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Christmas presents and gift ideas for mum

A Christmas present for mum isn’t always the easiest one to find, but here you can find plenty of great options! In our large assortment, you can find plenty of fun Christmas gift ideas sure to include something mum will love. Discover our smart presents for the home, garden, boat and car, or treat your mum to a luxurious, feel-good Christmas present! The inflatable bathtub Tubble is a perfect Christmas present for mums. It’s self-inflating and is perfect for homes without a bathtub. For the coffee lover, we can recommend the Coffee Measurer. It makes it easy to dispense just the right amount of coffee into the brewer or press. Don’t worry, if your mum prefers tea, there’s our stylish Drosselmeyer Premium tea strainer. It has a sliding and removable lid and is well-suited to the finest teas. We can also suggest Christmas gifts for mums who like to travel, cook, and spend time outdoors in nature. You’ll find unique Christmas gifts for Mum here!


Christmas gift tips mom

  • Oil tealights - Organic tealights that are very unique and burn with the help of ordinary cooking oil. Unlike ordinary tealights, oil tealights emit minimal carbon dioxide and can be composted after use. A simple Christmas present!
  • Vase with bouquet support - Make sure that Mum can create beautiful flower arrangements all year round. This innovative vase gives mums beautiful, big bouquets with only a few flowers.
  • Nano towel for hair-drying - A super absorbent towel specially developed to dry the hair. An excellent gift for Mum. The towel dries the hair in a more efficient way than regular towels and is easy to wrap around the head.
  • Solar flower on a stick - The solar flower sits on a stick and has several LEDs that start to light up when it gets dark. A perfect Christmas present! The hydrangea-like flower is easy to stick into a flowerbed and is really nice to place among trees, flowers and shrubs.
  • Magnetic drinking glasses in crystal - These glasses stand firmly on their self-adhesive and magnetic coasters even if the surface is inclined and the wind is blowing. Really smart for a caravan or on a boat.
  • Indoor herb garden - Perfect for indoor cultivation! This will prolong the shelf life of Mum’s fresh herbs from the store. The lighting mimics real sunlight and gives the plants extra light during the dark winter days.
  • Magnetic bracelet for DIY’ers - A smart bracelet with strong magnets means that Mum won’t have to hold nails and screws with her mouth! The magnetic bracelet is fastened around the wrist and is perfect for DIY enthusiasts.
  • Electric lighter Deluxe - A rechargeable electric lighter that Mum can use to light candles and turn on the gas stove. Instead of gas, the lighter has rechargeable batteries.
  • Wallet finder - The best Christmas present is probably helping Mum not to lose her wallet. The wallet finder is a small card that allows Mum to easily find her wallet. The card can be stored alongside your mum’s other cards, and if she loses her wallet, she can make the card emit a strong beep so that she can quickly find it.
  • Extendable brush for nail polish - If she has a half-empty nail polish bottle, it can be difficult to take advantage of the last bit of nail polish. The brush is usually too short to reach the bottom, and it can be very annoying to let expensive nail polish go to waste. This makes this the perfect Christmas present for Mum!
  • Book lamp - This small book lamp with a bendable neck will allow Mum to clamp the lamp to a book when she needs extra light. The book lamp is perfect to take on long journeys by car, bus and plane.
  • Fire extinguisher with carbon dioxide cartridge - Unlike a powder extinguisher, the gas is non-toxic and doesn’t destroy furnishings or food. The fire extinguisher should be present in all homes and is powered by the same type of carbon dioxide cartridge that is used to make carbonated water. The gas lowers the temperature in the flames and drives away the oxygen so that the fire is suffocated.
  • Lapiglove makeup remover - An innovative microfiber makeup remover glove that washes away all makeup with just water. With Lapiglove, Mum won’t need to use cotton pads or soap and is perfect if she has allergies or sensitive skin.


