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A safer everyday life with smart safety products

If you're looking for specially selected security products, you've come to the right place. You should be able to feel safe whether you're in your home or travelling. We have a wide range of clever anti-theft devices, efficient alarms, assault alarms, modern fire alarms, and many fire extinguishers. These clever designs are all meant to protect your home from accidents both before they happen and in the unfortunate event that they do occur.

We have a selection of fire alarms and fire extinguishers that put out small fires. We also have fire alarms that allow you to connect the alarms in every room so you are alerted even if the fire is far away from you. And then there are the many mini fire alarms such as the stylish fire alarms Kupu and Lento as well as a WiFi operated fire alarm that alerts your mobile phone if it detects smoke. Browse our catalogue of carbon fire extinguishers that put out fires on the stove without ruining your food and a spray to put out small fires quickly.

Keep your things safe from muggers when you're out and about with an anti-theft rucksack with combination padlock or RFID protection in your wallet. Other products for your safety include attack or assault alarms as well as a variety of sprays for protection, including a spray with GPS function that sends your GPS location as soon as it is used.

Our range also includes a GPS with batteries that last for several years, a clever padlock with fingerprint recognition, a practical safety line for your boat, breathalysers, and so much more!

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Anti-Theft Backpack, Bobby Hero
Keeps pickpockets at bay
From € 85
Anti-theft shoulder pack
Easy to pack safely for a day in town
€ 45.20
Armband with Panic Alarm
Chafic Aschberg Dallé
A discreet alarm kept close at hand
€ 15.10
Bluelounge Cable Box
Hide your cables
From € 26.60
Breathalyser FCA35
Reliable and easy to use
€ 123
Cable management box
Keep your cables organised in this non-flammable box
From € 35.70
Candle snuffer Vekvaka 4-pack
Automatic candle snuffer for candles
€ 38
Combination padlock with wire
Practical padlockwithlong wire
€ 18.60
Eclipse wearable light clip
Super bright and easily attached with a clip
€ 31
Elastic key bracelet
Smart bracelet for your keys
€ 6.90
Fire Blanket
Smothers small fires
From € 19
Fire Detector with WiFi
Get notifications on your phone if the alarm goes off
€ 105
Fire escape ladder
Climb out through the window in case of emergency
€ 95
Flamestop candle snuffer
Knut Helleland
Snuffs out candles if you forget
€ 5.20
Flash light with USB port
Strong LED light with chargeable battery
€ 9.40
Gas alarm
Sounds the alarm quickly when harmful gasses are detected
€ 37.90
GPS tracker, MaxiTracker
Carl Mikkelsen
Waterproof GPS tracker with long battery life
€ 95
GSM Remote Controlled Outlet
Control your home via SMS
€ 133
Interconnectable smoke alarm, 2 pack
All sound the alarm at the same time
€ 38
Jump starter and Powerbank
Compact jump starter for car and boat batteries
€ 123
Kupu Fire Alarm
Stylish, safe, and easy to mount
€ 38
Lento Fire Alarm
Easy to install and features 10 years of battery life
€ 40.50
Åsa Magnusson
A practical belt that turns into a life jacket in three seconds
€ 123
Åsa Magnusson
Pocket-sized inflatable lifebuoy
€ 66
Lifeline Escape Rope
Peter Svedestrand
Escape line with harness and friction brake
From € 181
Lifeline with Lifebuoy
Åsa Magnusson
Easy to throw and inflates as it touches the water
€ 85
Magnetic mount for smoke detectors
For when you cannot, or don't want to, drill into the ceiling
€ 6.60
Mini fire alarm
Compact fire alarm with 10 years battery life
€ 26.60
MOB Rescue Line
Lars-Håkan Lindqvist
Easy Access Rescue Line at Sea
€ 90
Neck strap for AirPods, 2 pack
Ultra light safety cord for your AirPods
€ 14.80
Orbit Key finder
Find your keys with your phone
€ 28.40
Osnodd Safety Cord
Petra Wadström
Stops pickpockets in their tracks
€ 6.50
Phone security cord
Catches your phone if you accidentally drop it
€ 18.90
Reflective bike stickers
Gorgeous fun prints that glow in the dark
From € 6.60
Remote Controlled Power Switch with Wi-Fi
Control the power switch remotely via your phone
€ 17.10
Removable Handle for Showers & Baths
Removable safety handle for the bathroom
€ 28.60
Resqme, seat belt cutter, window breaker
Get out of the car quickly after an accident
€ 14.20
RFID blocking wallet for passport and cards
Anti-slip case for passport and cards
€ 15.10
RFID case for your car keys
Protect your car keys against wireless hijacking
€ 12.30
RFID Protection for Wallets
Protects your credit cards from skimming
€ 14.30
Safety blanket
Fast aid to prevent hypothermia
€ 4.80
Survival radio FM/AM
Solar and dynamo charged
€ 94
Swetrack Lite GPS-tracker
Stefan Lundvall
Advanced live tracking in user-friendly app
€ 47.50
Theft-safe backpack and briefcase, Bobby Bizz
Safe-keeping for your valuables
€ 114
Theft-safe backpack with encoded lock
Steel encoded lock and water-resistant backpack
€ 95
Travel Case with RFID Protection
Protects passports and cards against identity theft
€ 18.60
Travel smoke and door alarm
Fire and burglar alarm
€ 23.20
Warning light for cars,  Help Flash
Be seen from every direction from a 1 km distance
€ 29.40
Water alarm
Water leak alarm
€ 18.90
Waterproof Backpack with Light, 20 litre
Kourosh Mohajeri & Tezha Mohajeri
Waterproof backpack with bright LED lights
€ 95
Webcam cover
Thin webcam cover for laptops, cellphones, and tablets
€ 24.70
Wireless doorbell with Wi-Fi camera
See who is ringing the doorbell from your mobile
€ 95
Anti-theft bike label
Internationally traceable anti-theft label
€ 37.60
Book safe
Trick thieves with a lockable book safe
From € 13.20
Card holder with RFID protection
Stephanie Spindler Jonsson
Signal-blocking wallet for credit cards
€ 23.70
Foldable bicycle lock
Prevents your bicycle from being stolen
€ 152
Foldable Reading Glasses with a keyring, Brown
Fold them up and put them on your keyring
€ 14.30
€ 19
GPS bicycle tracker, Bikefinder
Track the bicycle with your mobile phone
€ 162
Key stash with code lock
Hide the extra key to the summer cabin but allow workers or neighbours in
€ 62
KeySmart Keyholder Original
Contains 8 keys, easy access to the key you need
€ 19
KeySmart Keyholder Rugged
Can hold up to 14 keys, just fold out the key you need
€ 31.30
Magnetic key box
Small key box for outdoor use
From € 17
Magnetic warning light
Puck-shaped emergency light with magnetic mount
€ 20.90
Rechargeable mini light
Water-resistant mini light with rechargeable battery
€ 19
Shoehorn with a test button for smoke alarms
Anders Hansson
Easily reach the test button on your smoke alarm
€ 8.50
Shoulder strap for crutches
Malou Boehm. Designer: Nina Sjoeberg
The crutch strap that keeps your hands free
€ 23.70
Waterproof padlock
For all kinds of weather
From € 24.70
WiFi Smart Plug for outdoor use
Wifi-operated socket for outdoors use
€ 28.50
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