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Birthday presents for your boyfriend

Here you can find fun and thoughtful birthday gifts for your boyfriend! We have lots of great gift tips for your boyfriend and you’re sure to find something nice to give him as a birthday present. We have gift tips for many different interests and occasions, and we also have fun gifts for guys who like to stay active both in summer and winter.


Below you can find some good tips that can help you buy a great gift for a friend or your boyfriend.


Presents for guys

 Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with good gift tips for guys, especially if he’s a real gift person who loves presents. Here are some tips that might help you along the way!


  • The water bouncy ball Waboba ball - Super bouncy and floating water ball that is fun to throw and catch with others in the water. Throw the ball to each other and see how long you can keep it in the air!
  • Banana case - The Banana Bunker is a smart banana case that protects your banana from bumps in your bag. Perfect to take with you in both your gym bag and school bag.
  • Moon lamp - This fascinating lamp floats freely and spins almost magically in the air above the stylish base plate. Super stylish ornamental lamp!
  • Desk lamp with alarm clock - Luxurious cordless wooden lamp that is great to use on both the desk and the bedside table. Built-in alarm clock with the option to be woken up by slowly increasing brightness.
  • Ball backpack - Smart bag for all kinds of balls that makes it easy to bring a full-size football, basketball or volleyball with you to the pitch. Perfect when you go cycling or go to the club for training!



Presents for boyfriends

 With some of these gift ideas for boyfriends, you can find a DIY gift for your boyfriend or another perfect boyfriend gift.


  • Automatic Parking disc AutoParkTime - AutoparkTime is the smart parking disc that sets your arrival time automatically. He’ll no longer have to think about setting the parking disc and can avoid unnecessary parking fines.
  • Knife sharpener Vulkanus - Vulkanus VG2 is a super-efficient knife sharpener that makes the edge of your knives look like new again. The knife sharpener also works for toothed bread knives and is just as good to use at home as in professional kitchens.
  • Hamburger Press Deluxe - With a hamburger press you can quickly shape several and equally large burgers. The Deluxe Hamburger Press is made of aluminium, is easy to clean and can also be used with baking paper liners. Perfect gift for the barbecue master!
  • Neck pillow with hood - Swedish-designed and inflatable travel collar with a smart blackout hood that allows you to have your own private space while you travel and sleep well on your journey.



Graduation gifts for guys


  • Softybag Sofa - Softybag's inflatable sofa is easy to fill with air and is really comfortable to sink into on the beach and on the ski slope. Perfect gift for sun lovers!
  • Hövding Helmet 3.0 - Hövding is the world's safest bicycle helmet. The built-in airbag inflates in no time and protects the head 8x better than other bicycle helmets.
  • Electric scooter VEIO Nordic Edition - This Swedish-designed electric scooter is perfect for those who simply want to zip around town. Easy to fold up and has a removable battery that is easy to charge.
  • Inflatable kayak and SUP board - Highly stable SUP board that can also be used as a kayak! Ideal for trips out on the water and for exploring bays and lakes.



Thoughtful gifts for your boyfriend


  • Scratch map - For the guy who loves to travel, the Scratch Map is sure to be a highly appreciated gift. You scratch out the countries you have been to and can show your friends and family where you have been in a fun way. Which country will be the next destination?
  • Anti-blister sports socks - Super effective socks that protect the feet from getting blisters. Perfect for those who exercise often or like to walk long distances and for hikers.
  • Puzzle mat - With the puzzle mat, you don’t need to panic if you don’t have time to complete the puzzle. By just rolling up the carpet, you can store and move the puzzle so that you can carry on with it another time. Fits puzzles of up to 2000 pieces.
  • Parasol base for a wooden deck - The parasol base is a smart Swedish invention that makes it easy to attach a parasol to a wooden deck. Takes up very little space compared to heavy stone feet and is easy to move between the terrace and the decking.


Discover our large range of great birthday presents for boyfriends and place your order today!