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Wooden yarn bowl
Smart holder for your yarn balls
€ 37.50
Large Bird Feeder for Windows
Transparent bird feeder for small birds
€ 16.54
€ 23.30
Bottle candle holder
Emelie Nilsson
Turn your glass bottle into a candleholder
€ 9.70
Book lamp
Weighs little and clamps on tight
€ 17.10
Premium LED antique candle 2-pack
Realistic flickering flame
€ 27.80
Satake frying pan in lightweight cast iron
Lightweight cast iron frying pan with amazing cooking properties
From € 34
HEXA wooden knife magnets
Ola Särén
Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
From € 107
Rain cover for shoes and trousers
Olle Mattsson
Stay dry on the way to and from work
€ 28.80
Electric blanket
Large soft blanket with six temperature settings
€ 58
Extendable Nail Polish Brush
Ulla E Ramstedt
Use the entire contents of your nail polish
€ 5.80
Relaxback, fold-up back rest
Anette Larsson
Sit comfortably at your outing
€ 58
Electric warming mat
Soft and warm mat for your feet
€ 41.80
Mushroom bag
Kerstin Gunnarsson
Foldable basket that fits in the pocket of your coat
€ 24.90
Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From € 77
Inflatable Bathtub Tubble
For everyone that does not have a bathtub, but still wants to relax in one
€ 165
Blister-Prevention Sports Socks
Perfect for exercising, hiking and long-distance running
€ 38.90
Musical egg timer
A perfect egg with lovely notes
From € 19.40
Premium LED Block Candles
Lights up your home and creates a cosy lighting
From € 20.50
Looftlighter - Grill- & fire-lighter
Richard Looft
Perfect and fast glow without lighter fluid
€ 68
Spider Catcher
Easily catch spiders and release them
€ 17.10
Glowing golf balls
Keep playing in the dark
€ 29
Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
€ 97
Pink Boxing ball
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
In support of the Swedish Breast Cancer Association
€ 25.20
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 107
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 126
Battery powered candle with darkness sensor
Pretty candles for outdoor use
From € 12.20
Lap tray with rubber surface
Harald Hynell
Lap tray ideal for laptop, breakfast and dinner
From € 43.90
Shellfish Cracker Drosselmeyer
Oscar Löwenhielm & Erik von Schoultz
Effective shell cracker
€ 44.80
ThinOptics fold-flat sunglasses
Cool sunglasses that fit in your pocket
€ 97
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.70
Reflective Tassel
Katarina Sjöblom och Carin Ahlberg Giddings
Elegant tassel in soft reflective material
€ 13.50
Talking egg cooker
Cooks both runny and hard-boiled eggs at the same time
€ 37.90
Vase with bouquet support
Pascal Charmolu
Suitable for bouquets and single flowers
From € 38
From € 48.60
Foot file board
industrial designer Björn-Åke Sköld in collaboration with medical expertise
Ergonomic foot file that stands stable on the floor
€ 19
Carrying Strap for Skis
Leaves your hands completely free
€ 14.50
Cooler for Box Wine
Christina Nordin Cumtell
Keeps your wine box cool
€ 19.30
Magnetic bracelet for crafters
Magnetic bracelet that keeps track of nuts and bolts
€ 17.40
Sleep mask with wireless headphones
Perfect for when you want to take a nap
€ 26.20
Squatty Potty collapsible toilet stool
Gives you an optimal sitting position on the toilet
€ 33.60
Outdoor table lamp
Waterproof outdoor table lamp for balcony & patio table
€ 77
Self zip - for when you can't reach the zipper on your back
Inga Lind
For dresses and blouses that have a zip on the back
€ 12.60
Bottle top herb planters, 3-pack
Grow seeds and cuttings in your empty bottles
€ 10.70
Fastgrip ski carrier with wall mount
Krister Ruth
A complete kit to carry and store cross-country skis
€ 25.10
Glass sprouting jar
Easy to grow nutritious sprouts
€ 19.50
Coffee Sieve
Cup of coffee ready in just four minutes!
