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Fun cleaning and smart cleaning products

Check out our range of smart cleaning products that make cleaning easier, more fun and more environmentally friendly. We have a collection of great cleaning products such as the popular favourite Universal All-purpose Cleaner or the Environment Smart Car Wash. Don't miss the popular Nano Cloth that cleans using only water!

Browse our many smart and practical bathroom cleaning staples. Practical Hair traps for the bath and shower, the Environmentally Smart Laundry Bag, highly effective dryer balls for the tumble dryer, the durable sponge scrub cloth and the fantastic Silicone Toilet Brush.. Try our vacuum cleaner brush with thin tubes that allows you to vacuum hard-to-reach places and our Vacuum Cleaner Grille that catches things that get picked up accidentally by the vacuum cleaner!

We have rechargeable hand-wash pumps , automatic hand-wash pumps and foam pumps that create foam from hand-wash. < / a>. Check out our practical Pluring dish-rack, a clever dish-rack that is collapsible, the Drydock dish rack and the practical washing-up liquid container Dish Light which makes it simple to wash up in the kitchen. Don't miss the super absorbent defrosting cloth , the Wine Stain Remover or < a href = " / furnace cloth.html" target = "_ blank" rel = "noopener" title = "Oven Mat" the oven mat that protects the oven when you're cooking and makes it much easier to clean.

Barbecue brushes for cleaning your barbecue and the practical broom that sweeps up messes while also cleaning the underside of shoes; protective spray Repellx which protects textiles, shoes and clothing from dirt and the flexible " Flagpole Mop" that cleans the flagpole without having to remove it.

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Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
€ 90
Automatic soap dispenser
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 35.90
Dish soap dispenser
Marianne Palm
Conserve dishwashing detergent with smart portions
€ 4.60
Soap pump with foam
Luxurious foam, saves on soap
€ 27.20
WC Wunder Toilet Brush
Makes it easy to get a thorough clean
€ 29.60
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 5.20
Nano towels 4-pack
Cleans with  only water
€ 22.30
Environmentally-Smart Car Wash Cleaner
Elisa & Niclas Wilhelmsson
Clean your car while saving on water
From € 17.80
Fixclip Mini Clothes Pegs, pack of 16
Pontus Göth and Göran Ewerlöf
Clothes pegs that can withstand storms
€ 5.40
Fabric Spray Linen Water
An environmentally friendly fabric spray that freshens your clothes
€ 8.90
Universal Polish
Long-lasting, effective and environmentally friendly
€ 16.30
Cat litter shovel
Lise-Lotte Norlund
No need to spill anything between the cat litter tray and the bin
€ 11.70
Hair catcher for drains
Krister Bengtsson
Catches the hair in the shower
€ 5
Magisso dish cloth holder
Installed with magnets
€ 55
Magnet ball to fight calcium deposits
Removes calcium deposits
€ 20.50
Vacuum brush - perfect for removing dust!
Removes dust from  difficult areas to reach
€ 7.20
Biodegradable rubbish bags, 20 litre capacity
20-pack 100% biodegradable bags
€ 3.10
Environmentally friendly laundry bag
Reduces emissions of micro-plastics
€ 27.20
Grill brush in stainless steel
Effectively cleans cooking grates
€ 15.50
Magnetic Disc Brush for Carafes
Clean areas that you otherwise couldn't reach
€ 18
Purifying water tablets 70 tablets
Easy water purification at home or when travelling
€ 16.30
Stainless Steel Sink Strainer, pack of two
Prevents debris from going down the drain
€ 6.30
Strumpsnodden Sock Sorter
Keep pairs organized in the laundry
€ 3.60
Vacuum Cleaner Grille
Jörgen Sandell, Johan Ekhagen, Sergio Tenconi och Anders Olsson
Saves small items from the vacuum
€ 7.20
€ 9
Hair and debris trap for bathtub drain
Linda Nydenmo
Debris and hair-free drain
€ 6.80
Lapiglove Makeup Removal
Cleans thoroughly with just water
€ 16.90
Portable Washing Machine
The Scrubba makes it easy to wash while travelling
From € 38.70
RepellX - protection for cloth and leather
Extend the durability of your clothing
From € 12.70
Sink Hair Catcher
Krister Bengtsson
Catches hair in the sink or shower
€ 4.10
Washing-up brush
Smart brush with washing-up liquid
€ 10.80
Defrosting towels, 2-pack
Absorbs water when you are defrosting freezers
€ 10
Dish-brush and sponge holder
Smart storage for your dishwashing supplies
€ 25.40
Dryer balls for tumblers
Shorten drying times and reduce creases in the wash
€ 22.70
Drying pad
A quick-drying pad for your washing up
€ 16.90
Electric Shoe Dryer
Dries and heats 4 pair of shoes
€ 72
Environmentally smart car wash kit
Elisa & Niclas Wilhelmsson
Environmentally friendly and water-saving vehicle wash
€ 25
Flagpole mop
Goes up and down the pole to clean it
€ 11.20
Fossekvasten Boot broom
Keeps both shoes and stairs clean
€ 9.60
Nano sponge
Clean using only water
€ 13.60
Pluring Towel Holder
Camilla Ljunggren
Attaches to tile with a strong adhesive
€ 5.90
Silicone Toilet Brush
Cleans efficiently
€ 36
Super-absorbent nano towel
Super-absorbent nano fibres that deep cleanse
€ 18.70
Anti-lime magnet for the toilet
Prevents ugly coatings and lime clogged drains
€ 16.40
Dish caddy
Keeps your dish sink organised and neat
€ 23.20
Fabric pill remover
Remove pills from your clothes without damaging them
€ 11.70
Grill scraper, wooden
Moulds to the BBQ rack
€ 36.30
Handheld Clothes Steamer
Fresh and wrinkle-free clothes with steam
€ 29.60
Mineral magnet
Put an end to lime build-up
€ 30.50
Oven spill mat
Reusable and easy clean
€ 7.20
Scratch-Free Scrubbing Cloth
A thorough scrub without leaving marks
€ 2.60
Cleaning marbles
Cleans where nothing else reaches
€ 14.80
Fragrant drops for WC
Neutralises unpleasant bathroom smells
€ 8.60