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Softybag sofa
Inflatable sofa with headrest
€ 47.50
Autoparktime - Automatic Parking Pass
Gösta Söderberg & Sven Linnman
Parking pass that records parking times
From € 43.70
Windfree Noise-dampening ear protectors
Dag Nordström
Filters out disruptive wind noise
€ 28.50
Easy grip ski holder
Krister Ruth
A practical holder forcross country skis & and poles
€ 16.10
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From € 95
Blister-Prevention Sports Socks
Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
€ 38
Looftlighter X - Cordless Barbecue and Firelighter
Richard Looft
Use a hot-air lighter to light the barbecue without lighter fluid
€ 285
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Keep track of your belongings
From € 8.50
Looftlighter - Grill- & fire-lighter
Richard Looft
Perfect and fast glow without lighter fluid
€ 66
Pocket Chainsaw
Nordic Pocket Saw
Saw through trees and branches, fits in your pocket
€ 47.20
Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
€ 25.60
Premium electric lighter
Premium electrical lighter with rechargeable battery
€ 31
Travalo perfume bottle
Favourite perfume in your pocket
€ 15.10
Hearing protection with bluetooth
Smart Headset that protects the hearing
€ 123
Waboba Ball Extreme Water Bouncing Ball
Jan von Heland
Floats & bounces fast and far on water
€ 8.10
Solar Lantern
Foldable, waterproof and long-lasting
€ 27.50
Electric lighter
Chargeable lighter doesn't require gas
€ 18
Frozzypack with chilling lid, large
Carolina Sundberg
Keeps your lunch cool
€ 17.10
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.40
Reflective Hat
Warm reflective hat made of 100% merino wool
From € 57
Solar Powerbank
Powerful portable battery with two charging sockets
From € 71
Visible current USB cable
Erik Tutzauer
See the current through the cable
From € 21.80
Vulkanus Mini knife sharpener
Small knife sharpener that sharpens all kinds of knives
€ 57
Drosselmeyer Tea Strainer
Erik von Schoultz
Tea strainer for fine-leaf teas
€ 15.20
Purifying water bottle
Purifies water from taps and watercourses
From € 52
Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp
Mattis Bernstone
Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
From € 33.20
Deluxe hamburger press
Perfect burgers all the time
€ 46.20
Fireplace pine cones
Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström
An effective and environmentally-friendly fire-starter
€ 13.20
Magnetic bracelet for crafters
Magnetic bracelet that keeps track of nuts and bolts
€ 17.10
Powerbank with Qi Charging
Charge your phone wirelessly
From € 21.80
USB Desktop Fan
A small and handy fan for your desk
€ 14.20
Hövding 3
Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 333
Microwave Bacon Tray
Quickly whip up some delicious crispy bacon
€ 23.80
Resqme, seat belt cutter, window breaker
Get out of the car quickly after an accident
€ 14.20
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 95
Vibrating alarm clock
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up with powerful vibrations
€ 84
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 42.80
Handheld Clothes Steamer
Fresh and wrinkle-free clothes with steam
€ 31
Lockable Helmet Cover
Lock your helmet to your bike
€ 36.70
ScoopThat Ice Cream Scoop
Perfect scoops of ice cream every time
€ 37.60
Scratch Map
Mark your travels on your own personalized map
€ 24.70
Cleaning Kit for Trainers
Keep your white trainers white
€ 19
Helmet with lights, Lumos Matrix MIPS
With MIPS protection for increasing safety
€ 210.52
€ 248
Desktop Fan and Air Cooler
A USB powered fan that cools and humidifies the air
€ 49.10
Double USB Supercharger
A family charger for the car and boat
€ 16.10
Electric salt & pepper mill
Tip the spice mill to season your food
€ 15.10
Popcorn maker for the microwave
Perfect popcorn with normal popcorn kernels
€ 23.70
Stainless Steel Thermos 500 ml
Keep your drinks hot or cold all day
€ 37.60
Boxing ball Original
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
€ 23.70
Invisible shelf 3-pack
Staple your books in a creative way
From € 40.50
SmellWell Fragrant Shoe Inserts
Removes moisture and odours
From € 12.30
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 124
Handlebar Phone Mount
Sturdy mount for all kinds of smartphones
€ 15.10
Portable blender
Rechargeable blender that crushes ice
€ 47.50
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