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Smart stuff for your home office

Here you will find some smart, practical things for your home office! We have selected a number of items that make it easier for you to work from home, things that will make you feel good when you are at your desk. For instance, you can find practical cable covers and comfortable knee trays for your laptop. We have a number of different accessories for your mobile, as well as cables, stands and charging docks, in addition to which you will get some good suggestions about taking care of food and drink!

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Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder
Ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day
€ 24.90
USB Desktop Fan
A small and handy fan for your desk
€ 14.90
Visible current USB cable
Erik Tutzauer
See the current through the cable
From € 22.90
Desk pad with QI-charging
Protects the table and charges your phone
€ 109.01
Stainless steel thermos, 330 ml
Keeps the temperature all day
€ 31.50
Electric warming mat
Soft and warm mat for your feet
€ 42.80
Foldable Laptop Stand
For tablets and laptops up to 13"
€ 44.80
Coffee Sieve
Cup of coffee ready in just four minutes!
€ 19
Table lamp with speaker & Qi charging
Shines, plays music and charges your phone
€ 35.40
DSHELF - a smart and versatile shelf
Johan Hedengran
Versatile shelf for making the most of your space
€ 60
Hearing protection with bluetooth
Smart Headset that protects the hearing
€ 129.01
Laptop Pillow
Harald Hynell, Amelia Chong
Shapeable pillow that diverts the heat from your laptop
€ 32
Walnut knee tray with anti-slip function
Harald Hynell
Luxurious knee tray with an anti-slip surface
From € 62
Microwave grill
A grilled finish in just a couple of minutes
€ 49.50
Charging station for the whole family
Quickly charge up to five devices at the same time
€ 70
Drosselmeyer Tea Strainer
Erik von Schoultz
Tea strainer for fine-leaf teas
€ 16
Ring light for computers
Enhances the lighting of your videos
€ 19.90
Silicone coaster
6 coasters with anti-slip coating and lovely motifs
€ 21.50
Cable management box
Keep your cables organised in this non-flammable box
From € 32.50
Posture Balance balance seat
Emma Pihl, Henrik Bie
Turn your office chair into a balance chair
€ 99.01
Charging Station for Apple Devices
Wireless charger for Apple Watch, AirPods, and iPhone
€ 130
Lap tray with rubber surface
Harald Hynell
Lap tray ideal for laptop, breakfast and dinner
From € 44.90
Muggi Cup & Mug Holder
A mug holder for four cups that avoids spilling
€ 22.90
Heated slippers
Stays warm & smells like lavender
€ 29.90
Neck strap for AirPods, 2 pack
Ultra light safety cord for your AirPods
€ 15.50
Signal blocking iPad case with lock
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a pause from surfing and shows!
€ 44.80
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 27.90
Stainless steel thermos 850ml
Keeps drinks cold or hot the whole day
€ 44.40
Cable Strap
Bundles up your cables and keeps them tidy
From € 9.50
Collapsible stand for iPads
Stands steadily, easy to bring in your bag
€ 19.90
Electric kettle with smart temperature setting
Adjust your desired water temperature
€ 49.70
Microwavable Omelet Mould
Quick and delicious home cooking
€ 9.50
Mobile case with signal blocking
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Take a digital pause from your mobile
From € 29.90
Remote Controlled Power Strip with USB and Wi-Fi
Control your power strip remotely via your phone
€ 39.80
Webcam cover
Thin webcam cover for laptops, cellphones, and tablets
€ 25.90
Wrist Warmer
Warms the hands at the office or on a walk
€ 14.90
Cleaning kit for AirPods
Clean your AirPods and charging case
€ 16.90
Cable holder
Multi-purpose cable clips for cords and more
From € 12.50
Collapsible foam roller
The world's first collapsible foam roller
€ 75
Hearing Aid Neck Loop
Transfer the audio from your phone, TV and computer to your hearing aid
€ 49.40
Lap tray
Harald Hynell
For your laptop, breakfast or dinner
From € 44.90
Wireless heated belt
Portable belt with soothing self-heating feature
€ 90
Cable box with charging stand
Hides cables while you charge your devices
€ 35.90
CableTube Cable holder
Claes Hansson
Hide your cables and gather them in one place
€ 5.20
Desk light with USB port
Built-in USB port & dimmer and adjustable arm
€ 85
Desktop Fan and Air Cooler
A USB powered fan that cools and humidifies the air
€ 51
Rechargeable handsfree fan
Dual fans keeps your head cool and gives you both hands free
€ 17.90
Collapsible stand
Small and practical stand for your smart phone or tablet
€ 3.20
Phone and tablet stand
Sturdy and foldable
€ 32.90
Remote Controlled Power Switch with Wi-Fi
Control the power switch remotely via your phone
€ 17.90
USB Cooling Fan
Cooling fan with LED lighting
€ 9.90
Study things at a detailed level and save images and videos
€ 70
USB to USB-C adaptor
Converts your regular USB port into a USB-C port
€ 12.50
Mini fire alarm
Compact fire alarm with 10 years battery life
€ 27.90
Mobile ring light
Improves the lighting for selfies and portrait photos
€ 24.90
Power board holder
Martin Reinholdsson & Jörgen Andersson
Keep the space under your desk nice and organised
€ 14.80
Heat poncho
Adjust the heat with the remote
€ 70
Posture, posture support
Emma Phil
Trains your back muscles to make your posture proud
€ 34.80
USB-C to USB adaptor
Converts your USB-C port into a standard USB port
€ 19.50
Cooling towel
Cooling sports towel that keeps you cool for a long time
€ 7.50
Laptop stand
Adjustable laptop stand that's easy to transport
€ 15.90
Rechargeable handheld fan
Cool yourself at home or bring to the next outing
€ 15.90
Scanner for slides & negatives with monitor
Save your old images digitally
€ 139.01
Alcohol-Free Hand Sanitizer, 250 ml Dispenser
Proven to be effective against viruses, fungi and bacteria
€ 7.50
Hand vacuum with USB
Handy mini-vacuum with USB-cable
€ 15
Laptop Table, Height Adjustable
Perfect for the home office
€ 29.50
Multi Cable Holder
Organizes power cords and keeps your desk clean
€ 15
Stainless Steel Thermos 500 ml
Keep your drinks hot or cold all day
€ 39.40