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Smart technical products which make everyday life easier

Browse our range of clever technology. Check out all our fun technological gadgets or use the categories to find exactly what you're looking for. Smart mobile phone accessories, speakers & headphones and a wide range of practical security products. We also have clever technology solutions for your car, boat, camper van and caravan!

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Swedhook Universal Hook 3-pack
Dennis Eriksson
The portable universal hook
€ 4.70
Tarpaulin Clips
Holdon Systems
Self-locking clips that can be repositioned
From € 4.60
Soap leaves for laundry
50 thin laundry wash leaves
€ 6.20
Zip Puller
Mend your zipper with a new puller
€ 4.70
Reflective stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
€ 6.60
Alcohol-free Hand Sanitizer Spray 100 ml
Alcohol-free disinfectant for hands and surfaces
€ 8.50
Pocket hand-wash
50 paper-thin soap leaves for freshening up on the go
€ 6.20
Bondic - Liquid Plastic Welder
Bond, build, fix and fill. Hardens in 4 seconds
€ 28.60
Non-slip paint for socks and slippers
Create nice, non-slip patterns on your socks and slippers
€ 8.50
Spoke reflectors
36 reflectors making you visible on your bike
€ 9.50
Wooden yarn bowl
Smart holder for your yarn balls
€ 33.80
Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml Dispenser
Proven to be effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria
€ 11.40
Solar-powered bilge pump
Efficient Bilge pump for small open boats
€ 76
Power Bank with Dynamo Hand Crank
A perfect extra battery in the case of a power outage
€ 38.20
Vacuum bags for clothing, pillows & duvets
Pack bulky textiles down flat and airtight
From € 5.70
Windfree, noise-dampening ear protectors
Dag Nordström
Smart ear protectors that filters out wind noise
€ 28.60
A Breathing Mask for your Keyring
Minimizes contact during mouth-to-mouth resuscitation
€ 5.30
GPS tracker, MaxiTracker
Waterproof GPS tracker with long battery life
€ 95
Microwave Bacon Tray
Quickly whip up some delicious crispy bacon
€ 23.90
Drywall tool
Easy to measure and drywall
€ 57
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A practical portable urinal for the big and small
From € 17.10
Inflatable car seat cushion
Perfect for travelling, easy to take with you!
€ 57
Juice box holder, 4-pack
Annika & Niclas Öhberg
Spill prevention for small juice boxes with straws
€ 11.80
MOB Rescue Line
Odd Lindqvist
Easy Access Rescue Line at Sea
€ 91
Wind Guard for Mobile Headsets
Jessica Brown & Stina Grälls
Minimizes background noise and disruptive winds
€ 4.70
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 43
Embedded speaker with FM radio
Wireless music in your home
From € 353
Fuga Collapsible Bicycle Helmet
Safe, award-winning and collapsible
€ 120
Wave-driven bilge pump
Peter Nilsson
The Länsman keeps the boat dry without needing power
€ 55
Dog ramp for cars
Protect the paws of your old friend
From € 71
Crutch Holder XCLIP
Simplifies everyday life with crutches
€ 20.60
Portable Washing Machine
The Scrubba makes it easy to wash while travelling
From € 40.70
Spider Catcher
Easily catch spiders and release them
€ 16.80
Smart Pepper Spray
Carl Ljung & Henrik Frisk
Sends location to emergency contacts, sounds alarm & flashes lights
€ 37.30
Backpack for Runners
Practical backpack that sits sturdily on your back
€ 144
Digital swimming thermometer
See the temperature from the edge of the dock
€ 9.10
Elastic Shoelaces with reflectors
Slide into your shoes without needing to tie them
€ 13.90
Champagne Opener with a Handle
Open champagne bottles and crack nuts
€ 23.50
Milk Carton Handle
A stable grip that makes it easy to pour milk
€ 5.30
USB Cable With Visible Flowing Current
Erik Tutzauer
Watch the current flow through the cable
From € 19.10
Foldable Reading Glasses, ThinOptics
Fold them up and put them on your keyring
€ 23.90
Magnet ball to fight calcium deposits
Removes calcium deposits
€ 21.60
Silwy Magnetic Crystal Glasses
Beautiful crystal glasses with magnetic coasters
€ 46.80
Bags for potatoes and onions
Keeps produce fresh longer and stops sprouting
€ 9.90
Rock Wedge
Billy Jacquet
Moor safely even if the wind changes
€ 57
"Autoparktime" Automatic Parking Pass
Gösta Söderberg & Sven Linnman
Parking pass that records parking times
From € 39.80
Collapsible Bicycle Helmet Loop
