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Smart things for children and parents

Discover our smart baby toys and other lovely things for your baby that make life easier for children and parents. We have a range of practical gadgets that make it fun to eat, go swimming, sleep and go on trips. It's fun to play together with our toys and puzzles. Make long journeys more fun with our innovative travel games.

Children love to play outdoors with the Swimfin , armbands. Children can play in the water while the smart UV clock keeps track of the UV radiation. Enjoy your time outdoors with our picnic blanket and mosquito patches that keep mosquitoes away! With Tear Aid you can fix your broken jeans and use the Measuring Stick to measure children's feet so you can easily find the right pair of shoes as your child's feet grow.

An innovative children's spoon for dinner time and a practical Kids Plate for children that have just started learning to eat. Our ice cream moulds make it easy to make delicious desserts or serve ice cream in a glass holder made of silicone. Silicone freezer moulds also let you store and freeze baby food.

If you're off on a long car or plane journey, the Bubble Bum seatbelt cushion and the inflatable Fly-Tot seat cushion make travelling easy. Why not make your trip more fun with some of our great games and toys? Play the clever game Tantrix or the IQ puzzle and time will speed by quicker. Make travelling educational and count down the time left on your journey with Are we there yet?!

We also have a wide range of practical things that make bath-time easier. For example, a collapsible bathtub and the handy rinsing jug make it easier to wash children's hair in the bath. Time for bed? Browse our range of bedspreads in various sizes and our best-seller Dream tubes which keep children from falling out of bed.

