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Smart things for the home

All our clever innovations in one place to make everyday life easier. Explore our collection of Swedish innovations and inventions from around the world that contribute to a smarter home. Discover our smart home electronic products, practical gadgets to water your plants, and our space-saving recycling& solutions. Our practical products are perfect for large and small homes. Find your next favourite product in our collection.
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Automatic night-lighting system
Peter Jungvid
Prevents falls at night
From € 287
From € 433
Automatic soap dispenser
Easy and economical soap dispensation
€ 39
Bathroom shelf with Quick Attachment
Easy to mount - no drilling necessary
€ 10.90
€ 14.70
Battery Operated LED Fairy Lights
Pretty outdoor fairy lights with timer
From € 5.80
Battery Powered Decorative Lamp
A waterproof lamp for the patio
€ 21.70
Bedside Table with Shelf
Clever bedside table with a storage shelf
€ 43.50
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 27.60
Bokashi 2.0 Starter kit
Compost starter kit using the Bokashi method
€ 158
Boot jack with shoe horn
Pascal Charmolu
Robust and easy to store
€ 29.60
Bottle top herb planters, 3-pack
Grow seeds and cuttings in your empty bottles
€ 10.90
Bouquet holder
Maria Johansson
Attractive and decorative bouquet holder
€ 9.40
CableCup Hide
Jonas Forsman & Lars Wettre
Hides the power outlets on the ceiling
€ 13.80
Candle Holder for Bottles
Emelie Nilsson
Turn your glass bottle into a candlestick
€ 9.90
Candlestick with a Clamp
Emelie Nilsson
Easy-to-mount cast iron candlestick
€ 54
Chargeable Soap Dispenser
Hygienic soap dispenser, charge with USB
€ 97
Clever Recycling Bags, 4-pack
Flexible bags that make recycling easy
€ 24.20
Colouring poster
Large poster with hundreds of details to colour in
€ 32.20
Control unit for all smart homes, Animus Heart
Collects your smart home systems in one place
€ 163
€ 188
Corner Shelf for Bathrooms
Easily mounted shelf with four baskets
€ 187
Cupboard and wardrobe light
Comes on automatically when you open the door
€ 15.70
Decorative lighting with timer
Lovely lights made of white sandstone
€ 29.60
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 84
Desktop Fan and Air Cooler
A USB powered fan that cools and humidifies the air
€ 51
Drosselmeyer Orb Candlestick
Erik von Schoultz
Cast iron candlestick that lets your candles burn down completely
€ 29.20
DSHELF - a smart and versatile shelf
Johan Hedengran
Versatile shelf for making the most of your space
€ 59
Egg blower
Handy little gadget that empties the contents of eggs
€ 4.50
Electric Shoe Dryer
Dries and heats 4 pair of shoes
€ 79
Embedded speaker with FM radio
Wireless music in your home
From € 365
Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
€ 19.70
Fire Detector with WiFi
Get notifications on your phone if the alarm goes off
€ 109
Flamman Combined Poker and Blowpipe
Blow to rekindle the fire
€ 69
Frameo Digital Photo Frame
Share photos with friends and family
From € 85
GSM Remote Controlled Outlet
Control your home via SMS
€ 138
Hurricane candle holder
Paul Rösth
The Kattvik candlestick keeps flames lit in windy weather
€ 59
Indoor Grow Box
Grow your own salad or extend the shelf life of your herbs
€ 74
Invisible shelf 3-pack
Floating books
From € 39.50
Knife Magnet in Wood HEXA
Ola Särén
Handmade knife holders in walnut, ash and oak
From € 108
Kupu Fire Alarm
Stylish, safe, and easy to mount
€ 39.50
Lap tray
Harald Hynell
For your laptop, breakfast or dinner
€ 44.50
Lap tray with rubber surface
Harald Hynell
Lap tray ideal for laptop, breakfast and dinner
From € 44.50
Lento Fire Alarm
Easy to install and features 10 years of battery life
€ 42.10
Malleable vase
Adjust the vase to fit your bouquet.
€ 8.60
Moisture measurer for potted plants
Indicates when the plant needs watering
From € 6.80
Plant balls
Water and support for your plants
€ 2.70
Premium LED Block Candles
Authentic candle made of real wax
From € 20.80
Remote Controlled Power Strip with USB and Wi-Fi
Control your power strip remotely via your phone
€ 39.50
Remote Controlled Power Switch with Wi-Fi
Control the power switch remotely via your phone
€ 17.70
Scratch Map
Mark your travels on your own personalized map
€ 25.60
Self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
5-metre self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
€ 32.60
Shelf with lamp socket, dimmer and USB
Illuminated surface with USB-outlet
€ 113
Short Tapered Premium LED Candles
15 cm tall, realistic candles
€ 15.70
Small Shelves in a pack of 3
Three practical wall shelves to display nice items on
€ 25.20
Smart Hanger
Åke Asplund
Provides quick access to your gadgets
From € 8.80
Spice rack
Sven-Olof Nordin
Perfect for cupboards or drawers, on the counter or on the wall
€ 12.80
Stem trimmer
The best way to trim your flowers
€ 5.80
Tree kit
Grow your own indoor tree
€ 31.20
USB driven fairy lights with a remote control
9 metres of fairy lights with a timer and dimmer
€ 16.30
Vase with bouquet support
Pascal Charmolu
Suitable for bunches of flowers and single flowers
From € 49.40
Wall lamp with built-in hanger and USB port
Multifunctional furniture perfect for your hallway
€ 69
€ 143
Wall lamp with shelf and USB port
Practical reading lamp for your bedroom or reading corner
€ 111
Walnut knee tray with anti-slip function
Luxurious knee tray with an anti-slip surface
From € 59
Wood Splitter
Billy Jacquet
A powerful wall mounted wood splitter
€ 147
Wooden yarn bowl
Smart holder for your yarn balls
€ 38.10