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Smart technical products which make everyday life easier

Browse our range of clever technology. Check out all our fun technological gadgets or use the categories to find exactly what you're looking for. Smart mobile phone accessories, speakers & headphones and a wide range of practical security products. We also have clever technology solutions for your car, boat, camper van and caravan!

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Magnetic key box
Small key box for outdoor use
From € 17.30
Bendable suspension hook
Strong rubber hook with steel wire
€ 8.20
Cord keeper for earphone wires
Prevents earphone wires from getting tangled
€ 4.80
Multi USB cable 1.5 meters
Can be used to charge Micro-USB, USB-C and Apple Lightning
€ 20.90
Multi USB cable on a keychain
Replaces the 6 most common charging cables
€ 15.40
Small Powerbank with USB cables
Smart little emergency charger for your keychain
€ 29
Magnetic crutch holders Crutchgecko
Richard Kalberg
Keep your crutches together and free up your hands
€ 37.70
Socket strip holder
Martin Reinholdsson & Jörgen Andersson
Smart multi-attachment for extension sockets
€ 14.40
Helmet with lights, Lumos Matrix MIPS
With MIPS protection for increasing safety
€ 252
USB charger with multiple ports
Wall charger with multiple USB outlets
From € 22.80
USB charger
Wall charger for a USB device
From € 10.70
Rechargeable mini light
Water-resistant mini light with rechargeable battery
€ 19.30
Rain cover with a reflective pattern
Reflective universal rain cover
€ 29
Detachable lamp with motion sensor
Handheld night light with wall mount
€ 48.40
Paper cutter
Essential paper cutter for gift wrapping
€ 6.30
Bicycle poncho
Smart rain poncho for the city cyclist
€ 135
Hand warmer with power bank
Fast-heating rechargeable hand warmer
€ 48
Reflective touchscreen gloves
Warm touch gloves with a reflective pattern
€ 38.70
Fragrance spray for the toilet
Spray before you leave and avoid unpleasant odours
From € 8.60
Stove fan
Heat-operated stove fan for heat dispersion
€ 77
Anti-odour Smellsfine 4-pack
Jan-Erik Otterstedt
Neutralises foul odours
€ 14.50
C or LR14 Batteries, 2-pack
Powerful alkaline single-use batteries
€ 3.50
Foldable iPad stand
Suitable for iPads and smaller laptops
€ 53
Reusable cable ties, 20-pack
Can be reused again and again
From € 2.80
Cordless mini vacuum cleaner
Light hand-held vacuum cleaner that's easy to store
€ 53
Sleep trainer with clock
Gives kids and parents a good night's sleep
€ 53
Electric motor for bicycle, Zipforce
Måns Bengtsson
Transforms your normal bicycle into an electric bicycle
€ 581
Small pill containers 3-pack
Take your small items along with you in your bag or jacket pocket
€ 8.20
Sleeping rest for the car
Let your passenger rest
€ 33.90
Magnetic coffee cups Silwy, 2-pack
Ensures that your morning coffee stands firmly
€ 47.50
Inflatable SUP-board for 2 people
Paddle by yourself or with a friend
€ 570
Inflatable kayak
Alone time on the lake or quality time with someone
From € 267
Inflatable kayak and SUP-board
Perfect for beginners as well as more advanced paddlers
€ 775
Knife tool for hunting and fishing
Jaffar Amini
With the seven different functions you won’t have to bring multiple tools
€ 242
Suction cup hook, 4-pack
Can be attached to most surfaces
€ 11.50
Desk pad with QI-charging
Protects the table and charges your phone
€ 106
Rechargeable handsfree fan
Dual fans keeps your head cool and gives you both hands free
€ 17.40
Ring light for computers
Enhances the lighting of your videos
€ 19.30
Magnetic long drink glasses in plastic Silwy, 2-pack
Perfect when you want to enjoy a drink or some ice coffee
€ 47.50
Magnetic wine glasses in plastic, Silwy 2-pack
You can now place your wineglass on slanting surfaces
€ 47.50
Magnetic champagne glasses in crystal Silwy, 2-pack
Nice crystal glasses that stand steady when your boat is leaning
