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Smart gadgets for the summer party

Nothing says ‘Summer is here’ like a lovely summer party! We love summer parties, and here we have gathered some inspiration for you to find just what you need for the midsummer party, the summer feast, and the crayfish party in the late summer.

We have a broad assortment of smart gadgets that enhances your evenings in the garden, facilitates a picknick in the park, and are easy to bring to the beach party. For instance, you will find a big supply of beautiful garden lamps, string lights, practical cutlery, cooler bags, and some comfy blankets to sit on. We also have inflatable lounge-furniture and effective tools for keeping mosquitos and hornets away.

Discover all our smart and funny gadgets for the summer party and place your order today. Always fast deliveries!

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Paper towel wind stopper
Tommy Johansen & Märit Zollner
Keeps paper towels in place when it's windy
€ 13.60
Juice box holder, 4-pack
Annika & Niclas Öhberg
Spill prevention for small juice boxes with straws
€ 14.70
Solar-powered Glass Lantern
Romantic lights for gardens and balconies
€ 14.70
Large thermos for food and ice cream
Perfect for a field trip with the whole family
€ 41.91
Battery-Powered Garden Candle
A lovely garden candle to welcome your guests
€ 14.70
Cooler for Box Wine
Christina Nordin Cumtell
Keeps your wine box cool
€ 19.50
Outdoor table lamp
Waterproof outdoor table lamp for balcony & patio table
€ 78.01
Magnetic coffee cups Silwy, 2-pack
Ensures that your morning coffee stands firmly
€ 48.21
Battery Powered Decorative Lamp
A waterproof lamp for the patio
€ 21.60
Softybag sofa
Inflatable sofa with headrest
€ 49.20
Wine glass plate clips 10-pack
Use them over and over again. Sturdy and sustainable
€ 12.20
Portable Table Tennis Set with a Net
Play table tennis on the kitchen table
€ 44.30
rlx back collapsible beach chair
Anette Larsson
Sit comfortably at your outing!
€ 59.01
Solar Cell Flower on a Stick, Hydrangea
Looks great day and night
€ 28.51
Solar cell flower on a stick, Daisy
Decorative garden light that is charged by the sun
€ 18.08
€ 22.60
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.80
Silicone muffin cups
Reusable moulds for cold and hot pastries
€ 14.70
Wireless Outdoor Table Lamp
A wireless waterproof outdoor table lamp
€ 46.81
Wineglass holder Vingel 2-pack
Anna-Karin Nilsson and Hanna Nilsson
Keeps the wineglass standing on rough terrain
€ 24.60
Backpack Cooler 30 litre
Keep your lunch and drinks cool
€ 32.41
Champagne Sabre
A quality sabre with a proper grip
€ 74.01
ThinOptics fold-flat sunglasses
Cool sunglasses that fit in your pocket
€ 98
Silicone coaster
6 coasters with anti-slip coating and lovely motifs
€ 21.20
Solar Light Firework, Solitary
Easy placed outdoor light that charges in the sun
€ 28.10
Hanging Solar Cell Decoration, Hydrangea
€ 23.20
Icetray for large ice cubes, 3-pack
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Large ice cubes melt slower
€ 14.80
Pocket picnic blanket
Lightweight, durable and waterproof
€ 36.40
Markers for Glass
Write your guest's name on the glass
€ 8.40
Ice balls, 4-pack
Large balls of ice for your drinks
€ 13.30
Sunglasses with readers
Only bring one pair of glasses
€ 59.01
Satake table-top barbecue
Practical charcoal barbecue for buffet barbecues
€ 137.02
Airhouse, Insect screen for outdoor parasols
Maria Liljekvist
€ 276
Glass marker, 50-pack
Karolina Storckenfeldt
Place-cards and glass markers
€ 6.80
Champagne Opener
Open Prosecco, champagne and other sparkling drinks
€ 7.80
Cooler Backpack 21 litres
A comfortable backpack with an insulated cooler compartment
€ 49.21
Doggles sunglasses for dogs
100% UV protection, easy to put on
€ 25.10
Netted bag
Rinses, scrubs and chills
€ 13.40
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 59.01
Muggi Cup & Mug Holder
A mug holder for four cups that avoids spilling
€ 22.60
Form for popup-ice cream
Make your own ice cream from syrup, juice & smoothies
€ 7.10
Cooler Bag with Ice Packs
A practical cooler bag for food and drink
From € 18.70
Foldable bottle bag
Protect bottles during transport and storage
€ 16.80
Reusable Metal Straws
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
€ 12.80
Bottle cooler with handles
The perfect gift that cools the bottle down
€ 7.80
Heel saver
Every heel's best friend
€ 7.70
Folding chair with upholstered cushion
Comfortable, padded seat and adjustable backrest
€ 33.40
Mould for Long Ice Sticks
Long ice sticks for water bottles or cocktails
€ 16.70
Mosquito trap with camping lamp
Rechargeable camping lantern, mosquito trap & torch
€ 32.11
Beverage holder
Hang your beverage around the neck
€ 4.80
Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
€ 27.50
Grip holders for plastic bottles
Magnus Almqvist
Ergonomic grip holder for large plastic bottles
€ 4.80
Solar Lights Firework, Triple
Charges during the day and turns on in the dark
€ 28.51
Table clips 4-pack
Hold the tablecloth in place
€ 6.40
Cooling dog mat
Keeps the dog cool during hot days
From € 16.70
Hurricane candle holder
Paul Rösth
The Kattvik candlestick keeps flames lit in windy weather
€ 57.01
Silcone Straws Pack of Six
Reusable straws in three sizes
€ 12.70
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 98.02
Cake slice Magisso
Smart and elegant cake slicer
From € 11.70
Foldable stool with cold storage
Easy to fold, up to 100 kg
€ 35.40
Mini Extra-pocket
Anna-Karin Westling
An extra pocket with a zip that fastens onto a waistband
€ 4.80
€ 9.40
Solar-powered string lights, fireworks
Decorative lights for bushes and plants
€ 21.20
Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From € 36.41
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 39.31
Solar-powered string lights with coloured lamps
Turns on automatically at dusk
€ 11.70
Springform with a Ceramic Plate, 23 cm
Easy to use, comes with a ceramic serving plate
€ 32.11
Stainless steel thermos 850ml
Keeps drinks cold or hot the whole day
€ 43.91
String lights with hanging lightbulbs
Festive decoration for the patio
€ 44.31
Collapsible backrest
Light and flexible seat pad with backrest
€ 22.20
ECO-plastic cutlery, 4 pcs
Ues your picnicware over and over again
€ 2.50
Telescopic barbecue skewer
Secure barbecue skewer for hot dogs and marshmallows
€ 9.80
Umbrella Food Cover
Keeps unwelcome pests away from your food
From € 9.80
Solar Cell Table Lamp
A waterproof outdoor solar cell light
€ 26.10
Sand free picnic blanket
Sand free beach blanket that are easy to bring along
From € 64.01