€ 20.50
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 29.10
Oil Burning Candles
Angel Velitchkov
Beautiful, smart and environmentally friendly
€ 9.30
Solar-powered Glass Lantern
Romantic lights for gardens and balconies
€ 14.50
Stainless steel lunch box
Oven, microwave and warming cabinet safe
From € 29.10
Drosselmeyer Tea Strainer
Erik von Schoultz
Tea strainer for fine-leaf teas
€ 15.60
Satake Sauté Pan in Lightweight Cast Iron
Fantastic sauté pot in non-stick cast iron
€ 92
Automatic soap dispenser Otto
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 43.80
Decorative lighting with timer
Lovely lights made of white sandstone
€ 29.10
Foldable shopping trolley
Assists you when you shop, easy to fold and store away
€ 97
Premium electric lighter
Premium electrical lighter with rechargeable battery
€ 31.70
Sagaform Cheese Dome
An elegant cheese tray with a protective cover
€ 38.90
Tea Strainer Drosselmeyer Premium
Erik von Schoultz
Elegant tea strainer, even for the finest tea leaves
€ 33.60
Heatable scarf
Eva Lundkvist
Heatable scarf to tie around your neck, back and stomach
€ 35
Reflective Gloves
Warm gloves with CE certified reflectors
€ 60
Reflective touchscreen gloves
Warm touch gloves with a reflective pattern
€ 38.90
Fruit and vegetable bags
Mia Ekblad
Replaces plastic bags when you're food shopping
From € 2.80
My Gardening Handbook
My Gardening Handbook for your own plants and flowers
€ 29.80
Waterproof shoe covers
Reusable and portable
€ 14.10
Battery powered fairy lights, Tube
Lights up and gives life to an old bottle
From € 4.80
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 28.80
Large Baking Mat with Measurements
Anna Hägerstedt
Bake without your dough sticking.
€ 56
Oil Burning Candles 4-pack
Angel Velitchkov
The light bearers
€ 9.30
Travalo perfume bottle
Favourite perfume in your pocket
€ 14.50
Armband with Panic Alarm
Chafic Aschberg Dallé
A discreet alarm kept close at hand
€ 15.50
Solar Cell Flower on a Stick, Hydrangea
Looks great day and night
€ 28.20
Hybrid grill
Grill with electricity or charcoal
€ 68
Indoor Grow Box
Grow your own salad or extend the shelf life of your herbs
€ 73
Springyard Hand warmers
Get warm fast. Reusable.
€ 6.80
Fabric and linen spray
An environmentally friendly fabric and linen spray that freshens your clothes
€ 8.70
Hydrotac Stick-on Reading Lenses for your Glasses
Attach reading lenses to your sunglasses
€ 25.80
Lapiglove Makeup Removal
Cleans thoroughly with just water
€ 18
Reflective Umbrella
Protects you against rain and makes you visible
€ 38.50
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 58
Solar Lantern
Foldable, waterproof and long-lasting
€ 24.30
Fabric pill remover
Remove pills from your clothes without damaging them
€ 12.60
Knife tool for hunting and fishing
Jaffar Amini
With the seven different functions you won’t have to bring multiple tools
€ 243
Rose Gloves
Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns
€ 23.90
Silwy Magnetic Crystal Glasses
Beautiful crystal glasses with magnetic coasters
€ 48.70
Wallet finder
Find your wallet with the help of your mobile phone
€ 38.50
Back scratcher
Scratch those itches you can't reach
€ 6.30
Bed pocket
Clever storage compartment for your bed and sofa
From € 21.40
Collapsible mobile holder
Tomas Mollander
Steady grip on your mobile
€ 19.40
Mora Knife with Ignition Steel and Sharpener
Morakniv AB
A super-sharp survival knife with a carbon steel blade
€ 68
Reflective bow
Design: Frida Hardegård
Stylish reflective detail for a coat or jacket
From € 12.20
Solar Cell Path Light, Filippa 50 cm
Casts a cosy light on your path
€ 28.80
AvoSeedo - grow your very own avocado tree!