Takes up 45% less space in the bag
€ 86
Finger Protection for Nailing
Protects & gives a better control - easy to nail straight
€ 9.50
Foot file board
industrial designer Björn-Åke Sköld in collaboration with medical expertise
Ergonomic foot file that stands stable on the floor
€ 18.70
Alarm clock for heavy sleepers
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up effectively with vibrations and a loud sound
From € 86
Ergonomic weeder
Martin Enkler
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.10
FiberFix Repair Wrap
100 times stronger than gaffer tape
From € 15.20
Wallet finder
Find your wallet with the help of your mobile phone
€ 37.80
Flexible Dishcloth Holder with Magnet
Easy to attach, forms to the shape of your sink
€ 17.70
Pot Strainer
A flat strainer that is easy to store
€ 21
Silicone coaster
6 coasters with anti-slip coating and lovely motifs
€ 20.60
Silwy Magnetic Wine Glasses, pack of two
Award-winning crystal glasses with a magnetic foot
€ 46.80
BellPal Safety Watch
David Ziemsky
A safety alarm with a built-in fall detector
€ 285
Gas alarm
Sounds the alarm quickly when harmful gasses are detected
€ 38.10
Muggi Cup & Mug Holder
A mug holder for four cups that avoids spilling
€ 13.40
Foldable shopping trolley
Assists you when you shop, easy to fold and store away
€ 90
Octopus Shampoo and Bottle Holder
Jens Widerberg
The octopus that keeps the shower tidy
€ 24.50
Cooler for Box Wine
Christina Nordin Cumtell
Keeps your wine box cool
From € 19
Mobile Photo Printer
An easy and portable printer for the mobile phone
€ 144
€ 163
Puzzle Mat
Makes it easy to move large puzzles
€ 18.10
Toast Bag 2-pack
Toast hot sandwiches brimming with fillings right in the toaster
€ 4.70
ZlideOn - slider for zips
Sven & Jens Leveau
Fix your broken zip
From € 7.70
Pipinette container for trips
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A small & practical travel holder
€ 15.20
Car bin
Keep the back-seat tidy
From € 12
Flic - a shortcut button for your apps
Amir Sharifat, Pranav Kosuri och Joacim Westlund
A shortcut to your favourite apps
€ 25.90
€ 33.40
Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench
A single tool to replace multiple socket wrenches
From € 24.80
Short USB cable
Stylish and practical charger
From € 11.50
From € 14.30
Key finder
Johannes Nilsson
Find your keys
€ 14.60
€ 18.10
Reflective badge
Fashionable reflexes that are visible from a distance
€ 14.30
Remote Control for Air Heat Pump and AC
Control remotely from your mobile phone, tablet and computer
€ 153
Spork, Titanium
Joachim Nordwall
The ultimate camping cutlery
€ 18.10
Biodegradable Waterproofing Spray
Award-winning waterproofing spray made in Sweden
€ 18.70
Cord wrap for headphones
Christina Valentin, Joanna Schmidt och Maria Bohe
Keeps your cords in place
€ 10.50
€ 13.40
Measuring card
Keep track of your measurements
€ 5.70
Shopping bag in reflective fabric
Reflective shopping bag that fits in your pocket
€ 23.90
Solar Powerbank
Powerful portable battery with two charging sockets
From € 77
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 6.70
Toe warmer
Stays warm for 6 hours
€ 2.90
Vibrating alarm clock
Peter Jungvid
Wakes you up with powerful vibrations
€ 77
Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
€ 19.10
Fixclip Mini Clothes Pegs, pack of 16
Pontus Göth and Göran Ewerlöf
Clothes pegs that can withstand storms
€ 5.70
Foldable tote bag
Hangs sturdily on your bicycle
From € 8.10
Glasses finder
Find your misplaced glasses with the help of your phone
€ 37.80
Grip pad
Grip tricky lids with ease
€ 6.20
Jar opener
Open jars easily
€ 6.30
Magnetic kitchen timer
Strong attachment & clear minute hand
€ 20.10
Medicine organiser Curebit
Marika Ördell
Flexible and innovative dosage organiser
€ 22.90
Screwdriver bits for hooks and screw eyes
Mikael Ohlsson
Screw hooks and nuts in no time at all
From € 20.02
From € 28.60
Silicone Toilet Brush
Cleans efficiently
€ 37.80
Swetrack Lite GPS-tracker
Stefan Lundvall
Advanced live tracking in user-friendly app
€ 47.80
Wall lamp with shelf and USB port
Practical reading lamp for your bedroom or reading corner
€ 107
Cable Strap
Bundles up your cables and keeps them tidy
From € 9.10
Candle cleaner
Billy Jacquet
Removes the wax from the candle holder
€ 23.80
Hand warmer
Warm your hands quickly
€ 1.44
€ 2.90
Mini light for your jacket
Light up your jacket, your bag or your dog!