€ 48.50
Magnetic Champagne glasses in plastic Silwy, 2-pack
Enjoy a cooling drink in the boat or the camper
€ 47.50
KeySmart Keyholder Original
Contains 8 keys, easy access to the key you need
€ 19.30
KeySmart Keyholder Rugged
Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need
€ 31.90
Knife with scissor-function
Cut the vegetables directly down into the pot
€ 24.20
Sunglasses with readers
Only bring one pair of glasses
€ 58
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.40
Foldable reading glasses in a case
Carry in your pocket or attach to the backside of your phone
€ 19.30
Contour template Wolfcraft
Smart tool for installing carpets and floors
€ 19.30
Key stash with code lock
Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in
€ 63
Rechargeable air pump
Inflate balls and fill the tires of cars and bicycles with air
€ 58
Foldable bicycle lock
Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
€ 155
Waterproof padlock
For all kinds of weather
From € 25.10
Double-sided Gorilla Tape
Perfect for the DIY enthusiast
€ 12.50
Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms
Anders Hansson
Easily reach the test button on your smoke alarm
€ 8.60
CableTube Cable holder
Claes Hansson
Hide your cables and gather them in one place
€ 5
Floating knife from Mora
Morakniv AB
Perfect for an excursion or a fishing trip
€ 29
Tail rope holder for Y-beam
Torbjörn Såthén
Reach the mooring rope from your boat
€ 48.40
Scanner for slides & negatives with monitor
Save your old images digitally
€ 135
Electric screwdriver
Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts
€ 68
Chafe protection for tail rope
Perfect for the boat or a jetty
From € 14.50
Study things at a detailed level and save images and videos
€ 68
Mobile Holder with wireless charging
Wireless charger with automatic arms
€ 38.70
Mobile ring light
Improves the lighting for selfies and portrait photos
€ 29
Fire escape ladder
Climb out through the window in case of emergency
€ 97
Magnetic mount for smoke detectors
For when you cannot, or don't want to, drill into the ceiling
€ 6.70
Magnifying glasses
Makes reading and working at a level of detail easier
€ 7.70
Mini fire alarm
Compact fire alarm with 10 years battery life
€ 27.10
Jump starter and Powerbank
Compact jump starter for car and boat batteries
€ 126
Chainsaw Premium Edition
Nordic Pocket Saw
Swedish high-quality saw that fits in your pocket
€ 97
Northrack roof rack
Andreas Magnusson
Soft roof rack that fits most car models
€ 164
Charging station for the whole family
Quickly charge up to five devices at the same time
€ 68
Tage Norén
Makes it easy to saw crown mouldings
€ 27.10
MOB Rescue Line
Lars-Håkan Lindqvist
Easy Access Rescue Line at Sea
€ 92
Chargeable AA batteries, 4-pack
Powerful batteries  that can be charged up to 100 times
€ 15.40
Storage bag with cooling compartment
Large bag for lunchbox, drinks and game
From € 35.80
Zip-bags for tablets, 8-pack
Put your medicine doses in small bags
€ 6.70
Bag hooks for the car, 2-pack
Smart hangers for bags, shopping bags and handbags
€ 14.50
RFID case for your car keys
Protect your car keys against wireless hijacking
€ 12.50
Portable gas stove
Easy-to-use gas stove approved for indoor use
€ 48
Floating Mora knife with serrated blade
Morakniv AB
High-quality outdoor knife that floats in water
€ 29
Watertight aluminium tin
Make sure your small items stay dry
From € 8.20
Watertight bag, Droplet
Mini bag for wet swimwear or to protect your valuables
€ 19.30
Laptop stand
Adjustable laptop stand that's easy to transport
€ 15.40
Bike protection Velosock
Protect your home when you carry in your bike
€ 63
Killnoise Ear plugs
Dampens the volume without damaging sound quality
€ 5.70
Rain cover for shoes and trousers
Olle Mattsson
Stay dry on the way to and from work
€ 28.60
Cable box with charging stand
Hides cables while you charge your devices
€ 34.90
