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Innovator Benny and His Colleagues

About 30 percent of our over 800 products are Swedish innovations. This diversity is quite a distinction for us and something we are incredibly proud of.

From our very beginnings in 2006, our goal has always been to offer various smart things that are different from the crowd and will help make everyday life a bit easier and more fun. The original smart thing was the Alligator tear-free onion chopper, first created by Benny Engdahl. Benny is one of our many, many skilled innovators who have chosen to present their unique creation to the world through us here at SmartaSaker.

Solutions big and small

Benny Engdahl had a simple idea: he thought it should be possible to cut onions without stinging eyes or irritating tears — the innovative result was the Alligator. The idea that everyday or even straightforward tasks can be made simpler and better is the common theme across all of our Swedish innovators and their myriad inventions.

It’s why our customers so often come to us with the frequent rejoinder: “this is just the thing I’ve been missing!” From a yoghurt holder that keeps your fridge tidy and organized, a fire extinguisher that keeps you safe without mucking up your home, the Hövding helmet, which is the world’s very first bicycle helmet equipped with airbag technology, or any of our many other smart things — these are solutions for things big and small, and sometimes things you didn’t even know you were looking for.

Each of our items works to solve some problem. Whether it’s an everyday issue or a big challenge, we believe in the strength of good ideas to make our lives easier, better, and more convenient.


Exciting meetings

Over the years we have had the immense pleasure of working with various inventor associations and other organizations in the same or similar fields. We cannot even begin to express the excitement that comes with learning about the hard work, courage, and sheer determination that stand behind each and every innovation.
We would like to thank all of the innovators who have chosen to collaborate with us in bringing their products to the world. We appreciate your confidence and look forward to forging new and positive relationships with your colleagues who are currently working on the next smart thing that will bring that touch of grandeur to simple, everyday life.