€ 1
Reflective Gloves
Warm gloves with CE certified reflectors
€ 59
Tablet Stand
Flexible holder for tablets and mobile phones
€ 12
€ 15.10
Touchscreen Patches for Gloves
Keep your gloves on when using your phone
€ 14.40
Carabiner hook with combination lock
Ulrika Nordenstam
Hang up your things and keep them safe
€ 14.30
Collapsible mobile holder
Tomas Mollander
Steady grip on your mobile
€ 19.10
Cooling Water Pillow
Fill with water and cool off feverish foreheads
€ 14.30
Foldable Picker
Pick up bits and pieces easily
€ 21.60
Portable, comfortable and easy to tie up
€ 50
€ 66
Handlebar Phone Mount
Sturdy mount for all kinds of smartphones
€ 15.20
Sture Milling
Easy pills and tablets
€ 19.10
Power bank with power outlet
Powerful and portable power source
€ 199
Snag Wizard
Catch and fix snags
€ 4.70
Solar Panel Lamp Little Sun
5 hours in the sun gives up to 50 hours of light
€ 25.80
Spiral Storage Basket
Lis-Beth Deniti
Stylish basket for home and garden
€ 7.20
€ 9.50
Super magnet
Strong mini magnet that can hold 1.8 kg
From € 10.50
Survival radio FM/AM
Solar and dynamo charged
€ 94
SweTrack GPS Track Transmitter
Stefan Lundvall
Powerful track transmitter for your car, boat or caravan
From € 383
Telescopic Magnet
Magnet with a long range
€ 14.80
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 95
USB charger
Charge your USB devices in a wall port
From € 9.50
Wheelfix - Holder for tire changing
Lars Elgestål
Holds the tire in place and saves your back!
€ 14.30
Zipper Puller, Shapes
Mend a broken zipper and give it a new look
€ 6.60
Back scratcher
Scratch those itches you can't reach
€ 6.20
Boot jack with shoe horn
Pascal Charmolu
Robust and easy to store
€ 28.60
Cavius Travel Alarm
Smoke detector, motion alarm & assault alarm
€ 43
Go'Kid Sleep Stickers for stuffy noses
Attach to the pyjamas to help with breathing
€ 5.70
€ 7.10
Hat Light
Attach the light to your visor
€ 8.50
Åsa Magnusson
Pocket-sized inflatable lifebuoy
€ 57
Lifeline Escape Rope
Peter Svedestrand
Escape line with harness and friction brake
From € 153
Mini screwdrivers
Precision screwdriver for the smallest screws
€ 9.10
€ 12.50
Multi Cable Holder
Organizes power cords and keeps your desk clean
€ 14.40
The Pill Bottle
Ylva Kassander
Stainless steel, air- and watertight
€ 16.30
€ 20.10
Wrist Warmer
Warms the hands at the office or on a walk
€ 14.30
Bicycle Poncho FreeSight
Eva Lindborg
Stay safe and dry while cycling
€ 43.10
€ 57
Collapsible stand
Small and practical stand for your smart phone or tablet
€ 3.10
Collapsible stand for iPads
Stands steadily, easy to bring in your bag
€ 19.10
Digital tape measure
Easy to use and read
€ 33.40
Extremely strong, durable and weather resistant
From € 13.90
Heated cushion
Emma Hällström
Easy to bring along, heat with USB
€ 115
€ 172
Holder for fishing tackle
Dan Näslund
Practical   storage for your fishing rod
€ 9.50
Åsa Magnusson
A practical belt that turns into a life jacket in three seconds
€ 77
Mobile phone bag for uninterrupted socialising
Screen calls & for quality time around the dinner table
€ 19
Pocket Chainsaw
Saw through trees and branches, fits in your pocket
€ 47.40
Rain Cover for Children's Bicycle Seats
Keep your child's seat dry on the bike
€ 8.60
Reflective lamp
Ensure you're visible from far away
€ 9.50
Smart mini-lamps
David Axelsson, Victor Kabo, Henrik Lindehäll & Fredrik Lindström
Strong mini-lamps with long lasting battery life
€ 6.20
€ 9.50
Waterproof Backpack with Light
Kourosh Mohajeri & Tezha Mohajeri
Waterproof backpack with bright LED lights
€ 144
AddPocket Slim Fanny Pack
Malin Snäcke
Perfect for exercising
€ 17.10
Combination padlock with wire
Practical padlock with long wire
€ 16.80
Environmentally smart car wash kit
Elisa & Niclas Wilhelmsson
Environmentally-friendly and water-saving vehicle wash
€ 26.30
Gorilla glue
Bloody good glue!
