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Smart and practical garden products

Browse our range of clever products for the garden that make gardening easy and fun. We have a huge range of innovative gardening tools, solutions for watering, environmentally friendly outdoor solar powered lights and lovely insect shelters to create a beautiful nature oasis.

Our range of outdoor lights are perfect for adding a touch of stylish illumination to your garden. Most of our lights are solar powered and are switched on automatically when it gets dark. Check out our gorgeous mini solar lights, our best-selling solar powered glass lantern or our clever porch lighting that is easily attached to your deck.

We have a wide range of equipment including our best-selling gardening gloves and our comfortable kneeler with memory foam. Browse our lovely high-quality tools from the British company Burgon & Ball. The Add Pocket extra pocket is perfect for securing around your waist when you need more accessible storage space. We also have foraging buckets, carrying belts, plant pots and hanging grow bags that are designed for growing tomatoes.

Clever watering products make sure that your plants get enough water when you're away or when the weather is hot. We have designs for self-watering devices that are automatic and solar-powered as well as our innovative self-watering system that turns a plastic bottle into a watering machine! We also have an expanding hosepipe, a water pump for your water barrel, and a practical water bag for your wheelbarrow that is perfect for watering a large garden or big outdoor space.

Make hedge cutting easier with a cable holder that keeps your leads organised and safely out of the way. We have durable garden waste bags for when it's time to rake the leaves. Don't miss our clever garden waste bag holder that keeps the bag in place and the garden waste bag Zacky that protects your car when you're transporting garden waste.

We also have an extensive range of nature projects that include a bee shelter, a squirrel feeder, and a bird feeder along with shelters for ladybirds and butterflies. Insect shelters encourage helpful insects in your garden and make it buzz in accord with nature! Keep wasps and rodents away from your garden with our myriad clever solutions. Get rid of mosquitoes with Thermacell mosquito protection that creates a mosquito-free zone of 20 square metres.