Follow the avocado from seed to plant
€ 9.30
Bicycle poncho
Smart rain poncho for the city cyclist
€ 136
Coffee Scoop and Clip
A strong bag clip with a practical coffee scoop
€ 12.70
More Than One Story card game
Seth Selleck, Johanna Holden Rosell
The card game that inspires personal stories
€ 9.60
Reusable Metal Straws
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
€ 12.70
ScoopThat Ice Cream Scoop
Perfect scoops of ice cream every time
€ 36
Stainless steel barbecue basket
Perfect for vegetables and seafood
€ 35
Bag Lamp with Sensor
Turns on automatically and shine with a bright light
€ 11.70
€ 13.50
A clever backpack that you can attach to your bike's cargo rack
€ 156
Bokashi Compost bin starter kit
Recycles food waste to soil conditioner extremely high in nutrients
€ 94
Car Seat Pocket
Get things organized
€ 18.50
Conondrum Aerating Wine Carafe
Aerates and oxygenates your wine
From € 43.80
Electric motor for bicycle, Zipforce
Måns Bengtsson
Transforms your normal bicycle into an electric bicycle
€ 584
Hand warmer with power bank
Fast-heating rechargeable hand warmer
€ 48.20
Relieves your back when carrying your baby on the hip
€ 58
LastSwab Beauty Reusable Swab
An environmentally friendly swab for removing and application of make-up
€ 11.60
Mittens with Reflex
Warm gloves that make you visibile in traffic
€ 48.60
Nordic walking poles with suspension
BungyPump of Sweden
Go for a walk no matter the season, and combine strength with stamina
€ 92
Puzzle Mat
Makes it easy to move large puzzles
€ 18.40
Tree kit
Grow your own indoor tree
€ 30.70
Backpack for Runners
Practical backpack that sits sturdily on your back
€ 156
Long reflector band
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Long reflector band for a bag or a leash
€ 19.40
Neck warmer GoS Extreme
Anna-Lena Engman & Anette Jonsson
Keep your neck and throat warm. 100% merino wool
€ 29.20
Waterproof shoulder bag
Lightweight and flexible bag that keeps your possessions dry
€ 29
Wine cork with vacuum pump
Extends the shelf life of an opened wine bottle
€ 13.50
Deluxe hamburger press
Perfect burgers all the time
€ 38.50
Drosselmeyer Orb Candlestick
Erik von Schoultz
Cast iron candlestick that lets your candles burn down completely
€ 28.80
Hövding 3
Anna Haupt & Terese Alstin
The world's safest bike helmet with an airbag
€ 341
KAI Bread knife
Cut freshly baked bread with Japanese precision
From € 93
Malleable vase
Adjust the vase to fit your bouquet.
€ 8.50
Travel pillow with a hood
Lina Linér and Stefan Linér
Inflatable travel pillow with a darkening hood
€ 48.20
Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder
Ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day
€ 24.30
Walnut knee tray with anti-slip function
Harald Hynell
Luxurious knee tray with an anti-slip surface
From € 61
Wrist Warmer
Warms the hands at the office or on a walk
€ 14.50
Bee's wrap - sustainable food wrap
Protects food and covers bowls
From € 8.50
Cast-iron pan for the grill
Perfect for making pizza on the grill
€ 48.20
Collapsible foam roller
The world's first collapsible foam roller
€ 74
Fire starting pine cone, 9-pack
Robert Kraft, David Griff, Jennie Hagman, Jonas Vernström
Fast and efficient fire starter
€ 16.10
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 43.80
Otto automatic foam pump
Smart foam pump for hand soap or hand sanitiser
€ 43.80
Short Tapered Premium LED Candles
15 cm tall, realistic candles
€ 26.20
Bath shelf Tubble
Adjustable bamboo tray for the bath
€ 42.80
Candlestick with a Clamp
Emelie Nilsson
Easy-to-mount cast iron candlestick
€ 54
Cleaning Kit for Trainers
Keep your white trainers white
€ 19.40
Nano towel for your hair
Super absorbent and fast drying
€ 18.40
Pocket Mirror with a Light and a Powerbank
A clever make-up mirror that fits in your pocket
€ 33.60