USB-C to USB adaptor
Converts your USB-C port into a standard USB port
€ 18.90
Bookmark with magnifying glass
Super thin bookmark with large magnifying glass
€ 4.80
Neck strap for AirPods, 2 pack
Ultra light safety cord for your AirPods
€ 15
Magnetic torch
Bright multi-use torch with built-in magnet
€ 36.40
Grappling Anchor
Olle Mattsson
Makes anchoring in natural ports easier
€ 38.30
Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
€ 46.10
Cleaning kit for AirPods
Clean your AirPods and charging case
€ 16.40
USB to USB-C adaptor
Converts your regular USB port into a USB-C port
€ 12.10
Foldable snow shovel
Handy lightweight shovel for the car
€ 36.40
Citrus juicer
Strong lemon squeezer with ergonomic handle
€ 31.90
Trac Grabber grips for car tyres
Gets you out when you're stuck
From € 77
Garlic Press
Strong garlic press with ergonomic handle
€ 26.10
Rechargeable headlamp
Lightweight headlamp that gives out a bright light
€ 45.10
Waterproof headphones
Wireless sports headphones that can be submerged in water
€ 56
Waterproof speaker
Robust beach speaker with powerful sound
€ 97
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 28.90
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 126
Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack
Automatic candle snuffer for candles
€ 38.70
Squatty Potty travel toilet stool
Sit correctly on the toilet with a portable collapsible footstool
€ 33.50
Squatty Potty collapsible toilet stool
Gives you an optimal sitting position on the toilet
€ 33.50
Bottle warmer for your car
Portable warmer for baby bottles with 12-volt plug
€ 30.10
Hand vacuum with USB
Handy mini-vacuum with USB-cable
€ 14.60
Signal blocking iPad case with lock
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a pause from surfing and shows!
€ 43.60
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 29
CR2032 Battery, 5-pack
Suitable for many types of battery-powered devices
€ 5.70
CR2032 Battery
Compatible with many battery-powered devices
€ 1.40
Warning light for cars,  Help Flash
Be seen from every direction from a 1 km distance
€ 30
Elastic key bracelet
Smart bracelet for your keys
€ 7
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 19.20
Rechargeable LED Armband Slapwrap
Durable reflective armband with LED lights
€ 25.10
The StrongBoy Lid Opener
Easy-to-use opener for jar lids and screw caps
€ 38.60
Mini Chopper
Easy-to-use chopper for small vegetables
€ 34
Laptop Table, Height Adjustable
Perfect for the home office
€ 28.60
Smartline Outdoor Plug IP44
Mobile-controlled Bluetooth outdoor timer
€ 29
Magnifying glass with LED lights
Magnify and illuminate
€ 9.60
Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
€ 26.10
Rain cover for bicycle saddle
Waterproof saddle cover for your bike
€ 2.30
Small Tool Set
23 useful tools in a tin box
€ 22.20
Magnetic silicone handles for crutches
Simplifies the use of crutches
€ 38.60
Wireless doorbell with Wi-Fi camera
See who is ringing the doorbell from your mobile
€ 97
Hybrid grill
Grill with electricity or charcoal
€ 67
Battery AAAA, 2-Pack
Powerful, alkaline LR61 batteries
€ 2.90
Elastic shoelace with shoelace clip
Tighten your shoes with the shoelace clip and avoid tying
€ 6.80
Hands-free magnifying glass
Hang it around your neck, 2x and 8x magnifying effect
€ 20.20
Iron-on name tags for clothes
Name your clothes with iron-on tags
€ 5.30
Sewing kit
Practical travel kit with useful sewing supplies
€ 13.10
Electric scooter VEIO Nordic Edition
Swedish-designed electric scooter
€ 581
Mobile holder for your car with QI charger
Clever holder with wireless charging
€ 16.40
Orbit Key finder
Find your keys with your phone
€ 28.90
Mini iron
Small travel iron with steam function
€ 51
Water alarm
Water leak alarm
€ 19.20
GPS for cats
Waterproof GPS tracker for cats
€ 58
Extra battery for the VEIO Electric scooter
Get further on your electric scooter
€ 194
Clug Bike Stand