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Berry clean-up tray
Separate berries from leaves & twigs
€ 4.80
Paper towel wind stopper
Tommy Johansen & Märit Zollner
Keeps paper towels in place when it's windy
€ 13.80
Fly Swatter
Kersti Edenheim & Krister Karlsson
Eliminates flies and leaves no trace
€ 6.90
Spider Catcher
Easily catch spiders and release them
€ 17.50
Wood Splitter
Billy Jacquet
A powerful wall mounted wood splitter
€ 149.01
Bee Hotel
Settlement for the valuable bees in the garden
€ 19.90
Ergonomic weeder
Olle Danielsson
Ergonomic grip, removes weeds by the roots
€ 8.90
Roof Scraper
Remove moss from your roof
€ 7.40
Large Bird Feeder for Windows
Transparent bird feeder for small birds
€ 23.90
Bouquet holder Hanataba, 2-pack
Christian Jonasson
Create professional bouquets at home
€ 29.50
Collector for Fallen Fruit
Ergonomic fruit collector with a long handle
€ 80
Squirrel feeder
See squirrels up close
€ 27.50
Wireless Outdoor Table Lamp
A wireless waterproof outdoor table lamp
€ 47.40
Garden Bag, large
Spacious, & robust bag with sturdy handles
€ 12
Ladybug House
Protects against rain, wind and cold all year round
€ 19
String lights with hanging lightbulbs
Festive decoration for the patio
€ 44.80
Potato pot
Grow potatoes on your balcony
€ 11.50
Small Solar Cell Lanterns with Flickering Flames, pack of two
Solar cell lanterns for the garden or balcony
€ 11
Outdoor table lamp
Waterproof outdoor table lamp for balcony & patio table
€ 79
Tarpaulin Clips
Holdon Systems
Self-locking clips that can be repositioned
From € 4.80
Zacky Cargo Bag for Cars
Mats Rabe, Gunnar Andreen, Kristian Nilsson
Protects your luggage compartment
€ 24.50
Solar cell flower on a stick, Daisy
Decorative garden light that is charged by the sun
€ 18.33
€ 22.90
Glass sprouting jar
Easy to grow nutritious sprouts
€ 20
Solar powered water irrigation
Automatic drip irrigation from the rainwater container
From € 180.01
Battery Powered Decorative Lamp
A waterproof lamp for the patio
€ 21.90
Solar Cell Lawn Lights
Lights up the garden path
€ 21
Grow Lamp
Effective grow lamp for herbs, houseplants and seeds
€ 22.50
Handle with Attachable Straps
Stig Hanssen
Provides a handle for large objects
€ 15
Battery powered candle with darkness sensor
Pretty candles for outdoor use
From € 12.50
Solar Cell Outdoor Thermometer
Large outdoor thermometer with a LED light
€ 11.90
AvoSeedo - grow your very own avocado tree!
Follow the avocado from seed to plant
€ 9.50
Small window bird feeder
Practical feed dispenser for hungry small birds
€ 10.90
Waspinator, 2-pack
Scares wasps away
€ 19.50
Collapsible Wagon
A spacious wagon that carries up to 75 kg
€ 130.01
Screwdriver bits for hooks and screw eyes
Mikael Ohlsson
Screw hooks and nuts in no time at all
€ 24.36
€ 34.80
Self-Irrigation Device for PET Bottles
Water the plants while you are away
€ 7.50
Solar powered decklight
Easily add lights to your porch or deck
€ 24
Automatic Irrigation Tool
Water your plants with ease
€ 29.80
Solar Cell Flower on a Stick, Hydrangea
Looks great day and night
€ 28.90
Solar-powered Glass Lantern
Romantic lights for gardens and balconies
€ 14.90
Bottle top herb planters, 3-pack
Grow seeds and cuttings in your empty bottles
€ 11
Flower fakir
Create unique flower arrangements with only a handful of flowers
From € 9.90
Hump strap for heavy items
Move heavy objects safely
€ 32.90
Plant Lamp
Keeps your plants happy
€ 22.50
Solar Cell Path Light, Filippa 50 cm
Casts a cosy light on your path
€ 29.50
Cut-Resistant Work Gloves
Comfortable protective gloves with a secure grip
€ 9.90
Pocket Chainsaw
Nordic Pocket Saw
Saw through trees and branches, fits in your pocket
€ 49.40
Portable sack holder
Thomas Carlsson
Holds the sack to make gardening easier
€ 44.90
Watering Wick, pack of five
Waters your flowers while you are on holiday
€ 4.50
Winter Cover for Pot
Insulating protection for large outdoor pots
€ 22.50
Battery operated candle with twilight sensor
Turns on and off automatically
From € 14.50
Berry Belt
Joanna Holmgren
Your hands can be free while you are berry picking
€ 32.50
Mushroom Knife
Folding mushroom knife with brush
€ 9.50
Mouse and rat free
Keep the rodents outside
From € 42.40
Stem trimmer
Prolongs the life span of picked flowers
€ 5.90
Mosquito trap with camping lamp
Rechargeable camping lantern, mosquito trap & torch
€ 32.50
Rose Gloves
Durable garden gloves that protect your hand and arms against thorns
€ 24.50
Softybag armchair
Comfortable lounge chair for the beach and the pool
€ 60
Flagpole mop
Goes up and down the pole to clean it
€ 12.30
Hands-free bucket for Harvesting and Deadheading
€ 35.80
Indoor Grow Box
Grow your own salad or extend the shelf life of your herbs
€ 75
Solar Light Firework, Solitary
