and a handy Power Tool Cable Holder that keeps the power cord safely away from the tool.

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Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder
Bond, build, fix and fill. Hardens in 4 seconds
€ 27.20
Drywall tool
Easy to measure and drywall
€ 55
Wooden yarn bowl
Smart holder for your yarn balls
€ 32.20
Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench
A single tool to replace multiple socket wrenches
From € 23.60
Super magnet
Strong mini magnet that can hold 1.8 kg
From € 10
Swedhook Universal Hook 3-pack
Dennis Eriksson
The portable universal hook
€ 4.50
Gift Wrapping Tool 4-pack
Holds wrapping paper in place and cuts straight
€ 22.70
ZlideOn - slider for zips
Sven & Jens Leveau
Fix your broken zip
From € 7.30
FiberFix Repair Wrap
100 times stronger than gaffer tape
From € 14.50
Hearing protection with bluetooth
Smart Headset that protects the hearing
€ 91
Magnet ball to fight calcium deposits
Removes calcium deposits
€ 20.50
Screwdriver bits for hooks and screw eyes
Mikael Ohlsson
Screw hooks and nuts in no time at all
From € 19.04
From € 27.20
ZipHolder, fly holder
Lisa Sjövall
Keeps your fly zipped up
€ 3.60
A Miniature Multi-Tool
Everything you need to be a true MacGyver
€ 12.30
Cable Holder for Power Tools
Louise Peterson
Keep your cords neat and out of the way!
€ 6.20
Digital tape measure
Easy to use and read
€ 31.80
Strap with quick release buckle
Hardwearing and easy to use
From € 5.50
Thermal Camera for Smartphones
Visually see the temperature all around you
€ 273
Transport Straps 2-pack
Give a good grip and hold up to 900 kg
€ 9
Vacuum Cleaner Grille
Jörgen Sandell, Johan Ekhagen, Sergio Tenconi och Anders Olsson
Saves small items from the vacuum
€ 7.20
€ 9
Elastic repair patch
Permanent repair for tears and holes
€ 18.10
Finger Protection for Nailing
Protects & gives a better control - easy to nail straight
€ 9
FixCandle Candle Adhesive
Lena & Eddie Dyfverman
Keeps your candles secure and steady
€ 10.80
Flash light with USB port
Strong LED light with chargeable battery
€ 9
Gorilla glue
Bloody good glue!
€ 11.70
Extremely strong, durable and weather resistant
From € 13.20
Ladder Holder
Geraldo T. da Costa
Work safely on your ladder
€ 181
Telescopic Magnet
Magnet with a long range
€ 14.10
Wheelfix - Holder for tire changing
Lars Elgestål
Holds the tire in place and saves your back!
€ 13.60
Adjustable Board Hooks
Paulina Kolm
A simple hanging board without the need for drills
€ 3.60
Candle cleaner
Billy Jacquet
Removes the wax from the candle holder
€ 22.60
Jean patches 2-pack
Repair jeans without needle and thread
€ 2.60
Magnetic bracelet for crafters
Magnetic bracelet that keeps track of nuts and bolts
€ 16.30
Mini screwdrivers
Precision screwdriver for the smallest screws
€ 11.80
Sewing needle with smart needle eye, 24-pack
€ 8.10
Anti-lime magnet for the toilet
Prevents ugly coatings and lime clogged drains
€ 16.40
Cable holder
Multi-purpose cable clips for cords and more
€ 13.70
Fabric pill remover
Remove pills from your clothes without damaging them
€ 11.70
Hat Light
Attach the light to your visor
€ 8.10
Measuring card
Keep track of your measurements
€ 5.50
Mineral magnet
Put an end to lime build-up
€ 30.50
Half your toolbox right in one hand
€ 22.70
Self adhesive white board
Easy to move around
€ 20.50
Sugru - fixer's putty
Fixes nuts, cords, handles and much more!
From € 9
Zacky Cargo Bag for Cars
Mats Rabe, Gunnar Andreen, Kristian Nilsson
Protects your luggage compartment
From € 22.30