€ 12.40
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 28.60
LED slap band
Glow in the dark LED light and reflective
€ 16.80
Long USB cable
Practical and stylish 2.5 metre nylon cable
€ 31.50
Magnetic Reflector
Easily attached with magnetic mount
€ 6.60
Mineral magnet
Put an end to lime build-up
€ 32.10
Miniature magnifying glass
A debit card sized magnifying glass
€ 2.40
Netted bag
Rinses, scrubs and chills
€ 12.50
Reflective Umbrella
Protects you against rain and makes you visible
€ 37.80
Removable Handle for Showers & Baths
Removable safety handle for the bathroom
€ 28.70
Safety blanket
Fast aid to prevent hypothermia
€ 3.80
Self zip - for when you can't reach the zipper on your back
Inga Lind
For dresses and blouses that have a zip on the back
€ 12.40
Snake Phone Holder
Flexible stand for phones and cameras
€ 27.30
Solar Lamp Little Sun Diamond
A bright lamp that charges quickly in the sun
€ 33.40
Theft-safe backpack and briefcase
Safe-keeping for your valuables
€ 104
Travelling fire- and door-alarm
A more secure overnight stay
€ 23.40
Umbrella with reflective edge
Make yourself visible in traffic, small and handy
€ 13.90
2-pack freezer pouch
Water absorbent cool pouch for keeping things cold
€ 5.70
Adjustable Board Hooks
Paulina Kolm
A simple hanging board without the need for drills
€ 3.70
Anti-Theft Backpack
Keeps pickpockets at bay
€ 86
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.30
Breathalyser FCA45 with Bluetooth
Quick and reliable results
€ 95
€ 124
Cable holder
Multi-purpose cable clips for cords and more
€ 14.40
Cable management box
Keep your cables organised in this non-flammable box
From € 28.30
Cane shoe with ice spike
Staffan Skeppstedt
Stable grip with a collapsible ice spike
€ 11.40
Cracked Heel Socks
Helps to soften dry, cracked heels
€ 18.70
Lockable Helmet Cover
Lock your helmet to your bike
€ 36.90
Osnodd Safety Cord
Petra Wadström
Stops pickpockets in their tracks
€ 6.50
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 28.20
Reflective paint roll-on 50 ml
Carina Lind
Reflective roll-on for fabric
€ 14.80
Reflective stickers
Attach reflectors to your things
€ 4.70
Sand resistant beach rug
Practical rug for camping or at the seaside
From € 67
Silwy Magnetic Beakers
The beakers stay in place no matter what
From € 28.30
Solar Lantern
Foldable, waterproof and long-lasting
€ 23.90
Towel Loops Pack of Five
New loops for your towel
€ 5.30
Triple USB Supercharger
A family charger for the car and boat
€ 12.40
Tube squeezer, 2-pack
Rune Andersson
Squeeze out what's left in your tube
€ 3.80
Zacky Cargo Bag for Cars
Mats Rabe, Gunnar Andreen, Kristian Nilsson
Protects your luggage compartment
€ 23.50
A backpack on your keyring!