Easy placed outdoor light that charges in the sun
€ 28.50
Solar-powered garden torch
Lights up with a flickering glow
€ 25.90
Fruit picker
Pick from the highest branches
€ 16.50
Self-watering pot with plant support
A complete kit with support for plants & an inbuilt water tank
From € 39.40
From € 49.40
Solar Cell Path Light, Filip 60 cm
Turns on automatically and shines brightly
€ 54
Water sack for wheelbarrows
Save your shoulders and back. Holds 80 litres.
€ 10.50
Cable Holder for Power Tools
Louise Peterson
Keep your cords neat and out of the way!
€ 6.80
Solar Cell Table Lamp
A waterproof outdoor solar cell light
€ 26.50
Sprout tray 2-pack
Grow your own sprouts from small seeds
€ 11
Battery-Powered Garden Candle
A lovely garden candle to welcome your guests
€ 14.90
Butterfly home
Attract butterflies in the summer, give them shelter in the winter
€ 19
Carbon steel razor hoe
Laminated blade in Japanese carbon steel
€ 47.40
Hanging Plant Gardening Bag
Grow smart, save space
€ 19.50
Soft and comfortable protection made from durable neoprene
€ 39.80
Wireless Pool Thermometer
Check the pool temperature without leaving the house
€ 34.90
Bee Hotel and Shelf
Igor Nosov
A safe home for wild bees
€ 49.80
Bokashi spray
Decomposes the waste in your Bokashi
€ 32.90
Ergonomic garden trowel
Martin Enkler och Ove Hammarberg
Good grip, power from the entire arm
€ 8
Floating knife from Mora
Morakniv AB
Perfect for an excursion or a fishing trip
€ 29.90
Hanging Solar Cell Decoration, Hydrangea
€ 23.50
Pool- and beach blanket
For the picnic and water games
€ 49.80
Pot maker
Make lovely seed holding pots out of newspapers
€ 9.90
Airhouse, Insect screen for outdoor parasols
Maria Liljekvist
€ 280
Expanding garden hose
Effective hose that takes up little space
From € 44.90
Farming tunnel in plastic
Perfect for your vegetable patch
From € 19.90
Garden Bag, small
Durable, sturdy and multifunctional
€ 6.50
Holiday Watering Cones
Long-term self-watering for your house plants
€ 25.90
Solar Cell Garden Spotlight
A bright spotlight with adjustable light distribution
€ 42.40
Solar Lights Firework, Triple
Charges during the day and turns on in the dark
€ 28.90
Solar-powered miniature lamp
Decorative night-time lighting for your garden
€ 6.60
Waterproof padlock
For all kinds of weather
From € 25.90
Capillary Mat for Irrigation
Water multiple plants and flowers simultaneously
€ 22.50
Heating Mat for Plants
Helps seeds, seedlings and young plants flourish
€ 47.80
LED light bulbs for plants and flowers
Comfortable lighting for your flowers
€ 7.90
Moisture measurer for potted plants
Indicates when the plant needs watering
From € 6.90
Slug Bar Pack of Five
Lars-Erik Staffas
Removes slugs ecologically
€ 17.50
Solar Cell Facade Light
Facade light with a motion sensor and two brightness settings
€ 57
Gardening gloves for children
Even the youngest ones can help in the garden
€ 5.90
Small greenhouse for potted plants
Foldable and easily mounted protection
€ 18.90
Smart LED with twilight sensor
Light bulb turns on when it darkens
From € 15
Solar powered string lights
String lights with 50 LEDs - perfect for the backyard or balcony
€ 11.90
Solar-powered string lights, fireworks
Decorative lights for bushes and plants
€ 21.50
Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
Pretty outdoor fairy lights with timer
From € 5.90
Battery-powered string lights with eucalyptus leaves
€ 22.50
Smart LED with motion sensor
Motion-activated light
From € 20.50
Softybag stool
Inflatable stool for the beach and picnics
€ 39.80
Starter Kit Bokashi 2.0 Ocean
Bokashi buckets made from recycled fishing nets
€ 169.01
Table clips 4-pack
Hold the tablecloth in place
€ 6.50
Farming tunnel in non-woven fabric
Quick and easy to assemble
From € 19.90
Smartline Outdoor Plug IP44
Mobile-controlled Bluetooth outdoor timer
€ 29.90
Tick Twister 2-pack
Remove ticks quickly and safely
€ 7.50
Activity game with a ball, Playfinity
Smart activity ball that registers your throws and tricks
€ 90
Automatic watering system
Keep your garden flourishing when you are away
€ 49.40
Bamboo Gardening Gloves
Super soft and stretchy bamboo gloves
€ 7.90
Branch cutter kit
Nordic Pocket Saw
Bring down the highest branch from the tree without using a ladder
€ 159
Scoop for the gutter
Remove leaves, needles cones and moss
€ 6.90
Solar-powered path light, Florian 47 cm
Lights up when dusk falls
€ 26
Sprayer 2.2 Litres
Large sprayer for water, fertiliser and plant protection products
€ 10.90
Fly and wasp trap
Effective outside trap for use against flies and wasps
€ 8.90
Key stash with code lock
Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in
€ 60
Plant waterer
Automatic watering for up to 20 days
€ 19.50
Solar-powered string lights with coloured lamps
Turns on automatically at dusk
€ 11.90