The worlds smallest bike stand
From € 28.90
A clever backpack that you can attach to your bike's cargo rack
€ 155
Remote Controlled Power Strip with USB and Wi-Fi
Control your power strip remotely via your phone
€ 38.70
Remote Controlled Power Switch with Wi-Fi
Control the power switch remotely via your phone
€ 17.40
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 107
Handle with Attachable Straps
Stig Hanssen
Provides a handle for large objects
€ 14.60
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 43.60
Withings Temporal Thermometer
Fast and hygienic thermometer
€ 97
Survival Radio DAB+/FM
Digital radio with a hand crank, solar cells and a torch
€ 125
Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml Dispenser
Proven to be effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria
€ 7.30
Foldable Reading Glasses with a keyring, Brown
Fold them up and put them on your keyring
€ 14.60
€ 19.30
Small Stainless Steel Barbecue Brush
An effective brush for small barbecues
€ 8.20
Tarpaulin Clips
Holdon Systems
Self-locking clips that can be repositioned
From € 4.70
Ironing Mat
Turn your kitchen table into an ironing board
€ 34.50
Zipper Puller, Shapes
Mend a broken zipper and give it a new look
€ 6.70
Zip Puller
Mend your zipper with a new puller
€ 4.80
Snag Wizard
Catch and fix snags
€ 4.80
Snake Phone Holder
Flexible stand for phones and cameras
€ 27.70
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 18
Powerbank with Qi Charging
Charge your phone wirelessly
From € 22.20
Cut-Resistant Work Gloves
Comfortable protective gloves with a secure grip
€ 9.60
Towel Loops Pack of Five
New loops for your towel
€ 5.30
Hydrotac Stick-on Reading Lenses for your Glasses
Attach reading lenses to your sunglasses
€ 25.70
GPS strap MiniFinder Nano
A practical personal alarm with fall-detection and live tracking
€ 252
Sealant Smoother
Kenneth Carlsson
Smoothes out the sealant while you work
From € 2.40
Water Canister 10 litres
A foldable food-grade water canister with tap
€ 6.70
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 126
Cable Strap
Bundles up your cables and keeps them tidy
From € 9.20
Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml
Alcohol-free disinfectant for hands and surfaces
€ 6.70
Water Purifying Tablets, pack of 50
Jan Olof Eriksson
Easy water purification at home or when travelling
€ 15.40
Solar Cell Driveway Light
Durable driveway light that withstands loads of up to three tonnes
€ 19.20
Wind-Up Dynamo Torch and Radio
A wind-up torch with lots of clever features
€ 34
Lockable Helmet Cover
Lock your helmet to your bike
€ 37.40
Silwy Magnetic Wine Glasses, pack of two
Award-winning crystal glasses with a magnetic foot
€ 48.50
Silwy Magnetic Crystal Glasses
Beautiful crystal glasses with magnetic coasters
€ 48.50
Silwy Magnetic Plastic Glasses
The glasses stay in place no matter what
From € 28.60
Foldable Reading Glasses with a keyring, Black
Fold them up and put them on your keyring
€ 19.30
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33.50
Magnetic magnifying glass
Keep it handy on the fridge, 2x magnification
€ 7.70
CR1220 Batteries, pack of two
Powerful extra batteries for the mini-light for your jacket
€ 1.80
Hearing Aid Neck Loop
Transfer the audio from your phone, TV and computer to your hearing aid
€ 48
Removable Mooring Compensator
Nils-Erik Bohman
Easy to attach, protects your boat and lines
From € 20.30
Smart Snubber Mooring Compensator
Unimer Marine
Compensators that are easy to fit to your mooring lines
From € 21.30
LED light tweezers
Great LED light tweezers
€ 4.40
Muggi Cup & Mug Holder
A mug holder for four cups that avoids spilling
€ 22.20
Solar Lamp Little Sun Diamond
A bright lamp that charges quickly in the sun
€ 33.90
Fixclip Mini Clothes Pegs, pack of 16
Pontus Göth and Göran Ewerlöf
Clothes pegs that can withstand storms
€ 5.70
Ice Grips with Velcro
Easy-to-use ice grips
€ 7.70
Milk Carton Handle