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Activity game for the trampoline, Playfinity
Compete against your friends on the trampoline
€ 76
Activity game with a ball, Playfinity
Smart activity ball that registers your throws and tricks
€ 86.48
Aquaplane swimming aid
Fun swimming aid for beginning & and confident swimmers
€ 31.30
Aqueduck Tap Extender
Let your tap water go even further
€ 14.80
Are we there yet?
Karin Brandin Samuelsson
Educational route pointer for children
€ 7.64
Bag Clip with Pour Spout
Lindén International i samarbete med Split Vision
A handy, resealable lid
€ 3.02
Bath rinse cup
Easy hair washing for the youngest in your family
€ 15.79
Bath shelf Tubble
Adjustable bamboo tray for the bath
€ 52
Beach pool with toys
Give the youngest family member a great day at the beach
€ 33.20
Bolley exercise ball
Marie Paulson
Fun exercise & rehab tool, suitable for all ages
€ 44.70
Bottle warmer for your car
Portable warmer for baby bottles with 12-volt plug
€ 30.57
Care Plus Natural Mosquito Repellent
Natural protection against mosquitoes, ticks, and gnats
From € 16.19
Carrying Strap for Skis
Leaves your hands completely free
€ 14.20
Changing Poncho
Protects and warms
From € 44.30
Children's Plate
Anna Hägerstedt
Plate and bowl in one
€ 30
Children's Spoon
Håkan Berndtsson
The perfect spoon for beginners
€ 6.60
Childrens Shoehorn
Louisa & Robin Nordgren
The foot slides easily into the shoe
€ 6.60
Clever baby socks, Stuckies
Celina Saffar
Baby socks that stay put
From € 6.60
Collapsible Wagon
A spacious wagon that carries up to 75 kg
€ 124.69
Colouring poster
Large poster with hundreds of details to colour in
€ 31
Cooling towel
Cooling sports towel that keeps you cool for a long time
€ 7.10
Cooling Water Pillow
Fill with water and cool off feverish foreheads
€ 17.10
Cord Stopper 4-pack
Quick release for strings and cords
€ 4.32
Customizable Cookie Stamper
Create original and personalized biscuits
€ 14.20
Decoration pen
Easy to fill, easy to use
€ 9
Digital height measurer
Measure your height with just the click of a button
€ 23.70
Disposable Potty for Children
Perfect to bring on camping trips and other outdoor excursions
€ 3.32
Drinking bowl
An alternative to a feeding bottle
€ 7.50
Egg blower
Handy little gadget that empties the contents of eggs
€ 4.70
Elastic Shoelaces with reflectors
Slide into your shoes without needing to tie them
€ 13.88
Elastic shoestrings
Perfect for gym shoes
€ 4.83
Finger Protection for Nailing
Protects & gives a better control - easy to nail straight
€ 9.40
Foldable bathtub
The foldable bathtub
€ 159.89
Football sock "Antisore"
Sara Hägglund
With a shin protector pocket
€ 11.90
Form for popup-ice cream
Make your own ice cream from syrup, juice & smoothies
€ 8.40
Freezer mold with lid
Anna Hägerstedt
Freeze baby food in perfect portions
€ 24.70
Gardening gloves for children
Even the youngest ones can help in the garden
€ 6.64
Global Cooling — the game
Climate-smart game for 2-6 players
€ 52
GPS strap MiniFinder Nano
A practical personal alarm with fall-detection and live tracking
€ 247
Hållis Food Pouch Holder
Linnéa Friberg, Pelle Friberg
Prevents food pouches from overflowing
€ 5.60
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 28.66
Relieves your back when carrying your baby on the hip
€ 57
Ice Cream Holder
Sandra Jönsson
The mess-free ice cream holder
€ 6.60
Ice cream scooper with opening function
Forms the perfect ice cream scoops
€ 28.66
Inflatable car seat cushion
Perfect for travelling, easy to take with you!
€ 57
Inflatable Travel Cushion
Turns the airplane or train seat into a bed
€ 47.20
Insect bite healer
May relieve itching and swelling associated with insect bites
€ 33.39
iPad holder with clever compartments
Improved neck angle and extra storage room
€ 16.70
IQ Puzzle
Brain training for both children and adults
€ 14.88
Juice box holder, 4-pack
Annika & Niclas Öhberg
Spill prevention for small juice boxes with straws
€ 14.20
LED light tweezers
Great LED light tweezers
€ 4.30
Lid for Baby Food Jars
Anna Hägertstedt
Reusable lids that seal tight
€ 9
LumiPets Night Light
Glow in the dark cuddly toy for relaxed bedtimes
€ 40.90
Measuring device for shoes and feet
Easy to find your shoe size
€ 17.10
Mini light for your jacket
Light up your jacket, your bag or your dog leash
€ 1.01
Pocket-sized frisbee that is easy to throw
€ 7.54
My recipe collection, Bakers edition
Perfect for every baking enthusiast
€ 29.26
My recipe collection, Cookbook
Gather all your favourite recipes
€ 29.26
Nasal Filter
Protection against pollen and pollution
From € 5.60
Necklace with ring holder
Jennifer Welde
Hang your ring securely around your neck
€ 123.69
Night Lamp with Light and Motion Sensors
Shows you the way in the dark
€ 19.11
Non-slip paint for socks and slippers
Create nice, non-slip patterns on your socks and slippers