A light, strong and flexible pack
€ 28.30
A Miniature Multi-Tool
Everything you need to be a true MacGyver
€ 12.90
Alarm clock with radio & portable Qi-charger
Charging station, Bluetooth speaker & Power bank
€ 57
€ 72
Control unit for all smart homes, Animus Heart
Collects your smart home systems in one place
€ 158
€ 182
Cut-Resistant Work Gloves
Comfortable protective gloves with a secure grip
€ 9.50
Elastic repair patch
Permanent repair for tears and holes
€ 19.10
Fabric pill remover
Remove pills from your clothes without damaging them
€ 12.40
Gift Wrapping Tool 4-pack
Holds wrapping paper in place and cuts straight
€ 23.90
Kupu Fire Alarm
Stylish, safe, and easy to mount
€ 38.20
Magnetic bracelet for crafters
Magnetic bracelet that keeps track of nuts and bolts
€ 17.10
Magnifying glass with LED lights
Magnify and illuminate
€ 12.90
Rechargeable Bicycle Lamp
Mattis Bernstone
Portable bicycle lamp with bright light
€ 33.40
Reflective Hat
Warm reflective hat made of 100% merino wool
€ 67
Safety Step
Kenneth Carlsson
A step to help you out of the water
€ 7.60
Sewing needle with smart needle eye, 24-pack
€ 8.50
TRON Disposable potty for children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.40
Water Purifying Tablets, pack of 50
Jan Olof Eriksson
Easy water purification at home or when travelling
€ 15.20
Waterproof shoe covers
Reusable and portable
€ 13.90
Wind-Up Dynamo Torch and Radio
A wind-up torch with lots of clever features
€ 33.50
2 in 1 - Battery Charger and Power Bank
Charges both your batteries and Powerbank
€ 28.70
€ 33.40
Battery free bicycle lights
Always have a light on your bicycle
€ 54
Blood alcohol tester FCA35
Reliable and easy to use
€ 124
Cable Holder for Power Tools
Louise Peterson
Keep your cords neat and out of the way!
€ 6.50
Drying pad "DryDock"
A quick-drying pad for your washing up
€ 17.70
Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
€ 31.10
Ergonomic kitchen scissors
Göran Ygfors
Sharp scissors that open themselves after every cut
€ 23.90
Ironing Mat
Turn your kitchen table into an ironing board
€ 34.10
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33
Purifying water bottle
Purifies water from taps and watercourses
From € 53
RFID Protection for Wallets
Protects your credit cards from skimming
€ 14.40
Shoe studs
Durable metal studs to be screwed onto the shoe
€ 30.70
Smart Snubber Mooring Compensator
Unimer Marine
Compensators that are easy to fit to your mooring lines
From € 21
Table lamp with speaker & Qi charging
Shines, plays music and charges your phone
€ 34
Transport Straps 2-pack
Give a good grip and hold up to 900 kg
€ 9.50
Travalo perfume bottle
Favourite perfume in your pocket
€ 14.30
US to EU adapter
Use American electronics in Europe
€ 3.40
ZipHolder, fly holder
Lisa Sjövall
Keeps your fly zipped up
€ 3.70
Anti-slip heel device
Sturdy anti-slip heel device with strong grip
€ 18.70
Are we there yet?
Karin Brandin Samuelsson
Educational route pointer for children
€ 7.70
Armband with Panic Alarm
Chafic Aschberg Dallé
A discreet alarm kept close at hand
€ 15.20
Automatic night-lighting system
Peter Jungvid
Prevents falls at night
From € 419
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 26.70
Bottle opener for twist-on caps
Helps to open caps that won't budge
€ 5.70
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 124
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 76
Ergonomic bread knife
Göran Ygfors
Sharp knife with extra cutting power
€ 22.90
Foldable stool with cold storage
Easy to fold, up to 100 kg
€ 34.40
Foot Warmer
Warm feet all day
€ 5.10
Grip holders for plastic bottles
Magnus Almqvist
Ergonomic grip holder for large plastic bottles
€ 4.70
Heat wrap
Eva Lundkvist
Warming pad with tie for your neck, back and stomach
€ 34.40
Luminous Tire Valves 2-pack
Safety and fun while cycling in the dark
€ 7.60
Mosquito trap with camping lamp
Rechargeable camping lantern, mosquito trap & torch
€ 31.10
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