A stable grip that makes it easy to pour milk
€ 5.30
Portable Washing Machine
The Scrubba makes it easy to wash while travelling
From € 41.20
Åsa Magnusson
A practical belt that turns into a life jacket in three seconds
€ 78
Åsa Magnusson
Pocket-sized inflatable lifebuoy
€ 58
Lifeline with Lifebuoy
Åsa Magnusson
Easy to throw and inflates as it touches the water
€ 48.40
Pot Strainer
A flat strainer that is easy to store
€ 26.10
Automatic night-lighting system
Peter Jungvid
Prevents falls at night
From € 281
From € 425
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 38.70
D or LR20 Batteries, 2-pack
Powerful flashlight batteries
€ 3.50
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 6.30
Rechargeable AAA batteries, 4-pack
Replaces typical alkaline batteries
€ 15.40
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 31.90
Apple Watch Charging Stand
Keep an eye on the time when you are in bed
From € 58
Shoe studs
Durable metal studs to be screwed onto the shoe
€ 31.10
Vibrating alarm clock
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up with powerful vibrations
€ 86
Wallet finder
Find your wallet with the help of your mobile phone
€ 38.30
Anti-slip heel device
Sturdy anti-slip heel device with strong grip
€ 18.90
Juice box holder, 4-pack
Annika & Niclas Öhberg
Spill prevention for small juice boxes with straws
€ 14.50
Sound enhancer for the TV, telephone and conversations
Peter Jungvid
A cutting-edge sound enhancer that aids you in your hearing
€ 291
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From € 97
Non-slip paint for socks and slippers
Create nice, non-slip patterns on your socks and slippers
€ 9.60
Wooden yarn bowl
Smart holder for your yarn balls
€ 37.40
Hövding 3
Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 340
24-pack AAA batteries
Family pack AAA batteries
€ 9.60
Sewing needle with smart needle eye, 24-pack
€ 8.60
Reflective stickers
Attach reflectors to your things
€ 4.80
Pocket shower
Shower where you want to
€ 32.50
Alarm clock with radio & portable Qi-charger
Charging station, Bluetooth speaker & Power bank
€ 48.50
€ 73
Strap with quick release buckle
Hardwearing and easy to use
From € 7.30
Travel Daypack
A light, strong and flexible backpack
€ 28.60
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.60
Ergonomic garden trowel
Martin Enkler och Ove Hammarberg
Good grip, power from the entire arm
€ 7.80
Elastic repair patch
Permanent repair for tears and holes
€ 19.30
Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From € 6.70
Grip holders for plastic bottles
Magnus Almqvist
Ergonomic grip holder for large plastic bottles
€ 4.80
Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From € 87
Spork Eating Utensil
Joachim Nordwall
Spoon, knife and fork in one
€ 3.40
Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp
Mattis Bernstone
Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
€ 33.90
Visible current USB cable
Erik Tutzauer
See the current through the cable
From € 22.20
Waterproof Mini Bag 1 litre
Protects your phone and other personal items
€ 10.70
Rain Cover for Children's Bicycle Seats
Keep your child's seat dry on the bike
€ 8.70
Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
From € 19.30
Protective Bed Cover
Soft and comfortable protection in brushed cotton
From € 14.50
Cooler for Box Wine
Christina Nordin Cumtell
Keeps your wine box cool
€ 19.20
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A practical portable urinal for the big and small
From € 17.40
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
From € 5.70
Repair patches for jeans
Repair jeans without needle and thread
From € 2.70
Sugru - fixer's putty
Fixes worn out cords, handles and much more!
From € 9.60
Foot brush for the shower
Wash your feet without slipping
€ 14.50
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 27.10
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