€ 9.45
Open-up frame, Lil DaVinci
Smart drawing frame with built-in storage
From € 38.21
Phone Holder for Bikes and Prams
Easy to attach, fits most phones
€ 17.70
Pipinette for trips, absorbent bags as a 3-pack
Carola Nilstein
€ 6.60
Pipinette travel potty egonomic handle
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
Ergonomically designed travel potty
€ 19
Pipinette travel potty, Holder
Carola Nilstein. Design: Olle Gyllang
A small & practical travel potty
€ 15.10
Pocket picnic blanket
Lightweight, durable and waterproof
€ 35.20
Pool- and beach blanket
For the picnic and water games
€ 47.77
Popcorn bowl for the microwave, 2-pack
Homemade popcorn in 2-3 minutes
€ 21.92
Pram rocker
Helps rock the baby to sleep
€ 143
Protective Bed Cover
Soft and comfortable protection in brushed cotton
From € 14.28
Puzzle Mat
Makes it easy to move large puzzles
€ 18.10
Puzzle set for children, 30 piece puzzle
A fun puzzle that brings out your creativity
€ 3.70
Puzzle set for children, Game of Memory
Colour in your own memory game
€ 3.70
Puzzle set for children, Noughts and Crosses
Play noughts and crosses with your hand-made game pieces
€ 3.70
Rain Cover for Children's Bicycle Seats
Keep your child's seat dry on the bike
€ 8.60
Reflective lamp
Ensure you're visible from far away
€ 9.45
Repair patches for jeans
Repair jeans without needle and thread
From € 3
Reusable Metal Straws
An eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws
€ 12.47
Satake children's knife with cut-safe glove
A real knife for children interested in cooking
€ 28.66
Scanner for slides & negatives with monitor
Save your old images digitally
€ 133.75
Self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
5-metre self-adhesive wallpaper for colouring in
€ 24.70
€ 31.30
Shoeps - elastic laces
Skip the laces
€ 12.37
Shoestrings that tie themselves
Practical for when one has a hard time tying shoestrings
€ 4.73
Shower screen for children
Soft shampoo eye shield
€ 8.15
Silcone Straws Pack of Six
Reusable straws in three sizes
€ 12.30
Silicone Dummy Case
Keeps extra dummies nice and clean
€ 14.20
Silicone Tops for Glasses
Spill-proof tops with a hole for a straw
€ 16.10
Skis for your pram
Stefan Bjurhammar
Make your pram easy to handle in the snow
€ 57
Small battery-powered string lights with tiny leaves
String lights to decorate your table with
€ 4.70
Smart baby socks, Stuckies Ull
Celina Saffar
Soft wool socks that don't slide off the foot.
€ 10.40
Annika Öhberg & Nicklas Öhberg
Rotating snack box
From € 19
Squatty Potty collapsible toilet stool
Gives you an optimal sitting position on the toilet
€ 38
Squatty Potty travel toilet stool
Sit correctly on the toilet with a portable collapsible footstool
€ 38.21
Story Card
Wanja Bellander (idé )Birgitta Folcker-Sundell (bild)
Create your very own story
€ 11.90
Swim Fin
Helps the children learn how to swim
€ 31.30
Tantrix strategy game
Exercise your logical thinking
€ 32.90
Tap extender
Makes it easier for the child to reach
€ 15.20
Tether for Toys and Other Items
A clever safety tether for toddlers' toys
€ 14.30
Thermos mug
Practical Thermos mug for cold and hot drinks
From € 32.48
Toothbrush Cup with Timer
Twist and brush, rings after 2 minutes
€ 14.88
Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder
Ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day
€ 23.70
UV-wristband, pack of 2
Shows how strong the sun is & how effective the sunscreen
€ 3.30
Wireless Pool Thermometer
Check the pool temperature without leaving the house
€ 33.49
Withings Temporal Thermometer
Fast and hygienic thermometer
€ 95
Zipper Puller, Shapes
Mend a broken zipper and give it a new look
€ 6.60
Anti-slip bathtub mats with heat indicator
Andreas Bengtsson, Edon Ramadan and Fredrik Persson
The bathtub mats show if the water is too warm
€ 16.19
Bathtub shelf
Perfect for a comforting bath
€ 21.52
Battery-powered night light
Motion activated night light with LED
€ 11
Bedlight Night Time Lighting
Illuminates your way in the dark
From € 70.39
Boxing ball Original
Jacob & Victor Eriksson
Fun exercise accessory for both children and adults
€ 23.83
Carrying bag for balls
Neat bag for many different types of balls
€ 19
Chopsticks for beginners 4-pack
Magnus Skogh and Thorulf Jonsson
Reusable and easy-to-use chopsticks
€ 13.27
Collapsible ball thrower
The ball thrower that can fit in your pocket
€ 31.30
Collapsible ball thrower with LED ball
Teach your dog to fetch with a colour-changing rubber ball
€ 47.50
Electric lice comb
Effectively removes head lice without lice shampoo
€ 33.39
Handkerchief holder with cotton handkerchiefs
Reuseable handkerchiefs in cotton
€ 23.83
Jewellery tree
Jewellery holder for necklaces and earrings
€ 40.90
Make your own playing cards
Design your own playing cards
€ 13.70
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