Champagne Cork with Pump
Keep the bubbles in the bottle
€ 9.60
Coffee measurer
Lars-Erik Jakobsson
Measures coffee and preserves the aroma
€ 12.20
Handheld Clothes Steamer
Fresh and wrinkle-free clothes with steam
€ 31.70
Lap tray
Harald Hynell
For your laptop, breakfast or dinner
From € 43.90
Orbit Key finder
Find your keys with your phone
€ 29
Travel blanket 4 in 1
Poncho-inspired blanket of warm fleece
€ 34
Bee Hotel and Shelf
Igor Nosov
A safe home for wild bees
€ 48.60
Keeps bread fresh for longer
€ 15.40
Carbon steel razor hoe
Laminated blade in Japanese carbon steel
€ 48.20
Desk lamp with alarm clock
Bright reading lamp with alarm function
€ 107
Foldable iPad stand
Suitable for iPads and smaller laptops
€ 54
Glasses finder
Find your misplaced glasses with the help of your phone
€ 38.50
Portable light
Chargeable lamp, perfect for doing your make-up
€ 24.30
Reflective scrunchie
Frida Hardegård
Tie your hair with a reflective scrunchie
€ 12.20
Satake Vegetable Spiralizer
Sharp spiralizer in Japanese design
€ 14.50
Watertight bag, Droplet
Mini bag for wet swimwear or to protect your valuables
€ 19.40
Cake slice Magisso
Smart and elegant cake slicer
From € 11.60
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 127
Handbag insert
Anna-Karin Westling
Organisation in all your handbags
€ 9.30
€ 16.10
Mini theft-protected backpack
Light, adaptable and theft-proof
€ 60
€ 87
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 29.10
Netted bag
Rinses, scrubs and chills
€ 13.30
Soapstone Ice Cubes
Henrik Andersson
Ice cubes that never melt
€ 9.30
Thermos mug
Practical Thermos mug for cold and hot drinks
From € 33
Battery-powered string lights with eucalyptus leaves
€ 21.90
Electric lighter
Chargeable lighter  doesn't require gas
€ 18.40
Heat poncho
Adjust the heat with the remote
€ 68
Hurricane candle holder
Paul Rösth
The Kattvik candlestick keeps flames lit in windy weather
€ 56
Soft and comfortable protection made from durable neoprene
€ 38.90
Light-activated glowing golf balls
The perfect golf balls for night balls
€ 34
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 32.10
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 19.30
Popcorn bowl for the microwave, 2-pack
Homemade popcorn in 2-3 minutes
€ 22.30
Solar cell flower on a stick, Daisy
Decorative garden light that is charged by the sun
€ 17.84
€ 22.30
Cut-resistant hand towel
Protects the hands when shucking oysters
€ 21.30
Electric screwdriver
Facilitates both small and large jobs for all DIY enthusiasts
€ 68
Open-up frame, Lil DaVinci
Smart drawing frame with built-in storage
From € 38.90
Premium LED block candle for outdoor use
Create a cozy atmosphere and light up your outdoor area
From € 24.30
Sunglasses with readers
Only bring one pair of glasses
€ 58
Cake Mix Scoop and Plunger
Makes it easy to fill the cupcake mould
€ 14.10
Cheese slicer with cheese knife
Luxury cheese slicer with knife and wooden handle
€ 17.10
Laptop Pillow
Harald Hynell, Amelia Chong
Shapeable pillow that diverts the heat from your laptop
€ 31.20
Massage hook
Massage your own back
€ 22.30
Mobile holder for your car with QI charger
Clever holder with wireless charging
€ 16.50
Small greenhouse for potted plants
Foldable and easily mounted protection
€ 18.40
Study things at a detailed level and save images and videos
€ 68
Wireless heated belt
Portable belt with soothing self-heating feature
€ 88
Stainless Steel Thermos 500 ml
Keep your drinks hot or cold all day
€ 38.50
Bottle cooler
Effective cooler for wine and champagne
€ 27.20
Desk pad with QI-charging
Protects the table and charges your phone
€ 107
Reflective Belt
Ann-Sofie Hermansson
Reflective belt for parties, and every day use
€ 51
Travel Case with RFID Protection
Protects passports and cards against identity theft
€ 19
Heating pad
No more cold bums
€ 54